Lord of Ultima City Planner

Lord of Ultima City Planner by Nova

Hi everyone,

Version 1.3.1 Released
This patch enables you to build hybrid pre/post Ascension cities. Also the ShareString has been updated to version 1.3. The ShareString 1.3 is backwards compatible to version 1.2 meaning you can still load your old cities properly with the old buildings.

I don’t have my old cities anymore so I cannot confirm the hybrid calculations. They can be a little off because of rounding errors. But you’ll still get a roughly accurate result for pre Ascension cities with +/- 10 ressources.

For developers, the new buildings have the folowing ShareString representations:

Farm: “1”
Woodcutter: “2”
Stonequarry: “3”
Iron Mine: “4”

Note: Post Ascension ShareStrings created by version 1.3 will display the old buildings instead of the new ones. You have to update them manually. Sorry for any inconvenience

You can now also export your city easily to catfud’s flash city planner via the share menu.

Download the Lord of Ultima City Planer here (Windows Binary only)

Have fun.


  • Left Mouse Button: Select and construct a Building
  • Right Mouse Button: Destroy a Building
  • Middle Mouse Button: Rebuild the last Building
  • Spacebar: View Building Statistics
  • Number Keys #(1 – 0): Load City #(1 – 0)
  • CTRL + #(1 – 0): Save City #(1 – 0)
  • CTRL + S: Save your current city
  • ALT: When holding the ALT button you are able to construct buildings wherever you want. This was added to account for layout differences from open beta to closed beta.
  • SHIFT: Displays a grid

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