SkyRama Adding Buddies Guide

SkyRama Adding Buddies Guide by DanzFarm3

Hello, I have noticed ALOT of ppl have been having problem’s adding buddies to their buddies bar. I wanted to cover every possible step I can think of to help with that problem. I personally never have a problem doing so and this is what I do to add buddies.

1) When you go on Forum to add a buddy name to your list, the username you see on the Forum may differ from the actual username they are using in the game.

2) It would be a good idea to add your actual username in game to your signature in the Forum that way ppl going on Forum looking for buddies will have an easier time adding you as a buddy if they choose too. (as I did in my signature)

3) Now if this isn’t the case, and you want to add somebody to your buddy list, using usernames in Forum, I recommend trying a few different things. A) if username in Forum is Skyrama8, try taking away the 8 and type the rest of the username exactly as it is (including any capitol letters). So..if you try entering Skyrama8 and it says “check username” then try entering just Skyrama (making sure you are typing a capitol S). B) you can also try entering Skyrama1, for on the Forum it usually add a different # to the username to keep the Forum username different from the actual game username.

4) I recently signed up for a 2nd airport and my username on my 2nd airport (in game) is DanzFarm1, in the Forum my username displays as DanzFarm21, so if you just type DanzFarm1 you will be able to add my 2nd airport to your buddy list.

5) This confusion can be easily bypassed if ppl simply put their actual game username in their signature as I have done, or when going on Forum asking for buddies, letting ppl know exactly what their username is when/if they decide to add you.

6) If you try a couple different times adding a buddy, using the exact same username, and just trying to add a 1, or maybe a 2 after the username (make sure no space between username and #), or simply taking the # away entirely, you should have no problem adding a buddy to your list.

I just recently had someone on Forum who asked me to add them. Of course they didn’t give me their exact username. The Forum username was something like…Pheirtone1, I tried entering this exactly and got the “check username”, so I took away the 1 and just typed in Pheirtone with the capitol P included, and was able to add this player to my buddy list. If username on Forum would of been Pheirtone34 I would have taken away the 34 and tried that. If that didn’t work I would have taken away the 34 and tried Pheirtone1, if that didn’t work i would of tried Pheirtone2, if that didn’t work I would of tried pheirtone (no capitol P), if that didn’t work I would of tried pheirtone1, etc.

If you try all of this I don’t see you not being able to add a buddy to your list. A few ppl are getting frusterated by not being able to add buddies to their list so I hope this can ease their frusteration.

If I can think of anything else I will definately add it to this thread.

Don’t give up, and Good Luck! ~ Hope this helps you out where you have no problem adding a buddy.

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