Conquer Online Moonbox Quest Guide

Conquer Online Moonbox Quest aka Eight Diagram Tactics Guide by XiaoChen

Ba Zhen Tou – Also known as the “Eight kinds of Battle Array”. It is the earliest military science in China and is a kind of battle formation and troops disposition in ancient battle. It is composed of eight battle arrays such as sky, ground, wind, cloudy, dragon, tiger, bird, snake. There are many records about Ba Zhen Tou, especially Zhuge Liang’s “San Guo Yan Yi” is almost known by everybody. However, The origin of Ba Zhen Tou in the history is almost unknown.

Legend of Condor Heroes – First of Jinyong’s Condor Trilogy. In the novel the Eight Diagram Tactics is a strategic area of Peach Blossom Island and it is a maze like area full of traps. The island is well known and secluded because of the Eight Diagram Tactics and the islands master Huang Yaoshi (one of 5 supreme martial artists) prohibits people in entering the island. In the story an old man (Zhou Botong) was trapped inside the island’s cavern for 20 years because he cant figure out how to get out of the tactics. Eventually he was found by Guo Jing who is in search of food by following a tortoise. An exact duplicate of the Eight Diagram Tactics was also found in Lu Chengfeng’s manor who is one of the six disciples of Huang Yaoshi. Yang Kang (Yang Guo’s father) was imprisoned inside Lu Manor’s Eight Diagram Tactics.

Moonbox Quest – In Conquer Online the Eight-Diagram Tactics is also known as the Moonbox Quest. The quest is a challenge for players and it consists of 8 areas which is Peace, Calmed, Disturbed, Deserted, Chaos, Prosperous, Death, and Life. Only level 70+ can enter and challenge the tactics and a reward will be given upon completing the quest. This will be the main topic of this guide.

Understanding the Quest

You must remember that the tactics are changeable. The teleporter will be randomly teleporting you to 7 possible locations; they are Peace, Calmed, Disturbed, Deserted, Chaos, Prosperous, and lastly is Death Tactic. In order to complete the quest you will need to have a complete set of tokens. A complete set consists of 6 tokens, one token per tactic (Peace, Calmed, Disturbed, Deserted, Chaos, & Prosperous). You can only get out from a tactic by showing a certain token of the tactic to the guardian ghost, no tokens will be dropped in Death tactic, so if you happen to teleport here without a complete set the only way out is by dieing. Also, all of the tokens and areas will look the same so you have to know or devise a strategy on how to sort or distinguish your tactics/tokens so you wont have problems in identifying or mixing them up.


1. Find Fortuneteller. If you are level 70+ and want to challenge the tactics, he will teleport you to the entrance of Eight-Diagram Tactics.

2. Talk to Maggie at the entrance to know the stories. And she’ll teleport you into one of the eight tactics randomly, but except for Life Tactic. There are Peace, Chaos, Deserted, Prosperous, Disturbed, Calmed, Death and Life Tactic.

3. After you enter a tactic, you do not know which one you have been at. You must kill the monsters in the tactic to get a token. With it, you talk to Guardian God, and he will tell you the name of the tactic you have entered, and the name of the token.

4. Take down the name and ask Ghost to teleport your out of here. After you talk to Maggie again, she will teleport you to another tactic randomly.

5. In this way, you gather the token of Peace, Chaos, Deserted, Prosperous, Disturbed, Calmed (the six tokens).

6. If you happen to be teleported to Death tactic, you will be told by Guardian God and Ghost that you enter Death tactic. If you do not have the six tokens, you cannot leave here until you die (you will lose items if you die, and if you log off, you will re-spawn at the same spot).

7. After you’ve collected all the six tokens, Maggie may teleport you to Death Tactic. Talk to the Ghost. He can make a Soul Jade out of your tokens and teleport you to Life Tactic.

8. Find lonely Ghost in this tactic. If you agree to help him get reborn, he will give you three meteors or a Moon Box. It is up to you. If you refuse to help him, he’ll take away your Soul Jade, teleport you out and give you nothing. Be very careful


In order to make things easier when making moonbox, you must first need a character that is strong enough to survive the tactics. A character with a very low defense wont be able to survive in this quest for long. Warriors and Trojans are good for this quest and reborn taos and archers with good physical defense can also do the quest if going melee. Having a high physical attack will speed up the process of getting tokens. Most 130 chars with dragon gems in their equipments make this quest with ease because they can kill the monsters fast but still its luck which determines how long a monster will drop a token or where you will be teleported to. Good luck!

This is the key that I have created when I started making moonbox 3 years ago. Its up to you if you want to do the same or devise your own strategy.

1. Plan where you will put your tokens and keep it on a certain warehouse. It is important to go out of the quest and return to town after collecting tokens from a tactic. This is to protect your tokens from dropping in case you be teleported to death tactic. You wont drop any because the tokens are not with you as it is kept in your warehouse. Also it helps you to identify which token is which, especially if you know what tokens are in a certain warehouse. You will be able to identify an unidentified token if you have planned it this way.

Example of where to put tokens:

Average Moonbox Maker (limited to 20 tokens per warehouse)

Twin City WH – Peace Tactic Tokens
Phoenix City WH – Calmed Tactic Tokens
Ape City WH – Disturbed Tactic Tokens
Deserted City WH – Deserted Tactic Tokens
Bird City WH – Chaos Tactic Tokens
Market WH – Prosperous Tactic Tokens

Pro Moonbox Maker (has 6 accounts just for token storage. Up to 140 tokens per account)

Name your token holders with the name of the tactic so you know what token a character is holding.

2. You must know what tactic you are into. The best way to know a tactic is by getting a token from a Toughhorn and to show to the guardian ghost, but there are also times when its taking so long for a monster to drop a token. There is another way to identify a tactic without a need of token. You can ask a person who is also inside the same tactic with you or know what kind of pots the monster from the tactic drops.

Peace Tactic – Panacea, Pearl Ointment
Calmed Tactic – Panacea, Soul Pill
Disturbed Tactic – Ginseng, Soul Pill (same with deserted)
Deserted Tactic – Ginseng Soul Pill (same with disturbed)
Chaos Tactic – Ginseng, Recovery Pill
Prosperous Tactic – Vanilla, Pearl Ointment
Death Tactic – Vanilla, Refreshing Pill (You dont need pots to figure this one out)

If you can notice the pots that are dropped in Disturbed Tactic and Deserted Tactic are just the same. You have no choice but to wait for a token to be dropped if you wanna figure out the what tactic you are in. Disturbed tactic has slow token drop rate so figuring it out might take some time.

If you seem to be in a tactic where you already collected many tokens then you can just let the monsters kill you if you want to save time. Use water elf, divine hare, or night devil if you have so the monsters can kill you. Only non reborn warriors without night devil has the problem in killing themselves. They mostly unequip one of their items either headgear, necklace, or armor. This is very dangerous especially in death tactic and you might drop your unequipped item. There is no guarantee you will get it back after dropping it.

3. Make a list of where you put and how many your tokens is and update it everytime you collect new tokens. You can also assign a definite key slot for certain token when exchanging tokens to moonbox. This way you can keep track of your tokens that even if you messed your tokens up you will not be so confused on sorting it.

4. Learn to use a set in search of a certain tactic. Since you can go anywhere when you have a complete set, try to look for a tactic where you need tokens most and get some of it before you exchange your set for moonbox.

5. If you have 2 strong characters like trojan or warrior try to have them both enter a different tactic. This is only if you can multitask between your 2 chars. This will save you time in getting the other tokens you need. You can also put a water tao reviver and token keeper inside of each tactic. This is just a security in case you get pkd inside and will also serve as a storage for your tokens inside the tactic this way you can get more tokens on the tactic you are in to.

6. Know the drop rates. This is from easiest to hardest (top to bottom). This is just my opinion from my experience. (After the lotto patch looks like the drop rates have changed. I hope someone can help me clarify this.)

Peace Tactic
Calmed Tactic
Prosperous Tactic
Deserted Tactic
Chaos Tactic
Disturbed Tactic

7. Use a reborn with divine hare if you have for exchanging tokens into moonbox. This will cut off travel time in search of death tactic.

Awards on obtaining a Monbox

1. You can sell it for cash depending on its price on your server

2. It will give you things at random when you open it. These are the things that you can get from a moonbox.

– refined socketed necklace/bag/ring/bracelet/boots (rare)
– meteor and refined necklace/bag/ring/bracelet/boots
– unique necklace/bag/ring/bracelet/boots
– elite necklace/bag/ring/bracelet/boots
– three meteors

The 25 Vagrant Ghosts in Life tactic

This is what I am researching now. I will post all the coordinates where you can find these ghosts in Life Tactic. If anyone wants to help me in researching if these ghosts have something to do about the rates of opening soc items please post the ghost coordinate where you got the moonbox and what items you got after opening it. This is my first set of (25) moonboxes and I havent got any soc items from it yet. If anyone can try opening 25 moonboxes from a single ghost and record the results please message me.

052, 042 – Unique Necky

056, 098 – Elite Boots

061, 030 – 3 Mets

081, 132 – Ref Boots + Met

083, 105 – 3 Mets

084, 084 – 3 Mets

089, 050 – Unique Necky

095, 043 – Elite Boots

096, 075 – Ref Ring + Met

102, 111 – Elite Necky

116, 069 – 3 Mets

123, 180 – Ref Bag + Met

124, 141 – 3 Mets

127, 102 – Elite Boots

134, 126 – Ref Bag + Met

136, 098 – 3 Mets

140, 125 – Ref Necky + Met

141, 158 – Ref Bag + Met

154, 113 – Ref Ring + Met

158, 121 – 3 Mets

162, 163 – 3 Mets

177, 125 – 3 Mets

185, 189 – 3 Mets

186, 137 – Ref Boots + Met

186, 167 – 3 Mets

Another Moonbox Guide by Emonkey

Okey lets get started. First of all, you need to be at least at level 70 to enter the quest and to actually make it u’ll need to be at least lvl 97 becouse you will need sufficent defance to take at least 2 dmage from the quest monsters otherwise you will find yourself wasting a lot of money and time on potions.
Also this quest isn’t good for archers or water taos becouse they lack atack power and the monsters have a lot of health and it will take too much time to kill each monster.

::About the quest::
Not long ago the NPC called furtuneteller tried to break into some mysterious tactics and he almoust died from his attempt.
Now he will let you all level 70 and above players to try and suceed in what he failed and claim amazing rewards if you will make it, including super items and socketed armours.
Above all that you will need the moonbox for the promotion you can revice when you reach level 110.

The quest includes 9 maps:
One map is where you enter the quest,talk to the NPC called maggie and he will teleport you to the other maps.
Also this map is where you are teleported to when you get out of the other 6 maps:
Theese are the tactics where you need to claim 6 tokens one from each map:
Chaos,Disturbed,Deserted,Calmed,Peace and Prosperous.
To know where you are you should speak to the NPC gurdian god at the entrance of each map/tactic once you have found a token of this tactic. then you can go to the NPC in the upper left corner of the map which can teleport you out if you have the token.
Also there is the Death tactic which serves two porpouses:
The first is when you are teleported there by maggie and you don’t have the other 6 tokens, then the only way to get out is by death and of cource when you die u can loose some of the tokens you collected.
The secund porpuse is when you have all the 6 tokens you can exit each tactic you are teleported to untill you are teleported to Death tactic where the npc in the upper left corner of the map teleports you to the last tactic, the tactic where you claim your prize by the NPC clled lonly ghost(any one of them): 3 meteors or a moonbox.
A moonbox might have items that are worth a lot more then 3 meteors but may also have things which are worth a lot less and its up to your luck to determine what prize you can find.
Also you must choose to help the lonely ghost in the life tactic
or else all your efforts will be gone and you will be teleported out without your items.

:oing the quest::
there are some ways to do this quest some are harder yet less risky but some are easy but if you get to the Death tactic you might loose tokens and you will have to start almoust all over.

1.Solo – the simpest whay to do this quest: just go and collect the tactics alone yet it heavyly relies on your luck becouse for the last token you will have a 50:50 chance to get to a tactic or to the Death tactic.

2.Duel – have a team mate to help you collect tokens from the other tactics and when one gets to the Death tactic he hould stay there and when his team mate gets there he should give him all his tokens and kill, and pick the tokens he drops : this way the loss of tokens in death is reduced a lot yet you will have to collect two tokens to get a moonbox for you and your teammate(he will have to collect two untill one gets to death)

3.Full team – very hard to organize: you will need to insure each one of you will get to a diffrent token(if you get to death or the same tactic as your team mates die or ask someone to kill you)
then collect 6 tokens without going to other tactics after all the teammates have gotten 6 tokens get out of the tactics and share them so each has a token of each type. then you can claim the reward without loosing ANY tokes in the death tactic.
*This one is the most recomended and is almoust riskless.

1.Repair your equipments to full durability: you might be needeng to repair when you can exit one tactic.

2.High lvl players should have thier defance around 1100 by wearing weaker equips, so you wont get stuck when you arve at death tactic.

Appendix 1 –
Here is a way to see what tactic are you at without tokens (This WAS tested)
Calmed & prospereous – you get vanhila drops
Disturbed & deserted – Amerita
Peace and chaos – pancaca.

thats it foklks XD.

Notes –
it took me a long time to write the guide please apreciate it.

this information is from talking with other players and my own expiriance.

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