SkyRama Newbie Tips

SkyRama Newbie Tips by DanzFarm1

Hi, I figured I’d post this tip for all the new ppl who want to build up their coins and passenger’s.

The BEST way to build up your passenger’s the fastest is to spend any coins you get on Bus Stations. They cost 1,200 coins ea and they give 7 passengers upon harvest. This is the best item to use to get the max passenger’s you may be going for.

Now…like I did when I started till recently, some may think if you get the buildings that give 25,50,60 passengers this is the best way to build up your passengers. This isn’t true.

For example, a medium car lot gives you 50 passenger’s upon harvesting, right? Well 1 medium car lot takes up 24 single spaces. A bus station takes up 2 single spaces. The medium car lot gives 50 passenger’s and the bus station gives 7 passengers. So….if you put 12 bus stations in place of 1 medium car lot this will give you 84 passenger’s vs 50 you would get with the car lot. Not only that, but if your in the game sending planes, you can harvest those 12 bus stations approx 7 times vs only harvesting the med car lot once by the time the med car lot fill up to the 50 passengers. So…..just looking at 1 medium car lot which you would get the 50 passenger’s from, you can get 588 passenger’s from 12 bus stations in the same time it would take to get 50 passenger’s from 1 medium car lot. Ya you would spend 15,400 coins on those 12 bus stations vs the 2,500 coins on the med car lot but it is totally worth it.

This also gives you max passenger’s while you are away. Wouldn’t you rather get 84 passenger’s vs 60 passenger’s using the 24 sm spaces while you are gone from the game for hrs on end, like overnight and coming back to game the following day?

This example is just considering 1 med car lot vs 12 bus stations. #’s get way bigger the more bus stations you buy vs any other building, even the max 1 right now that gives 60 passenger’s.

Hope this helps those of you who may not have figured this out yet, and are interested in maximizing your passenger’s. The more passenger’s you get the more Medium planes you can send or even send at the same time, to really maximize your Coins as well.

Enjoy the game! It’s really fun and just gonna get better

Info for New Players

Hello, figured I would start a post and add as much info as I possibly can think of for new players. I am currently on lvl 17 (can’t go no higher right now unfortunately), I have over 100,000 passenger’s, and I currently have 50,000 coins which is only because I just spent 150,000 on bus stations

Please keep in mind this is MY experience and MY way of gameplay. You may play differently and may want to play differently and that is perfectly o.k, I just wanted to share my way of gameplay and maybe help out the newer players a bit if at all possible.

If I think of anything else I will be sure to update and add when I do.

1. If at all possible try to invest $20 into AirBills, even if that’s the only $ you will ever spend in this game, and of course only if you are gonna continue to play and not just try it out and go elsewhere With the Bills you get invest in 10 Medium Terminal Gates and later on you will get a Med Terminal when you get enough coins to do so. This will give you 12 spaces to send/maint Med planes with later on. You can also use these to send/maint sm planes too so since you will have limited room till you expand you can just use the sm terminal gates till then. If you choose to buy with Bills of course, if not, just use the sm gates u buy with coin and med gates later on u also buy with coins.

– I recommend these because you will never have a overlap problem when collecting rewards and you will hardly ever have a (accidently clicked on airbill icon and spent your airbills when you didnt mean to do so problem) because these medium terminal gates keep every planes seperate and not so close to ea other like the gates do that you buy with coins. I only have these on my airport now and I notice a huge difference in my gameplay

2) Choose the planes you buy wisely! You have limited hangar space and you want to only buy what you are gna constantly use. Don’t waste space on buying planes you won’t use, or use later.

3) Also keep in mind that you won’t use your Quickie Planes forever so don’t buy too many small planes either. Later on you will want to use Medium Planes if you want to maximize your Coins and Exp intake. 4-6 Rama XS Quickie’s and 3-5 1930’s Racer Hughes should be enough till you can get better planes and especially medium planes. 1-2 basic Cargo planes will be good too.

4) If you spend the $20 this will be enough to maximize your two Hangers completely which mine is currently at: small=17/17 medium= 23/23 total of 40 plane slots. The 17/17 is only small planes and plus got a few extra slots from earning planes doing goals. I am currently on the Max Your Airport Goal which is complete but can’t advance to next one cuz they need to add more goals

5) Get as many buddies as you possibly can by either sending out random planes to ppl and hopefully they will maint ur planes and become your buddy or you will have to use the Forum to ask for invites or simply invite ppl yourself down in your buddy bar. You can send invites to any other player and they may accept, vise versa.

6) Invest in Bus Stations over any other building. If you read my post in User’s Corner, I think it’s named…Tip for Newbie’s, you will understand why I recommend this over any other building that gives you passengers. No matter if you play constantly or play very little, bus stations will also give you more passenger’s over any other building even the one’s that give you 50 and 60 passenger’s when you go to collect. The amount of small spaces ea building takes up and the amount of passengers you get, including time, makes bus station the best passenger profit.

7) -edited-

8) If a goal req’s you to buy something that you have already purchased, simply place it into your storage and pull it back out n place on your airport to recieve credit towards your goal. You can then put back in storage if your not using the item(s). So if the goal wants you to purchase a med runway and you already bought one, put it storage, bring back out, and you will recieve credit for it.

9) Don’t just buy any plane. Read what you have to use to send and what you get when you land, if the plane was maintenance of course. This is very important. Hanger space if very important so be careful. I’m sure later on we will have more options but right now it’s limited.

10) Spend coin’s wisely. You wan’t to invest coin’s into buildings and improving your airport of course. But remember the more passenger’s you get, the more med planes you can send out later on, which means the more coins/exp/collection items you will receive.

11) You won’t want to use small planes for long cuz you get WAY more from sending medium planes, but it costs more passengers and more coins.

12) Another important thing to remember, Don’t ever let your Coins get too low. What I mean by this is if you want to send out 5 Quickies and 5 1930’s Racer planes, the 5 Quickes req 100 coins ea to send and if you want to always send 5 then you will need 500 coins to do so. If you have less then that you will either have to send less which means you are losing out on coins/exp/items per the time you are using to play. You may also have to depend on using the free plane they give you to build up your coins only 19 coins at a time landing that plane. This gets very boring and takes away time from earning even more coins and more exp to level up.

13) Once you build up your buddies list, you can visit their airport and receive 5 passengers maximum from ea one you visit if they have buidings rdy to be collected on. This is a good idea to do later on when you send 1hr planes too so you can earn even more passengers while your killing time before you gotta maintenance or land your planes.

14) Read the Forum if you get time to really get info and maybe ideas on gameplay

15) Always organize your airport to your comfort, I try to keep my runways and gates close to each other so its easier to send/maint/land planes. Try different ways till you find a way that you totally like and are comfortable with. That’s for you to figure out If at all possible try to keep your buildings/bus stations away from your hangars a little bit cuz if you don’t when you go to collect your passengers you will find yourself clicking on your hanger and the popup appearing which can get really annoying.

16) Even if the $20 is the only money you will ever spend in this game it is so worth it to maximize your Hanger’s, even maximize your duty free shop, and to get those medium terminal gates, and of course you can buy 6 medium planes or so called the Rama Supersteady which can only be bought with airdollars but they give you mega exp and mega coins. They take 290 passengers, 900 coins to send ea one but only takes 1hr for complete run and they give 60 ep, 1,560 coins, 4 hearts i think when you land if the plane was maint’d. This is big especially if you send 6 of em and maybe even 6 Rama XS Turbo’s. I make 11,000 coins+, 1,400ep, and not to mention collection items when I send out 6 of ea of these planes at a time and have em maint’d. This is where you will bring in big ep and big coins using medium planes but you will need ALOT of passenger’s, takes 3,000ish passengers just to send these 12 planes Bus stations will keep you supplied with passenger’s I promise you that. I have over 100,000 passengers right now and I send these med planes out all the time, well used to, taking a break right now till game advances.

17) Keep in mind once you get your passenger total up high enough you wont need your bus stations as much and you can put your other buildings out if you want but bus stations are your best bet till you reach a high enough passenger count. Then you can use n do whatever you want to your liking. I’m gna get up to 250,000 passengers then maybe after i get my next expansion at lvl 25 I will do something different and maybe use everything else in my storage, don’t know yet

18) If you decide to go with all bus stations like I do for a while, you don’t need that many items that increase passenger rate cuz you only have to get 7/7 on ea bus station to collect so you will be able to collect enough especially if you play alot like i do. I use limited passenger increase items as you will see if you view my airport, add my user name in sig to your buddy list to view my airport anytime. Use your coins on more important things like buying things req’d for goals and of course bus stations if you choose to do what I did.

19) Keep your airport “zoomed out” so you can view easily and operate sending/maint/landing planes easier. If your zoomed in it is more difficult.

20) Have Fun!

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