Lord of Ultima Sieging Tips

Lord of Ultima Sieging Tips by Lascivar

Some people seem a little confused about sieging, how the conquer actually works and the sort, so I’ll go right ahead and explain things here as best I can to make it easier for people.


~Scout Report~
This is a critical part of your siege, and if the person is too well guarded with scouts to obtain a report, send a Plunder with a reasonable amount of cavalry and your scouts too. This way your scouts are counted as an attack, rather than being countered by other scouts. You will still obtain the report this way, but you will take some army losses.

~The Numbers~
This is the most confusing part of any siege for most people, as they don’t understand how combat works. All combat is based purely on math, with a slight RNG on which units get hit.

I will give a simple example:
You have 5000 Berserkers, these Berserkers give you 250000 Attack points.
Your opponent only has a mere 1400 Rangers, this -should- give 56000 Defense points vs Infantry.

Obviously you have the superior army? No.

So we take a look at the scout report, we see two level 7 Ranger towers, both of which grant double Defense points to 700 Rangers per tower. Those rangers now have 112000 Defense points vs Infantry.

Another look at the scout report reveals two level 10 Pitfall Traps (Anti-Infantry towers), both of which grant up to 1000 Infantry units negated each. This has reduced your effective army into 3000 Berserkers, now only granting 150000 Attack Points.

The final defensive structure, and the absolute highest math factor in any attack is the wall.

Being generous, let’s say the opponent’s wall is only level 6, and thus grants 25% bonus defense.
That gives the Rangers a total of 140000 Defense points vs Infantry.

It’s now your 150000 Attack points, vs 140000 Defense points (which means only a 6.66% disparity [Odd percent to end up on, not intentional lol]). In this situation, the progress won’t move, and your army will slowly be burnt down as the defending army gets reinforced by units being produced constantly.

From my experience you require a 30% or greater disparity between your offense and their defense, to progress in the Claim of Power %.

NOTICE: I will elaborate more on numbers in the near future, there’s far too much to type out, especially when armies are mixed and the RNG comes into play.

~Defend Yourself~
Never send your defending army on a siege unless it’s absolutely crucial for those tiny extra numbers to help, there is only ONE exception, and that is protecting your Baron, which I will explain ahead. You must be confident that your homebound army is capable of fending off any would-be attackers until your siege is over.

The disparity of army size for a successful assault only needs to be about 10%, but really you will still do some damage even if you send -10%. To massacre their army, send 60% more offensive points than they have in defense points, this will kill basically -everything- within their city.

An assault isn’t necessary before a siege, but it will certainly help you in conquering the city 9 hours after your siege begins, instead of 26 hours later, and attempting to persist through Night Protection.

After these steps are completed you should be ready to siege your opponent.


Timing is critical for your siege, perhaps the most important factor in the attack. You want your siege to arrive between 9:50am and 10:10am (Server time; to show this, click the options at the bottom right of your game window and switch over to server time.), that window permits you to have 12 hours of unhindered attacks from Night Protection. To work out if your army is going to arrive in time (with a baron), select your target on your regional map, look at the time it takes for your infantry to arrive, and then double it. That is how long it will take for your baron to arrive there with the army.

If you have a 95%+ disparity in army strength over your opponent, you will gain the maximum percent on your Power of Claim (10% normally, 6% during Night Protection.)

Night Protection is the bane of a sieging army, it reduces your offensive capabilities by 40%, this means a 500000 offense army is reduced to 300000. Your Power of Claim percent gains are reduced from 10% to 6% per wave. It can turn the tide of a successful siege and cause incredible losses, thus it’s best to always avoid it.

Something commonly overlooked by people is your ability to reinforce an ongoing siege. Your opponent isn’t the only person who can throw more troops into their army.

If you send units to siege a target that is currently under siege by your own army, those units will then join the current siege and attack with the next wave that the ongoing siege is lined up for. This can be a life saver for those sieges where you’re “so close!” and they recieve some support, personally I suggest sending every produced offensive unit once per hour during the siege so that your siege losses aren’t as heavy.

This is also useful if your siege is being forced into Night Protection and you decide to persevere, you’ll want those extra units to help push through the losses you might be taking.

Note: Reinforcing your siege can only be done from the same city you sent the siege from!

~Protect Your Baron~
I see so many bloody posts claiming “My baron died!1!11” when the person sent an army of 5000 Knights and 1 Baron against 3000 Rangers or something similar.

If your baron is the only Infantry unit there, he’s going to get shot in the face by an anti-infantry unit (Ranger). Protect your Baron with other Infantry units, the more you have, then the more they soak the oncoming “Infantry” type damage and the less likely it is your Baron will die.

A picture example of a siege I was doing that recieved support during Night Protection, the Baron survived due to the other Infantry soaking the damage:
[Image: siegewipe.jpg]
I removed the defender since his troops were minimal, also note at the bottom that it’s possible for your Power of Claim % to be lowered if the defending army becomes far greater than your own. Also cleaned up the image a bit. I’d also reinforced the siege with the Rangers/Templars 4 hours into Night Protection to hold back the losses on my Berserkers & Baron.

Here on the other hand is a siege that hit one of my cities a while ago which had a Baron that was very vulnerable:
[Image: failsiege.jpg]
Very few Infantry, the Baron was bound to die in that first wave, or the second at best.

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