Battle of the Immortals Gears and Upgrades Guide

Battle of the Immortals Gears and Upgrades Guide by Luciferion

Hello, it has been a long time since i made any guides for newbies, yet here i am again

This guide will include all kinds of gears that your character can wear, starting with main gears and ending with the extra items that you should get.

1- What does gears contain?

Gears are made of three sections, and they are: Main gear, accessories, and outfits.

First we’ll start with main gear and what is each part function (there is always a difference in the amount of attributes that a gear part will give you and that is according to your class, for example a Slayer’s weapon does not give same attacking power as a Berserker’s weapon) :
A- Weapon: The weapon is the main source of you attack points, regardless of what class you chose the weapon adds up your dmg power.
B- Helmet: Those adds to your physical and magical defense.
C- Shoulder: This part adds to your HP.
D- Armor/Mail: Again this part adds to your defense same to the helmet.
E- Gloves: This part adds to your accuracy.
F- Belt: This one adds mana.
G- Greaves: this is another part of the gear that adds defense to your character.
H- Boots: This adds evasion.
I- Shield: This part is exclusive for heretics and champions, and it adds (defense, mana, spirit, int) for heretics and (defense, HP, Vit, str) for champions.

Second will be Accessories, and they include:
A- Necklace: It adds accuracy and evasion.
B- Rings: This is the only part in the gear that you can use 2 of, so your char have 2 ring slots on his gear screen, and they add attack power such as the weapon.
C- pendant: This part adds HP.
D- Chalice: This part adds to your attack in set amount up till lv10 chalice then starting at lv11 to lv15 it adds and extra percentage along with the attack.
E- Odin’s Soul jade: this part is rather different a bit from any other gear or accessories, and i rather that you read this on BOI wiki first and i’ll explain more about it later on in this guide >
E- Badge: badges are not a permanent gear part and they expire after a while and they come in many different kinds.

Third is Outfits:
Outfits have 2 parts only Fashion, and back gear. there are special fashions and back gears that you can get from zen items or special events that have fixed attributes, but there is others that you can fix by your self.
p.s: All gears are important and helps in a big way, so don’t think to get main gears only u have to get all

2- What is the kinds of gears available?

Regarding main gears there is more than one kind of gears: normal gears (can drop from bosses in instances, and some times from mobs, also can be bought from merchants), Stamp of promotion Set gears ( can be bought from Atlantis with the use of stamp of promotion that can be obtained from Knight’s jail instance), Soul gears (Those can be got from instances that are specialized in dropping this kind of gears-see the link below regarding instances-), Primal gears (Those are only for lv115, can be droped from Moser & fenrir or mobs in dragon layer 1 and 2 and you have to be lv110 to go to this maps)
ps: primal gears are the only gears that have gear skills.

Accessories have 2 kinds only normal rings and necklace and oracle set, normal can be obtained by doing the instances or from stamps of promotion, oracle can be obtained from different places and they are:
Rings > Pyramid event on Friday and Ashura king tanno ( Ashura can be found in Agnork temple 4) drops ring fragments and you need 5 fragments to get 1 ring.
Necklace> Also same as rings can be gotten from pyramid and Ashura, yet it has another way which is Osiris Treasure maps and you can use them also in side pyramid on Friday and they may drop a full necklace or a frag but not always.
Pendants> You can get by doing pyramid hallucination race and wining it in less than 10min for SS rank (yet they are very cheap you can also buy)

P.S: oracle set can be used only at lv85 or higher.

Out fits, as i said before, There is special fashions such as Hades wings (back gear) and Berserk of steel ( fashion) that have set about of attributes and they are really good, and there is the clear ones that you can fix by your self and in this case you can either get a better fashion than the previously set one or a worst 1, but in back gear case the best back gears are the previously set ones.

3- What is best to use?

Regarding Accessories and outfits i guess i made it clear in part 2 in the case of outfits and in accessories case oracle set is best that there is.

On the other hand main gear is a bit different, the best gears you can get is Primal soul gears, yet as i said they are for lv115 or higher so second best is soul gear and they are available at lv45,60,75,90,100, and 115, then comes the stamp of promotion gears which are available on lv30,45,60,75,90 and last is normal gears. but if you used an induction key you will get a special gears that is better than any gear you can obtain from lv1 up to lv45 then soul gears set and stamp of promotion gears becomes better.

One more thing to add is that if you use a set and not separate kinds of gears you get bonus attributes according to your class.

4- what is the difference between Orange and White attributes?(info here may not apply to fashions, back gear, soul jade, chalice, badge)

Every gear you get have 2 types of attributes white and orange ones, the white ones are the main attributes of the gear and they increase as you upgrade the gear( the white attributes are the extras that a gear part adds – look point 1-), on the other hand the orange attributes are secondary attributes and they do not increase what so ever when u upgrade your gears (except in lv100, 115 soul gears and in primal soul gears-will be explained later-).

5- What is gem slots and what is gems?(info here may not apply to fashions, back gear, soul jade, chalice, badge)
Not every gear have a gem slot on it, normal gears may not have it yet all inductee, stamp of promotion, soul gears, oracle set and primal soul gears always have 1.

To explain the use of this slot i need you to understand what is gems, gems are items that can be obtained in many many ways, and there is 18 kind of gems. Gems are used to increase a certain attribute on your character such as HP,MP,Critical strike, defense.. etc.

You can embed a gem of any kind and any lvl in your gears if they have a gem slot according to your class needs , or what you think is better for you.

6- How to upgrade?
First how to upgrade Main gears, necklace and rings:
1- Fortifying(shields can’t be fortified):
There is an NPC in Atlantis Square called Johnny, talk to him and you will find an option called fortify. Fortifying means increasing the gear lvl, as when you get a gear it comes as lvl 0 and then you can fortify it using > Fortify crystals or major fortify crystals( from lv1 to 4 i rather that you use fortify crystals and then majors after lv4).

Each time you fortify your gear lvl will increase and you will need more material to fortify it as when it lvls it gives you in the fortifying screen that next lvl has a percentage to fail in upgrading (u do not lose your item but you will lose fortify lvl if you fail), so by using more material u can decrease the chance of failing ( u can use up to 6 fortify/major fortify crystals).

After lvl4 your chance of getting to next lvl even if you use 6 crystals (this info changes if you use majors to become lvl5) can be low so in order to prevent your gear part from going back couple of lvls or even to back 0 you can use either fortify charm which only lower your gear lvl by 1 if failed to fortify, or F-Protect (according to the gear lvl) which keeps the current lvl if failed (both methods still consume the used crystals normal or major when failed).

Every time u fortify your gear successfully your gears white attribute increases.

2- Blessing:
Blessing a gear (rather not to do it unless your gear is lvl 60 of higher and your using soul gears) adds up 15% to to that gear part white attribute instantly.

3- Soul insignia charms: (can be added on any gear part regardless)
Those items adds a certain attribute on the gear part you add them on as following:
-Weapon> magic/physical attack percentage.
-Helmet> HP percentage.
-Shoulder> HP percentage.
-Armor/mail> Physical defense percentage.
-Glove> accuracy.
-Belt> MP percentage>
-Greaves> Magical defense percentage.
-Boots> Evasion.
-Shield> Hrtc shield MP percentage, champ shield HP percentage.
-Necklace> MP percentage.
-Rings> Magic/Physical attack percentage.
-Pendant> HP percentage.
-Back gear> 1% critical rate.
-Fashion> 1% critical rate.
-Soul jade> 1% lucky strike rate.
-Badge> 1% critical rate.

4- Awakening(necklace,rings,pendant can’t be awakened):
This is only available for lv100,115 soul gears and primal soul gears, and it is the only way to increase the orange attributes, and you need deity debris (some times it may require a to be able to upgrade) and you can do it by talking to the NPC Leon in Atlantis square.

(there is new functions that is related to lvl 115 and primal soul gears that i’m still learning my self, as soon as i figure them out i’ll update this post with the info).

Second how to upgrade accessories:
As mentioned above Necklace, rings and pendant can be fortified, blessed and use insignia charms on them. But there is one more thin to it when it comes to oracle set, as i said oracle set can be used at lv85 but when you reach lvl 100 you can change your set from lv85 to lvl 100 and when you reach 115 you can change them again from lv100 to lvl 115 and that is only if you have oracle set.
Each part of the oracle needs a different item to be upgraded:
Pendant> you need shadow key stone [can be acquired from shadow manor elite]
Rings> you need Poseidon force [can be acquired from Poseidon temple guild event]
Necklace> you need Glacier Soul [ can be acquired from your guild if they participate at fort glacier guilds war]

Upgrading chalice is a different issue, you will need holy water (can be acquired from the Sg hunting instances up to lv90 Sg instance), and then you go talk 2 Leon in Atlantis square and chose Alter Chalice option, it will cost you coins it will show you how many holy waters you need for next lvl. To make a chalice you need 2 find some 1 with Handicraft crafting skill and let him/her make you a chalice that is correspondent with your lvl and class.

Upgrading Soul jades on the other hand is by using 3 soul jades from a lower lvl after talking to Johnny in Atlantis square and choosing refine Soul jade option (lvl 1 Soul jade can be acquired from crafting 3 auras of soul jade and not from Johnny), for example if u have a lv1 soul jade and u wana make a lvl 2 to use u bring ur own soul jade and 2 more lv1 soul jades go to Johnny choose refine soul jade and then put 1 of them in the first slot (if u put a bound soul jade in that spot ur new soul jade will be bound also and can’t be traded or sold) then click on refine and u will get a lvl 2 and so on.

Upgrading Outfits:

Those are easy to upgrade, all you have 2 do is buy essence of void to upgrade fashion, and there is 3 kids of essence Basic, Medium, and advanced the better the essence the better attributes you could get (it is totally random), and you can talk to Leon in Atlantis square for that.

There used to be a similar essence for back gear but now they have been removed from game. So u only can use insignia charms.

I did not develop BOI or wrote the scenario for it, nor am i GM so if u find any mistake, typo, wrong name, misleading info please correct me.

If ur new, need information about the game, have no idea what to do and how to lvl all u have 2 do is to use My induction key listed below if ur playing on Gemini server:

Luciferion: 6650153G050800031006855S3fafb2

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