Allods Online PvP Warrior Guide

Allods Online PvP Warrior Guide by citizencomment

In this 2h pvp guide I will be teaching you how to pvp as a warrior and tell you what spec to folo of course! :D

-Tons of CCs
-Great Burst damage
-Decent survival

-Close range
-Not much heals

Talent Tree
Note that the build above is for lv40
@lv42 get lv3 bash
@Spend 1 point on Cleave or Malicious Blow

-Powerful blow
Basically you main core attack that helps build up combat advantage

The skill that stop your opponent from kiting you

It’s a useless skill but you get 1point of it automatically

-Agonizing Blow
Perhaps one of the strongest skill of a warrior and even stronger if your opponent is bleeding/knock-down

-Sweeping Kick
Gains 15combat advantage and 55% to knock down
Very useful skill to be used in a combo

Think of this as a advanced Powerful Blow but a 40sec cool down

One of your CCs that stuns your opponent and can cause knockdown

-Shattering Strike
One of your CCs that makes your opponent lose their weapon temporarily

-Gut Punch
One of your CCs that makes your opponent not be able to cast certain spells like HEALS

Talent Grid … gy82304108
The build above me is just to show you the MUST HAVE skills for a Pvp warrior

-Blade Mastery
Increases the damage of some skills like Powerful Blow

-Second Wind
The only heal you have as a warrior VERY IMPORTANT

-Lethal Blows
Increases your Finesse

-Augmented Armor
Increase your armor

-Die hard
This skill is a life savior or a Death extender
On the move that kills you, you will regain 40% of your hp back and your total hp increases by 80% for 16seconds and after that 16seconds your hp will drop back to 1

-Sturdy Fellow
Increases your Total HP

-Living Armor
It increases your total armor by 15% after you receive a critical strike for 15secs
IMO it is very useful in all situations

-Furious Regeneration
It is like another Matyr’s salvation but only weaker
However the good side is that you can use this while you are in combat

-Another CCs for a warrior this skill however stuns you and your opponent but think this skill as a energy regainer

It decreases all critical strikes damage by 25%
Another decent Passive

-Adrenaline Rush
This skill is essential for a 2h as 2h always run out of energy
Using this will let you dish out all your burst attacks

-Stony Resilience
This is my favorite skill of all times
It basically takes off a fixed amount of damage each you get hit
VERY GOOD against scouts/dots

A aggro skill we just get this to get Intimidation

Increases Rage

This is considerably one of warrior’s most OP skill of all time
It basically puts your opponent on fear for 20secs!

Increases strength

-Motivating Presence
Another energy regain skill very USEFUL

Now for specific Talent Grids
Build A: … uy82304108
-Less crits from Agonizing but more CCs

Build B: … vy82304108
-More crits from Agonizing but less CCs
-Reduces the time you get fear by HALF

Tactics to keep in mind
-After using sweeping kick use arcing blow right after if arcing blow is on cooldown use powerful blow

-When using Charge always spam Hack while charging this will slow your opponent allowing charge to hit

-At times you when you got your opponent CC’ed you can use furious regeneration to heal up

-Learn how to Strafe and predict where they are going so they can’t kite and remember to use hack

-Get vampire shrivel as it is the best trinket to use against certain classes

You will be doing the thinking of when to use each skill and your IMPORTANT buffs like adrenaline

Warrior vs Warrior
Depend on Gear/Landing first CC

Charge>Hack>Intimidation>Powerful blow>Powerful blow>Disarm
Should win by then

Warrior vs Paladin
Depend on Gear/Keeping up with the pally so he doesn’t kite

Charge>Hack>Intimidation -Pally uses renew courage to get rid of intimidation
Sweeping kick>Arcing blow>Disarm
Build up CA>>Headbutt>Build up CA>Bash>Build up CA>Disarm
Doing this will make Paladins unable to hit you

Warrior vs Scout
Depend on Stony Head/Stony resilience/Gear

Wait til scouts finish attacking
Sweeping Kick>Arcing blow>Hack>Headbutt
Powerful blow>Hack>Disarm
Fear them stun them then disarm them

Warrior vs Healer
Extremely hard to explain as you don’t know where they will pop a shield

Warrior vs Warden
Same as pally except they are easier since they can’t get rid of intimidation

Warrior vs Mage
Not Possible
Cannot break through Illusions and Barrier in time

Warrior vs Summoner
Depend on your strafing skills must be neck to neck on them at all times or you lose

Charge -Get disarm by pet
Catch up>Hack>sweeping kick>Intimidation
Powerful blow>Hack>Silence
Sweeping Kick>Arcing Blow>Disarm
Charge>Hack>Powerful blow>Bash

Warrior vs Psionicist
Currently not Possible
Psi is way too OP for 1on1 atm they can continously stun someone and cast tons of mental twin
One rule for a Psi who know what they are doing is if you can’t kill them in 10secs you can’t win

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