Conquer Online Weapon Choice Guide for Dagger Users

Conquer Online Weapon Choice Guide for Dagger Users by SharpKnife

BE WARNED PENETRATION IS THE HARDEST SKILL IN THE GAME TO FIX, NO JOKE MEN. it is not a skill for lazy ppl. if you think phoenix is hard, this skill is not for you.. its the hardest skill to lvl, but its dmg towers over all other skills. with a max of 240%dmg at fixed.. it will literally almost triple the dmg you can max out. this skill does its dmg before taking defense into consideration. while other skills do their dmg after, Celestial also works this way, but on a lower scale, downside is that Penetration is also the lowest activating skill in the game (15% at fixed) meaning every melee hit you land only has a 15% chance for penetration to activate..

KEEP IN MIND; penetration only peirces the targets defense if your potency is close to, not far from, or higher then your targets. if your targets is much higher, you wont see a big difference from your normal hits.. sad but true.

the light blue penetration effect will be visible once you reach lvl 3 and higher. until then its just a white line.

lets go to leveling skills, best way to do this is with low lvl, 2 soc normal weapons. the point is to hit as low as possible on your target, (prefferably a GoldGuard, or guildgate)
-i prefer gold guards because you can time how long it takes to kill them. and compare how much xp you gained per guard. to determine how long it’d take to reach the next lvl. not to mention gold guards have a chance to drop gems, money, mets, and DBs.

if you’re low lvl new to the game and dont know anyone with a guard.. or you get pkd at guild gate; or you can simply use at least 100% of moongems in your normal equips. cheapest way to do that is with 3 refined moons and 1 normal (30 + 30 + 30 + 15% = 105%) the extra 5% doesnt help, but the 100% does.

onto weapon choices. of course you’ll wanna use at least one dagger, the hand you chose to place the dagger in does have an effect on your dmg, accuracy and attack rate.

if you wanna have a club in your mainhand (1st weapon slot) and a dagger offhand.
(2nd weapon slot) the mainhand weapon is what affects your max/min dmg, your attack stance, your accuracy, and your hit rate. another important point is that the mainhands weapon skill will always be calculated 1st. it works like this; the 2nd weapon slot will lvl weapon proficiency faster then your 1st and the dura will go down a bit slower then mainhand.

so you’d attack as if you were wearing clubs. meaning low accuracy, but high dmg. if you switched hands, youd have club as your offhand weapon, youd attack in dagger stance, meaning high accuracy, and hit rate, but lower dmg then if you had mainhand club. daggers are a gamble from the start. your sacrificing a lot of your attack to have a chance to max out more dmg.

heres with Sceptre/Sword. (example only i do not walk around like this.. ill always have at least one dagger on) ;p

and heres with both daggers.

that being said lets get to the weapon combos. most ppl like to stick with club/blade/sword, and think of FB/SS when PK is mentioned. but a melee hit will always do more dmg then a FB or SS hit. you’ll obviously need to learn how to melee if you want to land a penetration hit on your target. meaning your gonna need some agility points if you want to land those melee hits

(Gamble = higher chance to do more max dmg, at the cost of low accuracy.)

heres Sceptre/Dagger dmg.

and heres Dagger/Sceptre dmg

a Dex Ring/Heavy Ring does help this factor, some ppl like to gamble, others dont want/need to risk it. its all up to you, you can always switch hands for higher accuracy, Fury gems are said to help as well, but i cant confirm it until i try myself.

here are your combination options;


Dagger/Dagger combo:
advantages – great accuracy and attack rate + herc
disadvantages – limited range, low overall dmg, lowest herc dmg of all.

Dual dagger combo is the most basic of penetration combinations. if you’re a high lvl, with fixed penetration, and above average gears you wouldnt really need anymore added strength. much less at the loss of accuracy like other combos.

Sword/Dagger combo:
advantages – good accuracy, phoenix, and SS
disadvantages – weaker SS (due to daggers low dmg)

Sword/Dagger is a recommended melee combo. you will almost always land a hit. not to mention you get Phoenix, a great skill for melee. and at high lvls you only need to click the target once. when phoenix activates *stay still it might activate again as they’re jumping away. note; this only works once after your hit. so after you land your melee hit, and Phoenix activates as they jump away, its not gonna activate again until you land another hit.

Hook/Dagger combo:
advantages – higher attack then Swd, lower then Bld. accuracy between Swd and Bld
disadvantages – no ranged attack/herc.

Hook/Dagger is great. Hooks themselves are in between Swords and Blades for accuracy and dmg. so its a good way to determine what you wanna do, more dmg, or more accuracy. however this combo is only reccomended if your used to melee combat. (pking without SS/FB) Seizer isnt as sweet as Phoenix. but with its current plain animation you can trick your target into thinking that penetration went off, then surprise them with a light blue blast of 240% dmg.

Blade/Dagger combo:
advantages – good attack, possible poison and FB
disadvantages – gamble, (can be reversed by switching hands) weaker FB (due to daggers low dmg)

Blade/Dagger is great for those who like to FB but like to sneak in the occasional melee hit, i.e. poison blade users. imagine expecting to poison your target and you (accidentally?) 1 hit him with a massive 240% dmg.

Club or Sceptre/Dagger combo:
advantages – epic max attack
disadvantages – very much a gamble, no ranged attack/herc, club skill is a bit reckless..

Club/Dagger is great for lvling, and pking. you get Rage and its 360degree radius, with 145% wep dmg at fixed. penetration is 150% dmg at elem.. so even at elementary penetrate would do more. but club skill is a bit dangerous.. it can kill innocent bystanders.. and add unwanted pkp.

Sceptre/Dagger is a great way to get all the max dmg you can out of your little dagger. and you’d get Celestial which is stronger then Phoenix but activates much less. Celestial and Penetration are pretty much an armor piercing fireworks show. most ppl havent seen these skills past lvl 3. i prefer this combo because sceptres have the same stats as clubs, but at a much lower price, without an innocent player-killing skill. [Celestial used to say: +Attack and psn the target] but no one ever seen it ‘psn’ so it was renamed by TQ some time ago.

Axe or Hammer/Dagger combo:
advantages – stun, epic max attack
disadvantages – gamble, no ranged attack/herc.

Axes and Hammers are exactly the same. the only difference is how the weapon looks.
Stun/Earthquake both stop the target from attacking, but only if they dont jump away..
it does however work great on guard abusing low lvls. stopping their guard from attacking for a few seconds, i personally like this combo too. but IMO its better used without the gamble. more accuracy = higher chance to land a hit = higher chance to stun/penetrate.

advantages – good accuracy, about the same dmg as sword.
disadvantages – no ranged attack/herc

Whips are .. a good alternative for lvling if you cant afford clubs. they have about the same attack as Swords. but their skill Roamer lowers your attack until lvl 5, where you can use 100% of it. Roamer does however get a 180degree radius and its possible to hit monsters all around except directly behind. add a dagger and you’ve got the strongest and weakest weapon skills in the game in your hands. just remember roamer is a bit like rage, in the ranged aspect.. so be cautious around low lvls ;p

*the ‘staying still’ method also works with a normal attack. and any wep skill. only wait about half a second for it tho, if it doesnt activate within that time, go in for another hit.
heres a link to the CO Website/Weapon Skills for reference.

Melee Basics

alrighty now that you’ve picked wich weapon you want to pair your dagger with. heres some tips on how to successfully land your penetration hit.

-VS TROJAN/WARRIOR- (jump, jump, FB/SS) as you already know most trojans and warriors love their ranged attacks..

and their range is shown here in black, but theres one flaw in the ranged attack..

while they’re aiming for a hit with that X or anywhere along that line, they’re wide open at the end of it;

so really all you have to do is, avoid that line, and get to them on the open side. sounds simple right..? not against top SS/FB users. especially if you arent packing a ranged attack yourself.

SS/FB users will try to guess where your going to jump, and make their move before you even hit the ground. so it looks like your being dragged down like a magnet. so what you have to do, as a melee fighter is make your jumps as unpredictable as possible. rushing head on like a bull is a no-no.

so heres the right way to do it;

the white line stands for a full circle in which the target can attack. the little mark that looks like a T is your trap run, remember your only running up to the target long enough for them to SS/FB, literally only do this for a sec or 2. your goal is to jump from the trap run to point A before they launch their attack. once your at point A you have your chance to strike. if that misses aim for point B, theres alot more then 2 points, and they can be anywhere around the target. just remember to keep your jumps as unpredictable as possible. of course they arent gonna sit still, but they can only launch their attacks 5 times before having to sit to regain stamina.. this is when the target is most vunerable, especially if your packing a ranged attack. any hits you land on them while they’re sitting slows their stamina gain.

*edit one very important point i left out, are the 4 points ;p these are invisible spots where you’re sure to get a higher chance of a weapon skill activation. highlighted here in this image they’re the white X’s and they’ll become more visible once you reach lvl 3+ penetration. this also helps when lvling skills, and works with any weapon skill.

always, always try to attack from one of these 4 points. once you keep that in mind, it’ll become a habit and you’ll be sure to land more successful hits, more often. the distance between you and your target should be about 2 character spaces (a little under 2H range)

another way to melee is by running keep in mind tho, in doing this the target might mimic your moves.
it helps a lot to have the ‘Sit’ command on a Hotkey.
mine is set to S personally.. reason why is;

if your both running around, even if you attacked, your char could miss if the target is still running. leaving you wide open. thats why we have the ‘Sit’ hotkey. if you miss quickly press it to sit and try to attack again. this will minimize the time you’re left defenseless and maximize your chance to land a hit, seeing as the target will most likley attack right after you miss.

for this style, you’ll want to make your attack animations as short as possible (hence the hotkey)
instead of waiting for your whole sword to swing and miss, as soon as you see it misses, sit and try again.

if for some reason hotkeys are a problem.. or.. you feel sitting leaves you even more defenseless, there is another way; if you miss your attack, click the ground again and keep running, remember you want to strike quickly.. even stamina skills like spirit healing leave you open. i just find sitting better because you can gain some stamina if needed.

(zap, zap, zap zap/fly or jump away shoot, shoot)

these guys will do everything it takes to stay out of your range, and archers can easily fly leaving you defenseless on the ground. best way to take these guys down is to get them before they get you. i.e. sneak attack. they have low HP and DEF compared to tros and wars. but theyre very difficult to land melee hits on. and they’re attacks make you flinch.. leaving you wide open. you really dont wanna be on the ground when they’re zapping/arrow slinging you, so what you should do is take wide jumps and land* (click on them before touching the ground*) on them, or very near them, to land your lethal hit. id also recommend to pack a ranged attack.. for these guys accurate weapons work best. seeing as you’ll want to take them down quickly. and extra power isnt necessarily needed. phoenix is a great choice, because you can toss it easily while they’re jumping away.

VS MELEE WATER– (zap, zap, jump close, zap, <—speedgunned)

melee waters are a bit harder because they not only zap, but most of them also weild the daggers greatest rival; the spear. speedgun is 210%dmg at fixed, wich is still plenty to 1 hit. and doesnt take ages to get it. but not all melee waters prefer spear, just about any 2H + stig will do.. their buff spells can really wipe the smile off your face.. what i recommend here is, again to time your jumps to land on, or near them. a melee water is still a tao. meaning low HP and DEF so accurate weps are recommended. if you dont feel like pulling out your sword whenever a tao or archer gets to you; you can always switch hands. and use your dagger mainhanded. just remember, 2H have more range.. about 3 char spaces. whereas melee tros have 2 spaces. it takes a lot of timing and practice to get the hang of fighting someone with more range. and theres no better way to practice then to ‘play’ or ‘test’ with frends.

(jump jump toxic fog. jump twofold. endgame.)

alrighty, ninjas were designed for PK. if you plan on landing a melee hit on a ninja that means you’d have to be within their range. and hope for 1 hit. whereas ninjas are guaranteed 2 hits, and can get those 2 hits at will. these guys are sure to get to you. especially if you dont have yer ranged attack. as you may have heard; the ninjas weakness is herc. but really.. herc takes no skill to use. so heres another option besides FB/SS and besides herc: Spear. yup. 2handers give you the added range you need, but you obviously cant use your dagger with these.. so spears are HIGHLY recommended. they really are the next best thing. but really any 2H works. dont forget ninjas have the lowest HP of all classes.

feel free to leave any questions/comments/or anything
i might be able to help out with, and ill get back to you asap.
thanks for taking the time to check out my guide!

================================================== ==

*edit there is one combo i left out. im mentioning it at the end

1) i ran out of space on the 1st page, and

2) save the best for last?

well here it is.

advantages – highest possible penetration dmg.
disadvantages – no ranged attack. andd; the only way to wield lvl 70+ katanas is to be a ninja. and as a ninja.. you’d also need 176str points in order to use lvl 70+ daggers. so this would total out to.. 176 str points + 276 agility points (for katanas) this takes up a LOT of points. meaning youd pretty much HAVE to be at LEAST 130-130-130 to do this. and STILL have enough left for vit (vitality/HP)

**this is the ultimate, skill based, highest dmg dealing possible combo ever, the scenario here is.. youd be giving up a whole lot of HP in order to get every bit of power possible out of your dagger, with the help of the katana. theres no way you can hold 70+ katanas as a trojan. so this combo is strictly for ninjas. srry guys ^^;. (unless you plan to like.. upgrade a katana from 70-130 in market with DBs/mets and NEVER remove it O.o; )

ninjas have higher attack then trojans. but lower defense. and MUCH lower HP, before you think about trying this combo out, consider this;

twofold blades is 130%(fixed) of both katanas. and you can activate it at will. penetration is 240% dmg (fixed) but only has a 15% chance of activating. and thats only if you have fixed. its much lower otherwise. Katana/Dagger + penetration = ultimate melee hit. but twofold blades is much more convinent. it causes the target to flinch, leaving them open for another attack, twofold also has a higher range then penetrate.

so in conclusion. id only recommend this combo to those who are willing to pay the price for the ultimate attack. just remember you’d pretty much get owned by non RB 130s. due to loww hp.** those of you who are considering this combo should look at the post below.

but even a katana and a lvl 70 dagger can max out more dmg then 2 katanas.
a 130 dagger is epic overkill. its completely up to you if you think its worth the low HP/DEF you’ll have as a ninja. and thats also proof that even 1 dagger is more then enough to be epic ;p (compared to other 1h weapons, if you’re a 1 handed class, or a warrior who doesnt mind losing a bit of defense, go with spear. see below)

melee waters.. are another story though take a look at the dmg;
unfortunately 2h’s give twice the potency. so spears have an advantage right there..

*-special thanks to Lotak and Endet for the pointers and info-*

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