Conquer Online Mining Gems Guide

Conquer Online Mining Gems Guide by NightParrot

Since I have gotten a lot of help from a lot of people, I am going to write a guide.
I would like to thank all the people I bugged with questions as to how they got their gems and stoped to answer me, but I won’t….. Ok, thank you all.

Oh, I am going to assume you know a few things. And then forget later that I assumed it.

Anyway, these are the tips I have gotten off all the high level ruby players…. I have yet to mine a gem.

1) Mine in one spot.
Just drop where you are and don’t move at all. You are meant to slowly get less and less, and then find a gem. (I was in one spot for 5 hours and never got a gem, but the amount of ores you get slows down.)

2) Move about all the time.
They say that ever time you start mining you have a chance of “getting lucky” and finding a gem. (I tried this as well, no gem. But I did get more Gold ores this way)

3) Mine in the right spot.
I should have put this first, but I didn’t. Anyway, it’s broken into two parts.
a) Where the risk is high.
Mining on levels with out monsters, is meant to get you less.
Places like the spawn points for rock monsters (the only one I know of is the little room in the level 15 mine. Find it yourself, it will be FUN!) are meant to give you more of a chance. (Never got a gem in any place ><; )
b) Mine in the right mine.
Each mine has different gems that you can mine at it, and gems that you will be unable to obtain by mining there. I would tell you which mines have which, but I want to encourage you to read the web site. Just go look under items I think.

4) Mine when dust is stirred up.
This has something to do with gold ores because something the alchemist said hinted me towards this. No one told me about this and it is my own theory. (Which must be great, coming from a guy who has yet to mine a gem)
Anyway, you will notice something when you mine the dust is stirred up ever second, third, fourth, up to fifth (That’s that longest I have payed attention for, my mind wanders easily and often) strike on the ground. the more it happens, the greater chance you have of mining good stuff as I think it is meant to represent that no one has mined there in a long while.
Also, you will note that when this happens, the times dust is stirred up after each strike slowly diminishes. (I have tried this, but I have seen no real difference in what I mine)

5) Socket your weapon.
If you have a socket in your weapon, you are meant to mine gems well. There are two theories on this.
a) You have a better chance of getting the gem that is socketed in the pick, and sometimes on you.
b) Gems attract gems. And things like a Super gem is meant to be better for finding a gem then say a normal. (Great use for a super ….The one that has the lion effect and adds durability…. gem)

6) Higher Level means Higher Chance.
Some people say that the higher level you are the better chance you have of getting a gem. They think that it’s because the higher levels need them more or something.
Others have said that it is not the level but the amount of gems. One person even said it was not the amount of gems but the amount of sockets.
(This one could be true because a lot of high levels have a lot of good gems… but then it is most likely because they have had more time and money to put into gem acquisition)

7) Mine in a team.
The theory on this is that having a team of miners will give you a greater chance; I think that only works if they give you any gem they find. ;P

8) Mine where others mine.
No one agrees with this one, some say that mining with other people gives you a better chance, and others say that you’re better off by yourself. (I don’t think this works; it’s more a safety thing… which is something everyone disagrees on as well)

9) Pickaxe Proficiency.
I can’t believe I forgot this one, thanks to Curiox for reminding me.
Kill some monsters with your pick axe and get it up a few levels, this is meant to help you mine for gems as your skill with a pick axe is greater.

10). Object mining
Another one I forgot, Tyck reminded me.
Mine against thing like walls, carts, rocks, crystals, ect.
Some people think that the things were put there for a reason other then making it all look pretty.
Lots of people seem to think mining against walls helps… or at least a lot of people do it, that’s doesn’t mean they think.

Other tips

There are two types of mine Player Killers:
– The ones who think they are all powerful. They find groups of miner’s lower level then themselves and often use an area attack like scatter.
(To help avoid these people)– When someone who does not have a pick comes into the mine, jump away. But stay in sight of them. They may be there to protect you. Also, try to keep yourself in a position where there is a bunch of people between yourself and the entrance; try to make this around a screens width so that when a PK jumps in the middle of them you have the chance you get out of the blast zone.
– The ones who also think they are all, but have yet to get the levels to help back them. They will go around the edge of the mine and across the middle, looking for AFK (Away From Keyboard, and is use to represent those player which leave the game running while doing something else and cannot respond in time to save themselves) miners.
The trick here is stay away from the walls and to stay away from all the path ways going right from the entrance to each corner and the middle of the back wall.
Then, don’t go AFK.
Also keep a Scroll hotlinked.

Don’t take items with you that you want to keep. This rule can be broken for a few reasons:
– The things you are wearing. The only time you should take this stuff off is if you are Red or black named, or, if you are stirred up easily and may end up red named if someone keeps pissing you off.
– A Scroll to the nearest City. When you get something good like a gem you want to put it in your deposit box as fast as you can. It’s people who say things like “Oh, I will be fine for a few more minutes.” That always ends up dead with the gem lying next to them. If you’re really paranoid, take a second scroll to a random city somewhere else and teleport there first, deposit the gem, and teleport to the city nearest the mine for a quick trip back.
-You are Stupid. Leave your weapons at home!

These are just tips, not written law on the best way to mine. Please don’t use this as a reason to tell people that they are “mining wrong” ><

That’s about all now, I will add more when I am fully awake, and you’re all welcome to comment/tell me I am wrong. *Goes back to mining*

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