Conquer Online Complete Labyrinth Guide

Conquer Online Complete Labyrinth Guide by CronusDadOfZues

Labyrinth Introduction
Labyrinth is a 4-floor maze, where you can both level and obtain mets (from Diamond) and sometimes rare valuable items.
There are different monsters on each level of the Labyrinth, some of which drop tokens which grant you access to the next level.
Since it is a Labyrinth, you will not be able to resort to the mini-map inside, but I have something here to help you.

Getting to Lab:
To get into lab, you need 2,000 Virtue Points.
Once you have that, you must talk to Simon in TC (393,235), who will take you to the first level of labyrinth.

What is the labyrinth?
The Labyrinth, or more commonly known as labby or lab, is a place where trojans warriors and archers can level up real fast. There are four levels to it, and to enter each additional level, a token is needed. The token can be found on the level before the level you are trying to get into.
To get in you will need:
lab lv1: 2000VP
lab lv2: SkyToken
lab lv3: EarthToken
lab lv4: SoulToken

Where to get VP’s & tokens:
VP can be obtained by plving noobs that are atleast 20 levels lower than you (insure they are under lvl 70).
Best & quickest way to get VP’s is to get a nub char lvl 65-70 at 99 exp then pwlvl him/her until it lvl’s then get the nub char to attack you & kill it while its flashing blue then you get to do pwlvl that lvl again from about 99 exp, this will take you about 5 mins to get your 2000 VP’s
Tokens can be purchased from other players. Secial Lab Monsters (the magic attacking ones) drop them too.

What lvl to be in he lab:
It really all depends on your gear, but here’s the general line.
Lab lv1:
Trojans and Warriors: lvl 97 to lv1 110
Archers: above lvl 70 to lv108
You can go to lab at any level after you reborned as long as you have the vps accumulated from non-rebirth so archers lvl 30 & over can go in (lvl 30 for scatter)
Some of this info was thanks to TrU3
Lab lv2:
Trojans and Warriors: lvl 108+ (there are many magic mobs, not worth the trip)
Archers: lvl 100+ (fly with earings, not much good spawn)
Lab lv3:
Trojans and Warriors: lvl 112+
Archers: lvl 112+
Lab lv4:
Trojans and Warriors: lv112+
Archers: lv112+
If going to the Lab for lvl you know when it’s time to leave/go to the next floor when the mobs are no longer white.

I am lost in the lab, what do i do now?
Keep trying to go towards the south east, eventually you will see a general, who can teleport you back to TC.

Monsters of Labyrinth:
In Lab1, there are slingers (lvl 105) and GoldGhosts (lvl 108). Goldghosts drop SkyTokens which you can give to an NPC in lab1, resulting in him taking you to Lab2. Slingers drop Sun Diamonds.

In Lab2, there are Bladelings (lvl 110) and Agilerats (lvl 112).
Agilerats drop earth tokens which take you to lab3. Beware, though, they are magic monsters, and it may be wiser to buy the token from somebody else in market. Bladelings drop Moon Diamonds.

In Lab3, there are BlueBirds (lvl 115) and FiendBats (lvl 117).
Fiend bats drop SoulTokens which take you to the last level of Labyrinth.
FiendBats do a lot of magic damage however, so you need to be careful while hunting them. BlueBirds drop Star Diamonds.

In Lab4, there are Minotaurs (lvl 120). Minotaurs drop Cloud Diamonds.

to see more about these monsers & what they look like/stats look here:

The reward for 17 Diamonds from Lab1 is 2 meteors
The reward for 17 Diamonds from Lab2 is 4 meteors
The reward for 17 Diamonds from Lab3 is a random normal gem
The reward for 17 Diamonds from Lab4 is an AncestorBox, which could contain a dragonball, mets, gems, or refined/unique/elite items & even socketed items.

Lab Bosses:
In addition to these normal monsters, each floor of labyrinth has a boss.

The floor 1 boss is Gibbon lvl 110 (224,156)
Floor 2: Naga lvl 115 (503,630)
Floor 3: Talon lvl 120 (197,163)
And Floor 4: Syren lvl 125 (191,335)

Syren is one of the very few monsters in the game who remains white-named after lvl 127.

Boss Drops:
Bosses will either drop an item, or they will drop a box (Lab1 = Sunbox, Lab2 = Moonbox, Lab3 = Starbox, Lab4 = Cloudbox). It is NOT true that all boxes contain a soc item.
These bosses can occasionally drop socketed equipment, unique items, ref gems & even a DB.
Lab bosses spawn 12 or 24 hours after they were last killed or after server main (not too sure on this im still trying to find out).

Maps & Boss Pics:
See the bottom of page

OK thats all I have, I hope this helps as it has taken over a week in the Lab & a lot of help to complete.

Taken some reference from an old post made by HTAPAWASOv2.0 & would like to send some thanks that way.
I originally started a thread to find out what items people were getting from lab bosses to help with this info, also have made some edits with info given to me after posting &
would like to thank the following:

Carcass, LotoKynes, Dual~Wield, ArwA, tiflor, alleykatt, DarkRage, theRationalOne, Drizzt Do’Urden, Loviatar, Necro_Abyss, yeaayeaa, the RationalOne, TrU3, HTAPAWASOv2.0, n0v0.

My in-game friends who helped do not come on this forum but to the few that helped, you know who you are & Thanks guys………oh & thanks Basilky for the OLD screeny of Talon

Lab Boss 1

Lab Boss 2

Lab Boss 4


Lab Map 1

Lab Map 2

Lab Map 3

Lab Map 4

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