Battle of the Immortals Induction ID Guide

Battle of the Immortals Induction ID Guide by ladedo

what is an Induction ID?
basically every character in the game will have a unique ID, in which they can use to invite new players to the game, and they will be signed under his name. so the new players and the inductor will gain prizes.

Do I have to use an Induction ID to play the game?
No you don’t, if you dont want to use an ID, when you create a character just leave the space for Induction ID Empty, but at any case you should use 1, its technically free good items just for putting in that ID.

Can I use any ID i want?
yes you can, but the ID is only Valid for the server hes from, for example someone wants to play on Gemini Server, and took an ID from a person that plays on Aquarius server, the ID will not work.

Does it matter who’s ID i use?
all ID’s will give you the same exact items, if you used an ID from a lvl 1 or an ID from a lvl 135 you still get the exact same items/pets, so dont be fooled when someone tells you if you use my ID you get better stuff than if you used someone else’s ID

what does the Inductor gain from you being his Inductee?
well he gains 2 things the first is salary “some kind of currency some how close to what coins are” he gains salary when you reach lvl 60,70,80,90,100 and above, the higher the lvl you get the more salary he gets.

the other thing he gains is called Bonus “its an other type currancy” how does he get the bonus? each time you buy ZEN “you get by spending real money, or buying off other players” he gains a little amount of bonus.

What do you “new players” Gain?
well you get new pro gears/weapon + a very good pet for your lvls and extra quests/items, which will give you the advantage vs the players that didnt use an induction ID.

How and where do i place this ID?
there should be a space above where you type your character name when creating a new character, or by pressing a button in the game that is called “Induct” -Look at the image below-

that is in the lower bar near the right end “its color is blue and black” if you havnt reached yet lvl 29 you can add an introduction ID there.

Where do I find my Induction ID to invite People with?
you can find it in the Induct button -see the Image above-

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