Conquer Online Pro Tips

Conquer Online Pro Tips by tetsujin


To make FB/SS easier, go into options and switch to simple shadows. Aiming for the center of the circular shadow or at a point so that the shadow is between you and it makes it easier to hit.

To counter a counter-kill, summon a guard or “pet” to take take the hits for you. The guard’s zapping will cause the CK to go off against it, leaving you 15 seconds to do your own attacks without risk of CK.

If you’re going to AFK, don’t do it in a PK map unless you’re mining. Not even sitting under a Guard1 will protect you for an extended amount of time.

Portals can offer you some protecting against PKers. If someone is in “combat mode” (the stance after using a melee attack on something), they will be unable to go through the portal until they revert back to normal. Use these portals to make a getaway in dire situations. Be aware, though, that this trick works both ways.


Monks auras are useful in defending against boss monsters.
Banshee: water
Lava and Terato: fire
Thrilling Spook: earth
Sword master: metal


Having trouble with the flame lit quest? Log a lvl 70+ water tao somewhere near/in the guild city where people don’t generally go sometime before guild war then bring your ghost to that spot and log on it whenever you need a rev.

Want to get into lab without having to collect 2000 Virtue Points? Do this quest for a free permit:

If you get knocked below the Power Arena stage you want to be in and don’t want to get enough kills to proceed back up, you can quit the arena then reenter and withdraw to the desired stage. Keep in mind that this trick doesn’t always work as it will apply a 10 minute penalty sometimes.

An fairly quick way to level healing spells is to go to jail/guild war map/TC PK arena and have a ninja poison you. Keep your HP as high as possible without wasting a cast so that the poison can do maximum damage. Training group heal spells goes faster if you bring a party and have them be poisoned, too.

Regarding moon gems

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Activation skills where you get 1 point per use require increments of 100% [to gain bonus exp. ex: stigma]. Point skills that count damage done/healed do not [e.g. cure or thunder].
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Ran out of bless and double exp pots ? Cant afford to buy new ones ?Make new character and become its mentor.
Do the starter quests till you reach level 30. Takes about 3minutes if you got 1 enlight to spare otherwise it will take 5 or 6 minutes depending how fast you can do The Helmet quest.
Open all NovicePacks you now have 1 SmallPrayingStone that will give your main 3 hours of blessing in mentor rewards when used.
Allowing you to use daily 2x exp from lovestone in market and enjoy 3 hours of +20% exp !

EDIT: Will also get you 6 att and def potions that can be sold in the market or be used for boss hunting / leveling. I normally use one of each, that allows me to do The Helmet quest without wasting much time on mobs as they die in 2 hits without correct level items.

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leveling meditation
Increase your maximum mana capacity as much as possible before doing it (wearing a miraculous gourd, for example) and empty your mana as much as possible between each activation (not just by 600 points, or the max your meditation does). For a L110 non-rb water tao this can make meditation level up 10 times faster.
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Rbing items after getting its maximum durability (70 for weaps and ring, 40/41 for everything else) so its level 15 or lower keeps its durability at what it was before rebirth. Cost to repair is much cheaper than it is at its higher level. Making phoenix leveling easier without having to go repair for tons of money. Of course, you could also downgrade items in market for 54 cps.

Money making

Saddle hunting is most efficient if you hop around killing just the PlainsThief/ThiefLeaders (the brown or large red ones).

If you are mining in search of something other than ores, remaining in 1 spot and dropping any ores you get will decrease the amount of ores you get, thus causing you to have to bank/drop less.

If you are 2nd RB and level 137 or reincarnated (no level limit for reincarnated characters), you can do the following easy quest for a free DB:

AFK mining is more productive than just AFKing in TC. Even if you come back to find yourself a ghost, you’re more likely to have more money than before than just standing in the city.

Keep an eye out for monsters with an HP bar. These monsters drop full dura weapons that can be sold to shops for high prices. Be warned, however, as they tend to hit higher amounts of damage than normal monsters.

Good money making quests:
Blue Mouse – Water Tao with Divine Hare recommended.
Moon Box – High damage output recommended.
Dis City (money looting or night devil hunting)
Meteor Tear – Requires some merchanting.
Sky Pass


Guides for basically everything:

If you find yourself without a TC scroll, head to market in any city, go to the poker room and then leave. You will be teleported to TC.

Failing at the quiz questions? Turn your world chat on. Sometimes there will be a player giving all the answers.

If someone is trying to steal your drop by sitting on it, shift your screen to one corner and walk away from the item in the opposite direction until the person sitting on your item disappear. This will allow you to click the item that is under them.

Don’t know what to do with all you Bound CPs? Bound CPs can be used for nobility donation at a 1:50,000 CP to Silver rate.

While breeding horses, set a hot key to open a menu (like status) that cancels out the left side menu. This will cancel that stupid heart horse cut scene thing and speed up the breeding process.

You are unable to go through a portal while in “combat.” You may pass once your character gets out of “combat pose.” This applies to only melee users.

If you’re trapped in Adventure Zone and can’t/don’t want to get to the guy to leave, just wait horse racing to start. Click yes on the pop up and you will be transported to the horse race, where you can leave and arrive in TC.

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Need Study points,but can’t kill banshee/dragon/lava/sword master/spook or can’t find a good team to kill it?Make a monk and do the newbie quests until lvl 8(don’t lvl higher or do any kind of quests at this lvl!).Then use a def and atk potion(u get them from a newbie quest).Now get ur main acc or any other acc that needs study points,make a team and invite ur main in it.Now get both ur chars to twin city to the flying rooster spawn.Get ur main near it,then go on ur monk and kill the flying rooster.Gratz,now ur main has 10 more study points and a ring soul/refinery/accessoire!Repeat for more study points!
It takes 30 sec for a monk with atk/def pot to kill flying rooster.2-3 flying roosters spawn every 2-3 min.
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Enlightening newbies to get VPsThis is slow, but you get VPs faster than by just doing enlightenments….

If the newbie is at least L40 but still under L70, get 100 mins of enlightenment on the newb, if you can. Then put both characters (still teamed up) in the TG close to each other to work off the enlightenment, with the newb hitting stakes or scarecrows.

As long as you still fulfill the requirements for getting VPs from the newb (at least 20 levels higher etc.) you’ll get VPs in between levels as well as for any levels gained. Don’t worry if you only see 1 VP at a time to start with. You should also get larger numbers fairly randomly. If you stay teamed up and sitting outside the TG you only get VPs when the newb levels.

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