Allods Online Scout Leveling Guide

Allods Online Scout Leveling Guide by rotcjames

Have you ever felt the joy of bringing a new life into the world? Yeah, me neither. However, you can experience the joys of bringing a new life into the virtual world. That new life? Yep, I’m talking about a new scout. Scouts are a very versatile yet underplayed class. Why are we underplayed? Scouts are arguably one of the most difficult classes to level from low levels to mid-game content. However, with this guide I hope you will better understand the scout and how to level one.

Table of Contents
1. Your scout and you: The basics
2. The early levels: 4-10
3. Moving out of the big city: levels 10-15
4. Finishing your homeland adventure: levels 15-22
5. Fighting through the Holy Land: levels 22-30
6. The Holy Land Archipelagos and level 40 Heroics: levels 30-40
7. Endgame and Beyond: levels 40-47
8. FAQ
9. Overcoming challenges: strategies to avoid LLDS (low level death syndrome)
10. The future of the Scout
11. Credits

Would you like an acknowledgement in the credits? I currently need the following items:
Orc, Gibberling, and Kanian racial images
Name of Quest giver for orc racial quest.

Have a question about scouts? I would be glad to add it to the FAQ section.

*these are builds similar to ones I used to level my scout and proved effective. Not everyone plays the same way, though, so feel free to explore a little.

**I purposely left out rubies and talent points in my builds. They are examples, you should try what works best for you.

Want to talk to me ingame about this guide, your build, or anything else? Send me a letter or add me to your friends list ingame and if we’re both online whisper me and ask away.

To get in touch with me, contact:
Rotcjames – Tensess Empire
Rotjames – Tensess League
Rocjames – Nezeb Empire
Mazon – Nezeb League

Your Scout and You: The Basics

The scout is the only ranged class in Allods to not use mana. We are a versatile but flimsy class. We rely on our dps to kill things before they can touch us, but it takes a good build to produce that dps, plus good gear. Leveling scouts is extremely hard into the mid-level range and that turns many people off scouts. We can only wear leather armor, putting us in a unique spot in which for endgame content (GT, astral, MI, heroics, etc.) we are the only class that use melee leather as our primary gear. This said, we ususally have priority over warriors or paladins who want a piece of leather gear.

The four types of scouts are the Xadaganian Stalker, Kanian Ranger, Orc Marauder, and Gibberling Trickster.

Below is a quick overview of the talents and rubies available to us. This is just to introduce new scouts or returning scouts to familiarize themselves with the new abilities. Those considering making a scout can also get a bit of a headstart. These skills are what you will use your entire career as a scout, so it would be wise to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each.

This is the basic melee attack. It merely inflicts damage.

Steady Shot
The basic ranged attack, this attack does damage. Damage is increased by the Scout’s Mark effect and it inflicts the Depleted Resources effect when used

Incendiary Arrow
A DoT arrow, it is insta-cast. It inflicts damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. Inflicts Depleted Resources when used

Smoke Cloud
Increases your chance to dodge by 30% for 30/45/60 seconds. Makes you unable to use ranged attacks.

Branding Shot
Deals damage and inflicts the scout’s mark for 18/24/30 seconds. Inflicts Depleted Resources when used

Tranquilizing Arrow
An insta-cast arrow, fires an arrow that slows the target by 5% for every stack. Applies up to 10/12/15 stacks. Quiver can store 3/5/7 arrows. Using Tranquilizing Arrow at

Merciless Shot
Deals damage and knocks the target down for 4 seconds. Cast time is doubled if used in combat. Depleted Resources is inflicted if used

Double Shot
Fires 2 arrows which each deal damage. Scout’s Mark increases the damage dealt. Depleted Resources is inflicted if used

Throws down spikes which knock down enemies that move. Has a radius of 8/10/12 yards and a duration of 10 seconds. Knocks the target down for 1/2/3 seconds.

Inflicts damage and reduces the target’s movement speed by 20% for 30 seconds. Can stack up to 2/3/4 times. Smoke cloud does not affect maim.

Jump back 15/20/25 yards and stuns the target for 1/2/3 seconds. Shares a cooldown with somersault.

Throat Shot
Deals damage and makes the target unable to cast spells for 6 seconds. Inflicts Depleted Resources if used

Tesla Arrow
Fires an insta-cast arrow that inflicts damage to all enemies in a 5 yard radius of the target. Quiver can store up to 3/4/5 arrows. Inflicts Depleted Resources when used

Vengeful Shot
An insta-cast attack. Hardened resolve is needed to use this attack. Hardened resolve is inflicted when the target has the Scout’s Mark effect and receives a glancing blow or dodge. Hardened resolve can stack up to 3/4/5 times.

Flash Bomb
Creates an explosion that blinds all targets within a 5 yard radius for 4/6/8 seconds or until they take damage.

Powerful Shot
Inflicts damage and knocks the target back 5/6/7 yards. Can only be used when the target is affected by Scout’s Mark. Cancels the Scout’s Mark effect.

Aura of Restoration
Restores 12 energy and 1% mana every 30/15/8 seconds. Affects all party members. Dispels the Natural Force effect. Cannot be used at the same time as Intensive Training.

Below I have compiled a list of every ruby on our trees as well as a description of our passive devuff: depleted resources. The ruby tree becomes available at level 10.

Lunge Rubies:

Vigorous Runner
Increases the duration of Sprint by 20/40/60% and reduces the cooldown by 5/10/15%.

Eagle Vision
Increases the range of ranged attacks by 10/20/30% and increases damage dealt by ranged attacks by 1/2/3%.

Nimble Movements
Increases Agility by 5/10/15%. This ruby has one rank on each grid.

Jagged Wound
Grants a 30/60/90% chance to deal damage every 2 seconds for 5 seconds after dealing a critical strike.

Deft Deflection
Increases chance to parry by 33/66/100%.

Uncanny Accuracy
Increases Expertise by 3/6/9%.

Hardened Reaction
Increases your movement speed by 5/7/10% for 10 seconds after receiving a critical strike. Can stack up to 1/2/3 times.

Increases Strength by 3/6/9%.

Quick Recovery
Decreases the duration of stun, knockdown and movement impairing effects by 17/34/50%.

Increases your movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds. Reduces movement speed by 25% for 3 seconds after the Sprint effect fades.

Sharpened Spikes
Increases the duration of caltrops by 2/4/6 seconds. Causes caltrops to inflict damage.

Hunter’s Focus
Restores 5 energy every 2 seconds for 1 minute. Reduces movement speed by 70% for 1 minute.

Dual Blade Master
Increases damage dealt by 3/6/9% when using paired weapons.

Reduces threat generation rate by 7/14/20%

Quickened Reflexes
Increases your chance to dodge by 33/66/100%

Steady Shot Rubies:

Expert Crossbowman
Increases damage dealt by crossbows by 3/6/9%

Steady Aim
Increases damage dealt by steady shot by 5/10/15%

Quick Recharge
Crafts 1 arrow of each type

Swift Fletching
Reduces the craft time for enchanted arrows by 15/30/50%

Timely Strikes
Increases Luck by 3/6/9%.

Increases rage by 5/10/15%.

Crippling Shot
Inflicts damage each time the target casts a spell and increases the cooldown duration of the next spell by 50%. Inflicts Depleted Resources when used

Widened Arrowhead
Increases damage dealt by Throat Shot and Vengeful Shot by 2/4/6%.

Weighted Shaft
Increases the damage dealt by Powerful Shot by 5/10/15%.

Determined Tracker
Increases the duration of the Scout’s Mark effect by 10/20/30%

Cunning Blows
Increases Finesse by 3/6/9%.

Rapid Fire
Fires 6 arrows in rapid succession that each deal damage. If the target has a knock down effect Rapid Fire increases the duration.

Experienced Marksman
Increases the damage dealt by Double Shot by 5/10/15%

Piercing Blows
Increases the critical strike chance of all direct damage spells by 33/66/100%

Expert Bowman
Ranged attacks deal 3/6/9% more damage when using a bow.

Incendiary Arrow Rubies:

Enchanted Arrows
Gives a 33/66/100% chance to avoid Depleted Resources when using ranged attacks

Ruthless Fighter
Increases damage dealt by Merciless Shot by 2/4/6% and decreases energy cost by 4/8/12.

Allows close combat skills to be used whatever direction you are facing.

Unfair Advantage
Increases damage dealt by attacks used on enemies from behind by 3/6/9%

Violent Lightning
Increases the damage done by Tesla Shot by 5/10/15%

Intense Flames
Increases the damage dealt by Incendiary Arrow by 5/10/15%

Aura of Ferocity
Decreases your armor by 30%. Increases damage dealt by all party members by 5/10/15% for 10 seconds. Effect is removed by casting it a second time. Cannot be used at the same time as Aura of Restoration.

Silent Killer
Increases damage dealt when under the smoke cloud effect by 5/10/15%

Turns you invisible for 5 seconds, eliminating all threat. Movement speed is decreased when under the effect. Can be used in combat. The closer to a target you are, the higher the chance of detection.

Expert Mutilator
Increases the damage dealt by lunge and maim by 5/10/15%

Thick Smoke
When under the smoke cloud effect, increases chance to dodge by 10/20/30%

Advanced Formula
Increases the radius of flash bomb by 10/20/30% and increases the range by 33/66/100%

Sambo Roll
Knocks down the target. Cannot be used on large enemies.

Immoral Combatant
Increases the critical strike chance of maim and lunge by 50/100%

Increases duration of vanish by 20/40/60% and reduces the cooldown of smoke cloud by 5/10/15%

Reduces cooldown of somersault, recoil and sambo roll by 10/20/30% Sambo Roll knocks the target down for 2/3/4 seconds.

Depleted Resources:
Depleted Resources is a debuff recieved by using a ranged attack in melee range (

Xadaganian Stalker – Sinister Throw
Throws daggers at the target to deal damage. Inflicts damage on everything in a 180 degree area in front of you with a 10 yard radius.

Orc Marauder
Leap forward 20 yards.

League Racials:
Kanian Ranger
Fires an arrow that causes damage to all targets in a 5 yard radius.

Gibberling Trickster
Traps the target to reduce movement speed.

The four main stats you will need to invest in as a scout are Strength, Finesse, Expertise and Luck. You will also need to keep your Agility, Stamina and Endurance up.

The Early levels: levels 4-10

You have just completed your scout, played through the tutorial, and now you are in the Sewers or Evermeet Isle. Congratulations, you have begun an amazing journey! However, the road will not be easy. That’s why I’m here. I will designate Imperial events through an [I] after a phrase or an [L] designating League only.

Level 4: You won’t be here long, don’t worry. At this point, its literally follow the arrows. Through a little bit of questing, you will arrive in Nezebgrad [I]. Not much to this level, just take it easy and enjoy the ride.

Level 5: This is where your adventure really begins. You will continue questing through Nezebgrad [I] and Evermeet Isle [L]. You will invest in your first new skill. – suggested level 5 build*

Level 6: At level 6, you will continue your voyage through Nezebgrad [I] or Evermeet Isle [L]. Towards the end of the level, you should be able to head to Novograd. [L]

Level 7: Level 7 marks the first time you can access your class racial. You will continue your travels through Nezebgrad [I] or Novograd and Lightwood. [L] The Xadaganian racial quest is given by Elizaveta Rysina in the basement of Yasker’s Tower. The Kanian racial is given by izbor Yavorsky in the top of Aidenus’ Tower. The Gibberling Racial is given by the Gray Family in the Gibberling District.

Level 8: Not an eventful level, continue questing through Nezebgrad [I] or Novograd/Lightwood [L].

Level 9: Another boring level, keep on questing.

Level 10: The first level you can don XAES [I] or Oreshek Fortress [L] and contribute actively. – suggested lvl 10 build*

Moving out of the Big City: Levels 10-15

By now you must be sick of Lightwood or Nezebgrad, but never fear. You’re almost done.

Level 11: You should begin finishing up those last few quests you have, doing a few last XAES [I] or Oreshek [L] runs for a while and considering packing up and heading over to either the Igsh Military District [I] or Siveria. [L]

Level 12: By now you should be pretty comfortable in the new zones. Now strap in and keep questing, you’ll be done here before you know it.

Level 13: Another boring level, the first of many. Keep questing away.

Level 14: You’re almost done with IMD [I] or Siveria [L], hang in there!

Level 15: By now you are pretty well-versed in the class, I hope. You have experienced the goods and bads, but mostly bads. Things may occasionally still get into melee range and you may die, but don’t give up. – sample level 15 build *

Finishing your Homeland Adventures: Levels 15-22

You’re almost there, just a little more and you will be off to Asee-Teph and your first taste of the enemy!

Level 16: Congratulations, you’re done! …with IMD [I] or Siveria [L] at least. Now you move on to the ZIT [I] or Frozen Frontier [L]. You can now obtain the second level of patronage in the AD Division [I] or the Cape of Good Hope [L].

Level 17: Keep questing, ZIT [I] and FF [L] are pretty short, but don’t skip out on that sweet arisen [I] or gibberling [L] rep gear! You should begin moving on to Dead Sea [I] or Darkwater [L] now.

Level 18: One more level and you’re done here, keep on questing. By now you should find you are killing mobs easier, but don’t let up. Things aren’t a walk in the park from here on out.

Level 19: You’re almost done with The Empire and their Archipelagos [I] or Kania and its’ archipelagos [L] so hang in there.

Level 20: You might want to check out Tenebra [L] or The Wild Isles [I] now, but don’t neglect questing in the other zone you’re working on. … 0guw6ys3w6 – sample lvl 20 build*

Level 21: You are almost done with the 2 zones you are working on. You might try the Dream Factory [I] or do some preliminary quests in the main camps in Asee-Teph.

Level 22: Kudos on getting away from your homeland and into the living Hell that is the Holy Land. But don’t let that shake you, from here your attacks begin getting stronger, mobs stop touching you as much (ain’t that a relief!) and you get into some PvP with the opposite faction. Now might be a good time to look into Laguna Boil [I] or Darkblood Citadel [L].

Fighting Through the Holy Land: Levels 22-30

Now the real battle starts. You are over the hump of scout leveling for the most part, but you still have a ways to go to 47. The Holy Land is the Scout’s proving ground: here we stop sucking horribly and begin to become a DPS powerhouse.

Level 23: You should be comfortable with how Asee-Teph (reffered to as “AT” from now on) works and may have even experienced some PvP, yet at 23 you won’t win many fights.

Level 24: You’re halfway through AT now and should be getting more quests near the enemy’s main camp. Although it was much easier pre-Gipat when we had our 1 minute camo, with the addition of teleporting beetween Sites of Power, you shouldn’t have too many problems. Watch those flags!

Level 25: One level left, keep going! You should now be able to run Castle Blight [L] or Lab 13 [I] with a good group. You should notice that your DPS is still rising. Make sure you continue to keep up with your current rep gear. … 0guw6ys3w6 – sample level 25 build*

Level 26: You are finished with AT, nice job! Already you have made it farther than the majority of scouts. Now you will head to Eljune. Some mobs are difficult to fight at first but you will continue to gain strength and you will easily overcome them. Say goodbye to PvP for a while, Eljune is a pretty desolate place. If you enjoy PvP, you may want to consider stopping the leveling of your char or make a new one to be dedicated to AT PvP. Otherwise, keep pushing to endgame!

Level 27: Keep questing through Eljune, a good guild will help you get through the many quests which are difficult for scouts. Just because a pally brags about soloing a tough boss, don’t try it unless you have good gear and runes: scouts are not pallies.

Level 28: Continue questing, if you run out of quests before you level, don’t sweat it. It will be like that for the majority of the levels between you and 47. Just grind those rep quests and you’ll be fine.

Level 29: You are almost to 30, keep questing. Your power should begin to level off now but keep fighting on. You also may start looking into the first Tensess Temple instance unless you have done it already. (cough *good guilds help* cough)

Level 30: You are about to begin the final stretch to 40, don’t let up! You should begin looking into Coba Plateau. There are some quests to lead you there in Nezebgrad [I] or Novograd [L].

The Holy Land Archipelagos and 40 heroics: Levels 30-40

This is the final stretch to the original level cap of 40. You are well over halfway to endgame, so don’t give up now!

Level 31: You should be in Coba now. Not much should be going on, but don’t forget to pick up level 3 Patronage if you missed it!

Level 32: Continue questing through Coba. You should be pretty good at your scout by now. If not, you may want to look into a different class. But if you stay with us, you won’t regret it.

Level 33: Only a few levels left in Coba, make sure you are keeping up to date with your ruby grids.

Level 34: You are almost done in Coba now, keep pushing. Expect heavier grinding to the next level after your quests run dry. This is the final leg of the journey to 40.

Level 35: You should now move on to Coldberg. You won’t be there long, so just hang in there. … 0u0s0ys3w6 – sample lvl 35 build*

Level 36: You should be finishing up in Coldberg and moving on to Avilon. Start looking into the second Tensess Temple instance if you haven’t already. (Good guilds are good)

Level 37: You should be finishing up Avilon and moving on to Dragon Ring now. The archipelagos rep gear is not as important as ones prior to or after it since there are only a few types of gear, so you’re better off waiting until Gipat unless you absolutely have to have something.

Level 38: Talk to Yasker [I] or Aidenus [L] for a quest to get to Yazes Shard. This is your last zone before Gipat, so hang in there. Your DPS should be leveled out now, so unless you are constantly switching gear expect your dmg to stay about the same.

Level 39: Congratulations, you are now into endgame content…sort of. If you can find a group for 40 Heroics, go for it. It is good exp and money, plus some epics or rares will drop which could give you a nice boost. I recommend XAES for its paired weaps and crossbow [I], Oreshek for its crossbow [L] and Darkblood Citadel for its 1H mace and bow.Otherwise, finish up Yazes.

Level 40: Congrats, new endgame scout! You have been waiting for this moment since you first clicked “download” here on this site. However, you still have a ways to go. Talk to the postal worker for your mysterious letter and your stone to get to Gipat. Don’t forget to do your dailies: thief’s map, goblins, and phantasmal essences, to get your symbols and get on with your journey. The more you do each day, the less time you’re stuck in Gipatia waiting.

Endgame and Beyond: Levels 40-47

You’re finally there, but not really. With Astral Odyssey, most endgame content got bumped to level 45. From here on out, it is a good idea to invest in runes if you haven’t already.

Level 41: You should finish your quests in Gipatia and begin moving on. After the signs of the chosen one, you should move up the west coast of the allod to get to the Defiled Ruins. Keep questing there until you hit 42.

Level 42: Now it is time for you to move on to Kirah. When you get there, keep questing and don’t forget to raise your rep with the Kirah Regiment [I] or the Expeditionary Corps [L].

Level 43: Keep questing through Kirah.

Level 44: Still questing in Kirah. You can unlock the upgraded skills at this level, though getting the quest item is not easy. Maybe stop by Melting Isle every now and then for a chance for a lvl 44 epic, some amalgam for upgrading gear, symbols of glory, or just for the PvP.

Level 45: You can now participate in the Arena of Death, Gorluxor’s Tower raids, and the second layer of astral. You have made it almost to the end, so some celebration is in order. By now if you do not have a good endgame guild, I would recommend finding one. Also, my builds are merely for leveling easily. You may wish to respec to a bow or xbow build, an astral PvE spec, GT spec, PvP, the choices are endless … 0ues0ys3w6 – sample build for lvl 45*

Level 46: You can now go to the final zone available right now: The Isle of Revalation! Keep leveling and getting your gems daily. Between level 46 and 47 is a long haul, so keep up the work, stay diligant in dailies, and make yourself into one hell of an endgame scout.

Level 47: You’ve done it! You reached the maximum level. Now enjoy the leisurely life of a max level player: sit around Bort [I] or Aidenus’ Tower [L] or wherever the hotspots may migrate to, do some astral heroics, participate in your guild’s GT, or mentor new scouts. … 0ues0ys3w6 – sample lvl 47 build*

Congratulations, you’ve hit the max level! You are one of the few, the proud, the endgame scouts. If you have some friends, persuade them to roll a scout too (and refer them here if they want to give up ;) ). We are few and far between in endgame and we need to bolster our numbers. Farewell, my fellow scouts, and show everyone what scouts can do.


Q – Why can’t I kill anything!? QQ

A – Scouts take a while to balance. If you are completely tired of your scout, reroll it, maybe trying a different build.

Q – Should I use bows or crossbows?

A – Up to you. Bows are faster and require less energy while crossbows pack more of a punch. It all depends on your needs. However, most endgame scouts (including the ones you see here on the forums) use crossbows.

Q – Which aura should I get?

A – depends on your play style. Ferocity is good if you want more DPS to kill things before they touch you while restoration is good for high-energy crossbow rotations.

Overcoming Challenges: Strategies to avoid LLDS (Low Level Death Syndrome)

LLDS is a disease plaguing many young scouts; often leading to the death of that scout. Here are some solutions to avoid the same fate:

-invest in tranq and caltrops early, they will help you.
-don’t neglect evasive skills, keep your endurance, stamina and agility up so if they get close you can survive the attacks.

The Future of the Scout

2.0.04 patch notes

•Scouts are no longer able to enchant arrows if their quivers are full
No big change. Definitely nothing groundbreaking.

•Escape Artist now removes the Hunter’s Focus effect
Never been a hunter’s focus fan, not sure of its affect on gameplay.

•Lunge and Thrust now share cooldown
Now you may as well drop the weaker one since the CD is shared, like Powerful and Shattering Shot.

•Cooldown of Steady Shot and Double Shot is now counted from the moment when casting starts, instead of after the global cooldown ends
Thank you! No more awkward pauses between casts :D

•Duration of Vanish is now 10 seconds, up from 5
Alright, more stealth. Still not on par with pre-Gipat, however.

•Fencing Master ability is now Master of Paired Weapons and affects paired maces as well
Good for those who use paired weapons.

•Caltrops will now disappear when the Scout exits the game
Another minor change, if you log I don’t think youll need to keep the enemy or mob stunned. Unless, of course, you dc.

•The Jagged Wounds effect now stacks up to 5 times
Miniscule damage, for those who like jagged slice, here you go. For everyone else, meh.

•Fixed a bug where Caltrops was not inflicting the correct amount of damage
Was miniscule anyway, not a big deal.

•Demonic Assassins and Ethereal Assassins can now be slowed, but they are still immune to knockdowns
Yes! This will make things so much easier on us now! I may even do druses now :lol:

Incarnation Skills:

For reincarnation, I am examining all of the incarnate skills for scouts from other scouts and vice versa.


Bee Swarm: 5 second DoT + fear. Could be useful for getting out of a tight spot, but it could send the enemy towards you with fear. Not the best ability for us. Desirability: 6/10

Natural Balance – distributes health evenly between party members – since its a WM skill and not one off the grid, every warden should have it. No use to us. Desirability: 0/10

Better warden skill for scouts: Bee Swarm
Why? inflicts damage (unclear how much) and has a chance of fearing the target away from you.


Stone barriers: deflects physical damage. Stacks 7 times and lasts 15 minutes. Very nice for scouts. Desirability: 10/10

Elemental Shield: deflects magical damage (astral, holy, fire, etc.). Stacks 5 times and lasts 15 minutes. Not as useful for melee scouts or those but better for ranged scouts who have no problem with melee. Desirabillity: 8/10

Better mage skill for scouts: Stone Barriers
Why? Magic attacks are not nearly as much of a problem to endgame scouts as melee, and barriers stack 7 times compared to shield’s 5.


Howl of Death: inflicts damage and slows the target. Very useful, especially if the slow can stack with tranq. Desirabliity: 8/10

Fear: causes the target to flee in terror, lasts 6 seconds. Very nice to get out of tight situations, but the target is not guaranteed to run away from you, could easily backfire. Desirability: 4/10

Better summoner skill: Howl of Death
Why? The target takes damage and is slowed to 50% speed. Could easily upgrade to a 9 or 10/10 if the slow will stac k with our tranq.


Strike of Justice: charge the target and stuns them. Good for dealing a bit more damage if a mob gets close and then recoiling back, but damage may be miniscule with weapons like paired daggers, a scout favorite. Desirability: 4/10

Vengeance: Increases dps for the next 20 seconds or 10 spells after a teammate dies. Aura of Ferocity already gives us a dps boost whenever we attack and vengeance is useless when solo grinding. Desirability: 3/10

Better Paladin skill: Strike of Justice
Why? somewhat useful, but not very often. Better than vengeance but not by much.


Divine Foresight: heals you when you drop below 35% health. Compared to our non-existant self-heals, this is a Godsend. Plus, its based on strength so strength heavy scouts will benefit more. Desirability: 10/10

Holy Shield: makes you immune to all damage for 6 seconds. Very good for tight situations, but at a 5 minute cooldown it isnt a regular basis move. Desirability: 9/10

Better Healer Skill: Too close to call.
Why? DF is a great compliment to our class’ complete lack of healing skills, but shield is also very good to have to compliment our squishiness. If I had to choose, I would choose DF because of shield’d long CD compared to its short time of use.


Telekenetic Pull: Pulls all targets within 20 yards to a single spot and stuns them. A great addition to our CC arsenal, could pull an entire enemy raid into caltrops in theory. A very good tool/ Desirability: 10/10

Choke: Deals damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds, silences for 5 seconds and decreases movement speed by 50%. Like howl of death, if the slow stacks with tranq I will love this skill. And with a 24 seconds cooldown, it is one of the shortest CDs of incarnate skills. Desirabillity: 6/10

Better psionicist skill: Telekenetic Pull
Why: TK Pull is a great CC skill and can work perfectly with caltrops.


Intimidate: Freezes the target and makes it unable to use offensive moves for 8 seconds. In PvP it might come in handy, but for PvE one rotation shouldnt be worth the 8 second stun every 2 minutes. Merc/caltrops + rapid fire can easily keep pace with intimidate, but every 20 seconds. Desirability: 3/10

Charge: Charges the target and stuns for 2 seconds. Very similar to SoJ, but with no cast time. Desirability: 4/10

Better Warrior Skill: Charge
Why? Intimidate is virtually useless in PvE and has a long CD. Charge can be used with recoil but with limiteed results.

Best classes for scouts to incarnate into:
1. Healer – 9.5/10 average rating
2. Mage – 9/10 average rating
3. Psionicist: 8/10 average rating

Scout skills:

Recoil: Recoil is good for any class. Casters can get more distance if an enemy gets too close, warriors and paladins can use it with charge/SoJ for an extra damage boost and melee healers can use it to build up fanaticism, jump back, insta-cast a powerful ranged attack, and get a few more ranged/healing spells off before they are back in melee combat.

Sprint: Sprint is good for any class, unless you have a mount (which I assume most if not all level 46s have).


Kanian and Gibberling racial givers’ names – thanks to lil_penguin

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