Battle of the Immortals Lord Pets List

Battle of the Immortals Lord Pets List by Gexy

hello, i will put here a list of lord mobs and their coordinates
i decided to add type of pet too


Ravanger Lord lv20 – Dragon Emperor’s Catacomb (238.239) Str-PH Attack
Naga Lord Lv30 – Sea of Atlantis(248,108) Int-MAGIC Attack
Piranha Lord Lv35 – Aegean North(213,213) Int-MAGIC Attack
Vile Ocean Giant Lord Lv40 – Aegean Proper(133,62) Str-PH Attack
Terracotta Captain Lord lv40 – Emperor Catacomb lvl 1 (167,164) Str-PH Attack
Seahorse Lord lv45 – Aegean South (247,176) Str-PH Attack
Terracotta Soldier lord lv45 – Emperor Catacomb lvl 2 (131,88) Vit-PH Attack
Gator Lord Lv50 – Grand Rift(100,259) Str-PH Attack
Medusa Lord Lv60 – Bermuda Islands(116,100) Int-MAGIC Attack
Jungle Defender Lord Lv60 – Angkor Jungle(72,209) Vit-PH Attack
Werewolf Lord Lv60 – King’s Gorge(251,139) Str-PH Attack
Tribe Warder Lord lv65 Angkor Encampment (225,138) Spr-MAGIC Attack
Death Lord Lv65 – Soulbound Crypt (91,122) Str-PH Attack
Dwarf Lord lv70 – Dwarves’ Forest(116,125) Str-PH Attack
King Of Desert Lord lv71 nile river west (163,60) Str-PH Attack
Centaur Lord Lv75 – Viking Steppe(231,48) Vit-PH Attack
Ashura Vanguard Lord – Lv75 Ankor Temple lvl 1 (169,140) Vit-PH Attack
Ashura Champion Lord – Lv79 Ankor Temple lvl 2 (137,160)
Kingoni Grantara Lord – Lv85 Ankor Temple lvl 3 (209,104)Int-MAGIC Attack
King Bettle Lord lv85 – khufu desert (193,280) Dex-PH Attack
Yeti Lord lv90 – Nordic lands (52,261) Str-PH Attack

Death Lord Lv65 – Soulbound Crypt (91,122) Str-PH Attack

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