Cross Fire Anti Kick Guide

Cross Fire Anti Kick Guide by UKDissident

This guide is intended to reduce and even eliminate kicks altogether and to inform you of the hot spots to avoid getting kicked.

It’s not for illiterate kids that have trouble reading anything other than a single sentence; it’s for more intelligent players that want a little relief for the constant in game kicking.

Servers and approximated chances of getting kicked

  1. Delta [Rank Restricted] = (Very High)
  2. UK4 [Rank Restricted] = (Very High)
  3. US South2 [Rank Restricted] = (Very High)
  4. UK1 = (High)
  5. UK2 = (High)
  6. UK3 = (High)
  7. US South1 = (High)
  8. Alpha = (Moderate)
  9. Bravo = (Moderate)
  10. Charlie = (Moderate)
  11. Echo = (Moderate)
  12. US West = (Moderate)
  13. Clan Server = (Impossible)
  14. UK Clan Server = (Impossible)

Some may believe Delta, UK4 and US South2 and other ranked servers are the perfect getaway from noobs kicking, which is as far from the truth as one can get.

These ranked servers have the biggest cry-babies, maybe it’s because they caught the QQ infection that runs throughout CF community since they have played a lot to rank up to the required level for those servers and have naturally had time to pick up the QQ bug, or it could be that because they are in the supposedly “pro servers” that they think they are “Pro”, so when you kill then 2-3 times on the trot you must be hacking, besides a lot of children on CF are egotistical to begin with in their mind it’s “ I’m the best and invincible he can’t kill me – HACKER ”, so when you kill people in ranked servers expect trouble.

The best servers are any non-ranked server to reduced kicks or the Clan server to eliminate them completely.

Modes and approximated chances of getting kicked

  1. Ghost Mode = (Very High)
  2. Search & Destroy = (High)
  3. Elimination = (High)
  4. Escape Mode = (Low)
  5. Team Death Match = (Low)
  6. Free for All = (Impossible) [Vote against having Kick in FFA]
  7. Mutation Mode = (Impossible) [Vote against having Kick in MM]

Why are there more kicks in GM, S&D; and EM compared to other modes?

In these modes a single player can make much more of a difference so opposing players will QQ to get you kicked from the game, also when children die they tend to get bored and start initiating kicks randomly, and don’t forget even when the QQ’er is dead he is spectating others that you may kill too and he’ll QQ about those kills as well, or if the dead noob is on your team they may spectate you and they will see that ‘multi kill’ you just did, or the double hs kill (which they could never do), so to them you are obviously hacking so they proceed to kick you.

Why are there fewer kicks in TDM/ESC?

Because people are too busy playing instead of kicking, when they die they instantly respawn and they’re off again, so they won’t get bored and start kicking, also they cannot spectate, and as for the opposition QQ’ing for kicks it doesn’t work that is why there is not a lot of QQ in these modes and kicks rarely pass.

Why is there no kick voting in MM/FFA?

There is no kick voting in these modes simply because players cannot be trusted in FFA situation to not kick those that killed them, and to not kick all the best players, they do this in rampant fashion when they are in teams, so go figure.

The above is just a FYI; I still recommend playing the game mode you enjoy, otherwise what is the point in playing.

Rounds and approximated chances of getting kicked

  1. 13 Rounds = (Very High)
  2. 9 Rounds = (High)
  3. 7 Rounds = (Moderate)
  4. 5 Rounds = (Low)

Never play in a 13 round game if you consider yourself “Pro”, “Very good”, “Decent” or if you are ACE or nearly the ACE often, the noobs here will make sure that you never see match completion and even if you nearly do complete the match then you may get kicked by an ACE wannabe.

Sure, 13 rounds games are the best as you can have a really ‘good game’, and can get a great KDR and get decent EXP/GP, but what good is that if you cannot complete the match because you was kicked?

The chances are that in the time it takes for a 13 round game to be completed there can be approximately:

  1. 25 rounds in total if it’s a close match and can take up to about 40+ minutes play time to complete.
  2. Up to 16 noob players coming and going, who think a multi kill is hack and a good KDR = hacker.
  3. 8 or more QQ’ers requesting your kick.
  4. Up to 50 vote kicks and up to 6 people being kicked the entire match.

So which number of rounds is best?

In my opinion 7 round matches are the best games.

7 rounds doesn’t mean you won’t get kicked but compared to a 13 round games your chances of being kicked are reduced by about 60% or more, and you still get a relatively ‘good game’ and you can still get a very respectable KDR.

What about 9 rounds?

9 rounds still seems ‘too much of a challenge’ to complete sometimes, even though kicking is significantly reduced when compared to 13 rounds.

What about 5 rounds?

In my opinion 5 rounds seems way too short but to reduce kicking even further 5 is best, your chances of being kicked in a 5 round game compared to a 13 round game is about 95% less.

And believe me you can still get kicked even in 5 rounds, so the above are tips to reducing kicking not complete elimination.

The only thing with anything other than 13 round matches is that every so often someone will come to your room and request 13 rounds, when you then say “no too much kicking in a 13 rounder” they say “ It’s ok I’m pro ” or “ I don’t QQ ”, then when you make 13 rounds you best believe he will be the one QQ’ing and even if he doesn’t, it’ll be just a standard game with the same amount of QQ’ers and kickers passing through – Don’t make 13 no matter how hard they push you to!


People may QQ to get you kicked or may kick you independently if you use the following weapons:

  1. M12’s
  2. Scar Light
  3. Thompson
  4. Kriss
  5. Dual Desperados
  6. Shovel

Some people however always seem to have something to QQ about especially when they die.

Could you imagine the Taliban saying that the American’s are “noob” and are using “noob drone aircraft” piloted from the safety of a building located in the USA?

If you don’t give a damn about QQ’ers and want to use the above guns that is fine.

Steer clear

If you about to join a room try to gauge whether it is full of Brazilian, Turkish, German, Polish, French and Greek players, if so don’t bother joining IMO these players QQ a lot more in general, this is not hate as there are many decent players of all those nationalities, but from my experience this seems to be the case.

Also stay away from rooms where there are multiple members of the same clan because if one of them QQ’s then they’ll all F11 you (if you get put up for kick), and especially steer clear of rooms when clan members are on both teams as they’ll be requesting kicks via clan chat when you kill one of them.

Don’t join rooms with known QQ’ers/kickers already playing.

Ways to eliminate kicks entirely

Admittedly these methods are not the perfect solution, some are boring others are hard to achieve but they do work if you can make them happen.

Play 1v1’s.

Stack whole sides of rooms, for example if you have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 friends or clan members online and they are willing to play with you then make a room for 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7, 8v8 – With all your clan members/friends on your team the only thing the other side can do is rage quit.

Stack rooms – If you have just 4 people friends/clan members in a 8v8 game all F12’ing you, then you can stop almost any kick, even less that that helps and even stops kicks.

Play in the clan server, and you’ll know who all the QQ’ers would have been when they do a mass rage quit.

How to detect when you are being kicked

Simple routine:

  1. Press “Esc” if it says “Voting” then they are trying to kick you (if you don’t see a kick vote on screen).
  2. Look for the noobs saying “F11”, (Take a mental note of the names #evil#)
  3. A clan member or friend tells you that your being kicked (This is the best way for revenge kicks as you get the all-important name #very evil#)

BTW do #1 after you do something ‘Amazing’, remember a 3 kill is ‘amazing’ to most CF players.

Keeping games clean

Kick all QQ’ers in game when they QQ about the other team as this is harassment and after the game if your host, after all it’s not fair letting them play with hackers is it?

Kick all abusive kickers in game and after if your host.

Also if you are putting an abusive kicker/QQ’er up for vote and people have QQ’ed about him previously just say “Hacker F11”.

Keeping or forgiving an abusive kicker/QQ’er is a recipe for disaster; they will almost certainly try to unfairly kick you again and will F11 you if someone else does kick you it’s best to keep your games clean or at least try to.

Countering QQ’ers

If you’re in a room with decent players and you know that you won’t be kicked, or probably won’t get kicked then you could ‘admit to hacking’ i.e. in ghost mode “ waller noob ” (says the QQ’er) “ Yea I need wall hack to see ghosts their invisible how else am I going to see them? ”, the decent players know what QQ’ers are like and will know straight away you don’t hack and even find it funny. Also saying this early enough when someone QQ’s can help you test the waters, so what if you get kicked in round one.

Also “hackusate” the QQ’ers as this will make them dedicate time to defending themselves than crying like a baby and who knows you might even get them kicked.

Alternatively you could try threatening them “If you keep trying to get me kicked I’ll report you for harassment” I’ve not tried this yet personally but apparently you can (Just remember to screenshot their spam and abuse and save the replay) You can save replays even if you get kicked, here is how.

Other Tactics

If you’re in a room with a lot of Brazilians and they are QQ’ing you can try saying ” FDP ” or ” Aff ” after you die, or “ Nao rack FDP ” then your chances of being kicked will be reduced.

If you’re in a room with a lot of Turks/Arabs and they are QQ’ing you can try saying ” kos omak ” or ” a7a ” after you die then your chances of being kicked will be reduced.

If you know you’re in a room full of foreigners do not talk at all, because quite often as soon as they know you speak English they’ll kick you.

Try being nice to your team and to some extent the other team by saying “ nice shot ” and so on, using radio messages might be better since foreigners probably understand those better and it won’t give away where you are from.

Share your weapons, noobs always throw their guns on the ground frothing at the mouth looking at your M4-cus or other weapon so let them have it if you don’t mind, they’ll F12 you and even defend you, it’s also a nice thing to do.

If you can avoid killing the QQ’er then do so, you don’t really need to snipe him in the back when he hasn’t even seen you, when you could simply let your other team members kill him so he can QQ about them instead.

Holding back – If you have a nice score and people are QQ’ing and you are being held ransom by kick vote then hang back and let your team kill them to pass the time, so that you can complete the game.

If you have a good KDR which noobs may consider ‘hack’, then you could limit your kills or even deliberately die (whilst this is a tactic dying to appease noobs is not many peoples style).

Advanced tactics

What I’m currently doing is this:

  1. I play with at least one clan members/friend in nearly all games, so that’s one f12 and he tells me who tried to kick me (I do likewise), the more the merrier but 1 works as a minimum.
  2. I have my laptop open next to my PC on an alternative account; this can come into play for an additional f12 for wrongful kicks, or f11 if there is a hacker.
  3. Using the alternative account I can join the room on the enemy team and start kicks against hackers when they refuse to kick or are limited.
  4. Using the alternative account I can join the room and start kicks against kick vote abusers (if I did get kicked), and my clan members kick on the kick vote abuser fails, or if my clan member is on the other team.

Treat others as you would like to be treated is the lesson.

What is kick vote useful for besides kicking the very occasional hacker?

I mostly use kick voting for:

  1. Removing abusive kick vote players
  2. Kicking the QQ’er
  3. F11’ing the QQ’er when a kick comes up
  4. F11’ing anyone that kicked another for no reason

The above people along with hackers and glitchers are literally the scum of the game and only ever ruin games and try to prevent anyone better than them playing, some may say “well maybe they thought you were hacking, therefore it’s not their fault” – It is their fault, why should their stupidity ruin others games, if they are going to kick “hackers” and have no clue who the hackers are then they shouldn’t be kicking anyone.

And the golden rule use kick vote responsibly

Remember 99% of hackers are obvious or make themselves obvious!

Hackers generally:

  1. Run very fast (Speed hack)
  2. Do 360 spins whilst headshotting you (Aim bot)
  3. Kill in one shot (One shot kill)
  4. Prefire (Walling) [In some cases, like at distance where sound is impossible]
  5. Walk through walls and kill from under maps.
  6. Glitch (Kill whilst inside a box) [which isn’t hacking but still cheating]

‘Multi-kills’, or killing 3-4-5 or more people and other ‘amazing stuff’ like headshotting you/others whilst running isn’t hacking!

Never kick any so-called “ hackers ” no matter how much other players cry, unless you are satisfied they are indeed hacking, or know they do hack from previous encounters with them or if get the information from a reliable player (who knows who hackers really are), other than that it’s like the story of “The boy who cried wolf” and there are way too many crying wolf on Crossfire.

Do not kick or F11 other players for no reason even if they own you, you don’t like it neither do they

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