Conquer Online Get Out of Met Zone Guide

Conquer Online Get Out of Met Zone Guide by Mytho

This guide is intended for those classes who don’t have skills like divine hare – mainly for trojans and warriors.If you want directions to get out of the met zone, refer to necromancer’s guide. This guild shows the way to avoid being killed, but does not 100% guarantee that you will not be killed at all.

Speaking of which, the two main problems with getting out of met zone are as follow:

1) WaterDevils with ridiculous high attack/magic damage against a high lvl character.

2) The same WaterDevils with ridiculous long range attack.

The WaterDevils here refer to the ones on the last island (ie/ the island where the NPC warper is).

First I will need to address the difficulty:
Die in one zap: *******
Can survive one zap: ****
Can survive two zap: ***
Can survive three zap: you will be out of there long before you die

The first batch of WaterDevils rely on their magic zapping which means certain 1 to 2 hit KO for non-tao classes: warrior, trojans, and archers.

The second batch of WaterDevils rely on long physical attack, therefore taos and archers are the ones which usually die in one hit.

What needs to be prepared:
1) SET YOUR WINDOW/RESOLUTION TO 1024×768 (otherwise you are not gonna see the water devils coming to zap you)

2) Make sure you hands are not fatigue

3) Mouse has good response, TAKE OFF CRAPPY WIRELESS MOUSES

4) Read the things below

Ok, before moving on to the real stuff you got to know how the water devils come to zap you. The magic WD has the longest attack range (magic) which is about the size of an archer spread. This is about 1.5 screen away from you (at res. 1024×768). NEVER NEVER let any water devils be at your left or your right in/not in your sight because they can zap you quickly more than one screen away before you know it. APPROACH these guys only DIAGONALLY. Don’t jump mindlessly, lest you want to get berserk and get zapped to doomsday. RUN and only jump when you feel that you are in the range of one of them.

Class specific Tips:
Archers: DON’T FLY unless you can always maintain motion, that is you don’t stop for a sec or two. TURN OFF SPREAD. AND BEST REMOVE YOUR ARROWS.

Warriors: Get a shield, and earrings.

Trojans: if you can control cyclone properly, use it. GET earrings, you will need the extra mag def boost.

Taoists: Follow typical divine hare techinque

In addition, alt shift your screen upward a bit to see incoming waterdevils, but not to much that you cannot retreat.

The way:
You can get to the last island in two ways, one from the left and one from the right. If you can survive one blast, take the left side recommended by necro, if you cannot, and you don’t have “fast movement skills”, I recommend you to take the right.

The left side:
There is usually only one waterdevil that you will need to encounter, just somewhere near where the entrance warp point is. However, the problem is that the WD is a bit close to the coast, so therefore you will be in its range for a sec or two. When you enter into the last island, shift screen right a bit, and jump to the top edge of the map. STAY at the edge once you reach it and get to the npc ASAP.

The right side:
You will encounter more WD, but if you are being cautious, 90% of the time you can avoid being in their zapping zone. When you reach the last island, take care and pass the first bunch, fortunately they are not that concentrated so there are safe spaces you can land on and continute on. When you reach to the middle of the island, where there are no WDs, move the the RIGHT edge of the map, shift your screen upward (the reason I recommend this route is that it is easier to see) and RUN upward, JUMP only when there are WD directly to the left of you. Usually there are no WD near the edge of the map, so you can move safely sound, but if you see one, RETREAT. Wait till it moves back into the bunch on the left or lure it out (not recommend). The big problem is that as the left side you will also encounter one that you cannot avoid being in its zapping range, the one near the top right corner coastline. Approach it from 5:00 and try to stick close to the coastline. JUST MAKE SURE YOU are moving all the time and don’t let it stay in your site for more than 2 sec, otherwise it will detect you and zap you for good.

For the physical attack ones:
Do the same as the magic ones, fortunately their range is not as large as the magic ones, so it is less difficult to get out of this.

AVOID getting in their attacking range when they are MOVING toward you or not moving at all, if it is wandering around slowing (ie. moving slowly in random directions) it is safe to get into their range for 1.5 sec before they target on you. Seize that opportunity if possible.

This guide is written mainly from my experience BY lingering at the last island and getting killed many many times. DON’T FLAME if you die because it takes PRACTICE to perfection.

Thank you.

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