Cross Fire Free Player’s Full Setup Guide

Cross Fire Free Player’s Full Setup Guide by ilyyLUCKzzZ

So, you are either new to CF, or you simply want a new account. Alts are cool, and it’s nice to be able to toss one into your friends clan for an occasional scrim, etc. Well if either of the above apply to you then you are in the right place

About me:
I am a 19 year old Economics student at the University of Victoria. I have been playing Crossfire for over 2 years now and I have never spent any money on this game. I have seen this game evolve from “deagle boosting” and “crossroads farming” to what it is today. I like to play crossfire with friends both for fun and competatively. If this guide was helpful to you please subscribe to one or both of my youtube channels: (frag videos/quick clips/montages) (gameplay/commentary/random clips)

Keep in mind:
When creating a new account you must keep in mind a few things.
1 – GP does not come easily.
2 – Do NOT sell ANYTHING.
3 – Patience pays off.
4 – Don’t underestimate GP. It will add up.
5- Grinding (the act of slowly acquiring gp by tediously playing) is an important and essential part of earning gp in Crossfire.

Before creating your account. — 0gp
This is where things get interesting. Before creating an account make sure you have a valid email address. This is essential for creating clans, recovering your account… and most importantly getting gp/zp.
What you are going to do is get your main account (or a friends if you are new(if you have no friends I will invite you ^.^)) to invite you via this link.
Keep in mind you only have 30 days to complete this “offer”.
This is one the most important aspects of this updated guide so make sure you do this part properly. Follow the instructions from the email you get, and register your account.

Register/Create your account. — 0gp
Using your valid email address confirm the email and sign up so as to activate the friend invitation.
Once you have done that, sign into the game client.

Select your character —40,000gp
This is another major change from the previous guide. In the past z8 gave new accouns 50,000gp, but after deciding that missions were providing enough gp it was bumped down to 40,000. What does this mean? Well it means you will have to wait longer to purchase a primary, and that overall it will take you longer to reach your goal of a “full setup”. However, don’t forget about the friend invite, as this (if completed) balances out the 10,000gp that was lost.

Now, selecting a character: This is quite important as you must select only one character for your account. It will cost you 4,000gp so you will not be buying more than one. Choose carefully.

You should now have 36,000gp.


Your account comes with 2 perfectly good weapons. One M700, and one M16. These weapons must be repaired after every match in order to maintain their accuracy. DO NOT REPAIR THEM. Once you have your “real” guns, you will never use your m700 or m16 again. Use them until they break completely. The GP you save from this will be over* 20,000gp.
*due to “grinding”

*GP BONUS* Your first rank bonus will be 10,000gp after 913 experience points. This will only take you a few games.
Protip: You get 100xp for being the MVP (dealing the most damage in a match with 10 or more players) and 20xp for the last kill (in a match with 10 or more players). For this reason it is useful to spend some time in the rookie server where it is easier to get kills/damage and you have a higher chance at more experience points.

*INVITE BONUS* Your first friend invite bonus will be 2,000GP and 7day SG552 after 3193 experience points. This is a good intermediate point between the major GP bonus’s and helps keep you motivated as well as giving you a non-starter gun to use/break. Make sure you continue to break your m16 and m700 but they are permanent so they will take a backseat to breaking the SG552, as you only have it for 7 days.

*GP BONUS* Your second rank bonus will be 20,000gp after 5017 experience points. This should take you at most 20 games. However, it’s good that it takes you a while, as you need to work on breaking your m700 and m16.

*INVITE BONUS* Your second friend invite bonus will be 5,000gp and a 7day m12s after 13225 experience points. Yet again, another intermediate point between GP bonus’s which will give you additional gp as well as a gun to fool around with and break. This should occur after you have already fully broken the SG552 so the 7day time conflicts shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Don’t forget to keep breaking ALL your guns (m12, m700, m16).

*GP BONUS* Your third AND FINAL rank bonus will be 30,000gp at 17785 experience points. This should take you a bit of time to get to.

*INVITE BONUS* Your third (and most likely the last attainable) friend invite bonus will be 8,000gp and a 7day QBZ-95 at 43093 experience points. This will take quite some time getting to, and if you manage it inside a month then that is great news, and will definitely help with your “full setup”.

*INVITE BONUS* The fourth and final invite bonus is both the hardest to achieve (obviously) and the most desirable. At 78661 you will recieve 2,500zp and a 7day M4a1-Adv. (Note: zp, not gp like before). This is quite a tough bonus to achieve and if you are looking to try reach it I suggest reading the tips at the bottom of this guide.

For this guide I am going to assume that you were able to rank up to staff seargent lvl4 (43093xp).
At this level you should have:
Starting gp: 40,000gp
– 4,000gp (character)
+10,000gp (rank bonus)
+2,000gp (invite bonus)
+20,000gp (rank bonus)
+5,000gp (invite bonus)
+30,000gp (rank bonus)
+ 8,000gp (invite bonus)
You should now have: 111,000gp.
If we go back to old version of the guide we had 106,000gp at this stage, so while we started with 10,000 less the friend invite bonus’s really helped keep us on track.
Now, we must assume that you have broken the 2 starter weapons as well as the 7day temporary ones… so:
Broken m700 = 10,000gp
Broken m16 = 10,000gp
Broken SG552 = 1,000gp*
Broken m12s = 1,000gp*
Broken QBZ-95 = 1,000gp*
*I’m not 100% sure on the actual amount, it may be 1,000, 2000, or 10,000 as I know certain temporary guns contain different gp weights associated with them. For this guide I shall use the lowest amount as to error on the side of caution.

So, not including the grinding you have done, you should now have 134,000gp which is a great start to any account.

Missions — 134,000gp

This is where patience and activity come into play. Each day by completing a mission you will earn 500gp which may not seem like a whole lot but make sure you complete your mission every day. In a 30 day timeframe (based on a one month scheme) you will receive 15k gp if you complete the mission every day. (Not to mention the gp from grinding, and the gp from the zp crates you will undoubtedly earn).

Buying your weapons — 134,000gp (+missions)

Since an m4a1 costs 42,000gp, and an ak costs 43,000 I will use the ak47 for this example.

134,000gp – 43,000gp (ak47) – 35,000gp (deagle) = 56,000gp

So, you can buy yourself a decent primary, and a dessert eagle backup, and still maintain 56,000gp.

With rank bonus’s and friend invite bonus’s combined with grinding you will have enough to afford an awm aswell.

Now, you can either decide:
(a) I don’t want a second pistol, I’ll be fine with one.
(b) I want another pistol, perhaps a colt or p228.
(c) I want another deagle.

(a) If you are fine with only one pistol, then continue doing missions and grinding, and perhaps you will save up enough for a new rifle in a few months.
(b) In less than a month you can have a new colt or p228.
(c) If it’s a second deagle you want, then be prepared for some heavy grinding. 35,000gp does not come easily.

Once you have your 2 primaries, and the secondaries of your choosing, you are ready to complete the setup.

Completing the setup — 0gp

From this point onward your only source of income will come from missions, dog tag rewards and grinding.

Flashbang’s and smoke’s cost 2,000gp each, so if you want them for both bags, that will be 8,000gp ( about 15 days of missions).

Now, we get into the maintenance scheme.

For 30 days of fast defuse it is: 5,900gp
For 30 days of expanded grenade slot it is 5,900gp

For the 30 day period this is 11,800gp. Assuming you complete your mission every day, you should earn at the minimum 15,000gp.

This will leave you earning 3,000gp a month, which gives room for days you miss the missions.

+ Ranking up faster will help you get both rank and friend invite bonus’s quicker. Here are some ways to do it:
MVP – 100xp per game (this is huge, and will drastically reduce how many games / how long you spend ranking up).
Last Kill – 20 xp doesn’t seem like much but the average 8-10 minute tdm game gives you 80-120 xp, the last kill is definitely worth 2 minutes of in-game time.
Farming – Many people frown on the concept of farming but since the friend invite bonus’s only last for 30 days it is definitely a viable option in this case. Works well to get your clan / friends involved and have them let you farm for a few hours. Several games of 800ish (estimate) experience will go a long way in helping you rank faster.

+ Don’t ever sell your weapons, nades, etc. The rate of return is too low to even consider it and you should not have bought the weapon in the first place if you did not intend to keep it.

+Don’t buy more than 1 character skin… it’s a waste of money, make sure you pick one you like when you fist create your account.

+Make sure to break any/all temporary guns you may recieve from friend invite bonus / missions.

****This guide assumes you complete the missions every day and does not fully take into consideration the amount earned from grinding****

If you didn’t read this then clearly it wasn’t the guide for you

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