Cross Fire Ribbon System FAQ and Guide

Cross Fire Ribbon System FAQ and Guide by Saidin


Q: What are Ribbons?

A: Ribbons are achievements given to your cross fire account and displayed on the clan page under your profile.

Q: How do I get a Ribbon?

A: To get a Ribbon you must first qualify for the achievement. To see what the achievements are, you can either hover/click your mouse on the actual ribbon on your profile page. Or you can go to this page which will show the descriptions for each achievement.

Q: Who makes the Ribbons?

A: Ribbons are tied to Z8Games and G4Box. They are not related to the developers. Although they are related to Cross Fire.

As such, Ribbons will only appear on your clan profile. If it is determined to include such a system in the game at a future date then it will go through the developers. At which time we can use our current system for reference/previously gained achievements. Until then, just the Clan Page Profile!

Q: How/when are Ribbons Calculated? (I demand technical details plz)

A: The Clan Page has a lot of profiles. Pre-loading hundreds of thousands of ribbons on to pages to permanently display is out of the question. As such Ribbons are calculated whenever you visit a player profile.

Q: But I went to my profile and I didn’t see the Ribbon?!?!! WTF Z8!

A: Please be patient. The Clan Page, as we all know synchs up with game stats once per day. This gives you things like ranks, kills/deaths, matches, exp all the special things that make the clan page an extension of the game.

This also means that when you WIN a Ribbon it won’t show up right away. Think of the Ribbon like Clan Points. When you qualify for your ribbon, you go to the page. This calculates whether you qualify for the ribbon. If you do it awards the Ribbon. But it won’t show up on your page until the clan page synchs itself. At this point just go to your page the next day to see the Ribbon. This process will be explained in the guide below.

Q: But I didn’t get a reward for receiving the “Look at all my Ribbons” achievement?!

A: Following the previous comment. You go to your clan page. It calculates how many Ribbons you have. If you have 10 then it awards you with the 11th Ribbon “Look at all my Ribbons”. But the clan page hasn’t updated yet, so it won’t display the 11th Ribbon until the clan page synchs.

Subsequently, in order to then get your prize you must revisit your profile page. This calculates the Ribbons again. See’s that you have the 11th Ribbon and awards you the 5,000 GP.

Q: Can you explain some of the special details of each Ribbon?

A: Yes we can.

“Gun Hobbyist” Ribbon counts permanent weapons. This counted starting weapons, previously sold permanent weapons and melee weapons. This was an oversight by us. Z8Games You Fail!!!! Instead of taking away the Ribbon from everyone we have decided to let you keep this Ribbon.

The “Gun Hobbyist” Ribbon is going to be a progressive achievement. Later you will get more ribbons for having more permanent weapons. But this time only weapons you OWN (guns) and not melee weapons will count. These details have slightly changed. Please see new FAQ answer following this Q.

“Clutch Killer” Ribbon counts your Kill/Death ratio every time you visit the page. This Ribbon may disappear if your KD is not above 2.0. However when you are awarded this Ribbon IF it is the 10th Ribbon it will count towards any Ribbon that calculates # of achievements. IE “Look at all my Ribbons”.

Q: Whats going on with the Gun Hobbyist and Collector ribbons?!??!

A: The Gun Collecting ribbons have undergone some slight changes. Anyone who previously had the ribbon will not loose it. But please note, this ribbon is now calculated daily and you CAN lose the ribbon if you sell your weapons.

The Gun Collection ribbons now count the following: All Permanent Weapons, Except Grenades, the starting knife and your starting weapons (m16 and m700)

Q: Will the reset item reset my matches?

A: No reset item will affect the “Cross Fire is my Life” Ribbon as matches don’t get reset. But the kills/deaths will affect the “Clutch Killer” Ribbon.

Q: How old is my character?

A: For security measures we’ve taken the exact date of a created Cross Fire character from public view. As of right now you just have to have an idea or know when you created your account. Be patient and keep playing, eventually you’ll get the Ribbon!

Q: I don’t want anyone to know I bought the SPOP character! Hide the Ribbon please!

A: Eventually we intend to have a lot of Ribbons. For size ways we are already working on a system to display X number of Ribbons. Likely either the latest ones you’ve achieved or ones you select. Be patient for this method. Until then, enjoy your SPOP!

Q: These current Ribbons suck! I already have them all, do something Z8!!

A: We intend to have a lot of Ribbons. Some will be easy to achieve, some will be more of a challenge. Some might be perceived as “farming” and some may not. If you have been playing the game for a long time it can some times be difficult to come up with a challenging number for you to achieve. So think of all the people trying to be like you when you have those special Ribbons when they first come out! Shout it from the Rooftops! You love CF!!

Q: My ___ Ribbon idea is amazing. Do more work to put it in the game!

A: Some ideas are great for Ribbons and achievements. Some are physically impossible for us to track any data to effectively put up for an achievement. We’ll listen to all ideas and draw inspiration where necessary. But be patient, we’ve got a lot of Ribbons already! They just aren’t out yet!

Q: I didn’t get a Ribbon for Sniper Week (or X event) can I still get it?

A: No, exclusive event Ribbons are generally going to be one-time giveaways unless otherwise stated. We want to have some Ribbons to be exclusive so people can say; “Check me out, I was there for that awesome event!”

Q: Why did you take the Military Intelligence Ribbon away?! QQQQQQQQQQ

A: It impacted negatively on the community. We will bring this ribbon back in some form with more restrictions in the future. Use the search button on the forums for plenty of official discussion on this.

Q: 100,000 Kills is way too many kills, I’ll never get that!!

A: Some Ribbons are not made to be given out. If we made a ribbon that says you only need 100 kills then EVERYONE would already have it. We have no intentions of just handing out ribbons without some % of the population needing to do something for them. That’s what makes them special.

Q: What Ribbons are affected by the Reset Kills/Deaths mall item?

A: At the time of this post, the current ribbons that are affected by resetting your kills and deaths are the following: Clutch Killer, Army of One and You’re No Tom Berenger.

Q: Will losing _____ Ribbon affect the “Look at all my Ribbons” or “My Ribbons are Made of Crystal”

A: No, if you have achieved enough ribbons to get the one-time reward at these two levels (10 and 20) then the reward will still be on your account and those permanent ribbons will still be there.

Q: Is the M4A1-Custom Crystal Permanent?

A: Yes

Q: Whats with the Crate Buster Ribbon?

A: The full details for this ribbon are as follows: It counts all Permanent Weapons won by crates. It does not count duplicates. And this includes crates that have had multiple permanent weapons in them. (it will count them both).

Additionally, because the Database entry for the 3 GP weapons that can be won from crates AND exchanged for coupons is the same. These 3 weapons will also count towards the ribbon. Those weapons are: AUG-Camo, AK47-Camo and DE-Camo.

Other crate weapons available in coupons do not count because they are ZP and we can tell the difference between the two. The idea behind this ribbon was to include the ability to have GP crate weapons available. While it makes the ribbon more complex, it is supposed to reduce the number of all of you who would gripe about us making a Ribbon that involves ZP only. We’re creating these ribbons under the constraints we have for the enjoyment of you! Not just dictating how much zp you have. This ribbon is possible to achieve without spending any money. And we like it like that.

GUIDE To get the “Look at all my Ribbons” Achievement. PS: This also works for “My Ribbons are Made of Crystal”.

Step 1. Qualify for at least 10 Ribbons by going to this page to see what the qualifications are.

Step 2. Go to your Profile on the Clan page.

Step 3. Wait for the 10 Ribbons to Load (if this is your first time to the clan page this process takes about 30 seconds).

If Step 3 doesn’t work, you’ll need to qualify for more achievements. Or some just haven’t been loaded/awarded yet. Return to the profile page until all 10 of the Ribbons then return to the page the following day.

Step 4. After all 10 Ribbons are displayed on the page then you have qualified for the 11th Ribbon.

Step 5. Return to the Clan Page the next day and let the 11th Ribbon be displayed!

Step 6. Wait for your 5k GP and enjoy your Ribbons!

If at any time you’ve waited longer than 24 hours and know 100% you qualify for an achievement then feel free to send in a ticket and we’ll figure out what happened!

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