Cross Fire Prison Map Tips and Tricks

Cross Fire Prison Map Tips and Tricks by Us3r

Hey dear reader. Well if you’re reading this probably is because you actually showed some interest in this map, which I can say that is greatly great. In this guide I’ll be marking some spots and some tricks to do on this map. I made this guide basically for the regular player, hell not for the competitive, even more because this map isn’t considered “competitive” while in 8v8 TDM.

You maybe are interested in this, even more because it’s sniper week! And therefore you would certainly like to kick some azzes off. So here are some tips from me. If you notice that something can actually be improved and/or changed, do not hesitate in post some healthy information so that I can add it up. Also, there are some information that can be called “obvious”. I admire those people’s intelligence, but there are other players that would actually like to learn something new apart from the “campin’ in teh spawn with ma awm off”.

Now getting straight to the point: Prison. A TDM map like many others, that has a slight difference – you can just use your melee and your sniper rifle, which is kind of “original”, if we take a look at the other maps where you can actually use any gun you want. You may now say “Another pub map”- in TDM. In EM you can actually show some competitiveness to not get killed, and I must say that this map is perfect to 1on1 if you want a great challenge.

Open Spots

I called them “open spots” because you will most likely get killed in there, unless all of your opponents have a finger distortion. I’m pointing them out so that you can avoid their usage.

– Wall sill

This is that kind of masochist spot, because you can get shot from everywhere. Doesn’t matter which position you take here, you will get killed. For some unknown reason ( at least for me ), some people take this spot, which I kindly thank them for the free kill. You are not covered by anything, your horizon is extreme wide and you will only see heads on the GR spawn. Definitely not a spot to be taken.

– Sittin’ up on the small wall

Again another type of spot where you can be shot from everywhere, specially from those players that sit up on the spawn covered by the wall. If you’re looking to the side long, you’re dead meat. If you’re looking at the whole map, your dead meat too, so keep away from it unless you want to just get some attraction from your opponent. If so make this movement fast.

– Sniping from the spawn platform

You don’t have any cover at all, you are just seeing some small spheres on the spawn and some guys down near the boxes. Although that you can actually kill some from here, if you change your position randomly by crouching, moving in circles and jumping, you are an easy target.

– On the edge

This can be great to surprise a rusher coming from the side or to take down a spawn camper, but you are an easy kill aswell, you are also not covered by anything and you have lack of movement possibilities to persuade your opponent.


That can actually lead you to some ownage. Attention: open spots can actually be great if you know how and when to use them. But for the regular player it’s better to not use them until you know how to.

Changing from place to place is obviously the best technique to induce your opponent. If you take a spot and stick there for ages (which you won’t be there for ages actually), you will get killed the second or third time your opponent show up. This is basic knowledge for the newbie user.

– Boxes

In this case I have put some arrows on the image. Why? Because it’s the persuasive movement you should do to avoid be killed. One time you are on the box, another on the ground, another on the box etc. This movement will let your opponent confused and discouraged, because he will never know where you will be at, and so this gets just a matter of luck from his part. Be aware when you’re on the box, you will let your head off, and people that are on the spawn platform may kill you. So try to make this as fast as you can.

– Trick: While camping on the spawn

This is what most people do. They camp on the spawn with only their heads off, which will require a significant increasement of accuracy from the opponent. Sometimes people just stick on the same position, with their heads off, and that can be easy to handle from the opponent’s view. By crouching, moving and then showing up you’ll distract the enemy.

And there’s some more spots and tricks (including double jumping tricks), which I will include in further Prison guides.

Thanks for reading people.


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