Rumble Fighter Dragon’s Lair Guide

Rumble Fighter Dragon’s Lair Guide by Axey

I thought I’d make this for the majority of people who need help with this boss.
Alright here I go
All three difficulties are up to a party of 6.Normal mode: (Party Size 1-2)Its best to start off in normal mode to get feel of what the Dragon boss does. It should take less then 100 seconds to finsh this since you start off at the boss. You wont need any exocores or  str really. It should be an easy win since Normal mode has no Fire minions.

Hard mode: (Party Size 3-4)
Hard mode is completely different then normal mode. Hard mode has fire minions in Dragon’s Lair that respawns consistantly after you kill them. What should you do? This is where  Caduceus Exocore (Alchemist / Elementalist Exocore only) comes in handy. Have the person with this with the Caduceus hit all the fire minions with a punch/kick atleast once to lure them then jump on to a rock away from the Dragon. Why shouldn’t you destroy the monsters consistenly? They automatically panic every 2 hits and the dragon can blind side you. The remaining 3 people will fight the boss but if any of your party members are  low on HP tell them to go on top of the rock where your Caduceus user is to heal you up. Make sure the Dragon is out of range from hiting the Caduceus user.
(Read Tips and tricks to learn how to fight the Dragon)

Hell Mode: (Party size: 5-6)
Now for Hell mode… No more clowning around and being lazy. The same exact rules  apply from hard mode and more. Besides the Fire minions there will be 3 mini Violent Butcher bosses. Lure the golbins with the fire minions then jump on to a safe rock away from the Dragon. Have 1 Caduceus Exo-core user with high sp so he/she has enough sp to heal everyone. I recommend you have people with alot of str because the Dragon’s arm is really high on Hell mode. Each of the Dragon’s skills will take out atleast 500-800 and he has a 1 hit KO skill.
(Read Tips and tricks to learn how to fight the Dragon)

Recommended Scrolls

1 Kung Fu user ( Run and Z  to get your friend out of the Dragon’s Mind Control )
1 Pro Wrestling user ( Cz + x to get your friend out of the Dragon’s Mind Control )
Soulless  Cz can knock out your team made from the Dragon’s Mind Control.

Xingyiquan ( Run and Z to get your friend out of the Dragon’s Mind Control )
Everyone else in the party use whatever scroll benefits you the most.

Recommended Exocores

Normal Mode

Any or none.
Hard mode
Caduceus (Must have atleast one)
Hell hand
Destructive Staff (If you have str)
Hell Mode

Caduceus (Must have atleast one)
AP-16 (Not offical released yet but is the best exocore for this boss)
Hell Hand
Destructive Staff (If you have str)
Soul Saber or any Dash exocores (To dash any of your friends who get caught in the Dragon’s Mind control)
Stone Golem
Devil Shadow
Phoenix / Fish ( To spam birds / fishes at boss )  -suggested by xxflushxx

Tips and Tricks for Dragon’s Lair

When the dragon flies up into the sky he comes down doing either 4 skills.
1. Mind Control’s one of your party members and does a 1 hit K.O skill.
2. Comes down from the sky and does a 360 guard break skill.
3. Comes from the left and turns the ground into flames.
4. Dragon does a Wind Gust skill that is can push you off the map. Be sure to block the Gust. (Wind Gust skill only takes out 0-1 HP)
Be sure to always keep an eye on every party member to see when he/she gets absorbed.
When the Dragon decides to fly up and which ever direction hes facing thats where hes going to come down to do the 360 guard break hit. So I advice you to run the opposite way. Also the if you are on the ground when the Dragon decides to crush you it counts as a ground hit too.
If the Dragon flies up and you see him in the background of the stage jump on a rock to stay save from the flames.
When the Dragon does the Wind Gust skill you can go behind him and keep jump kicking to inflict damage.
When the Dragon decides to stay on the ground what do you do? hit him 2-3 times then side block. Why should you side block? When the Dragon stomps somtimes it can hit your back. The dragon stomps with his right leg.
Best time to hit the Dragon? When hes he ground and does dragon flames from his mouth go under him melee as much as you can. Another time is when he absorbs one of your party members and someone has already saved him/her thats the next best time to strike.
Sometimes the Dragon does flames from his mouth when hes on the ground. Be sure to  get  out of the way because its a guard break skill. You can melee him if
your under him or behind him when he does the flames.

The dragon does a 3 hit peck skill that is blockable. You can attack the dragon under or behind when he does this skill.
 If you jump off the stage you lose hp and revive, no Halo’s / Wing’s wasted.

Make sure whoever becomes the target of the Dragon’s Mind Control Skill should not be the person who lures because it can cause problems for the rest of the team.
Please make sure if your low on hp the Dragon’s attention is NOT on you because it will put the Caduceus user in danger.

The dragon has moderately quick recovery on attacks, so it’s preferred to have scrolls that do more damage in fewer time/hits.
 The party member who lures the Monsters is the most vital to the group and must be focused 100%  inorder to stay alive due to the inability to attack the boss. He/She will also will not recieve EXP/Carats at the end of the game but you will get your box :)

Chests Items
Everyone’s been waiting for this boss / permanent items  ya? well this boss reward is completely different from Sanctum/Locke’s map. Within each mode you get 2 rare Dragon armor pieces.
Combining all 3 relics from each mode will give you the Dragon’s Claw Exocore
Normal mode you can obtain the Dragon Gloves, Shoes, and Relic Piece 1.
Hard mode you can obtain the Dragon Helmet, Dragon Wings, and Relic 2.
Hell mode you can obtain the Dragon Top, Dragon Pants, and Relic 3.

You can get any relic piece in any mode (Everyone is saying that)
Dragon’s Claw Exocore is only 7 days.

Whats even better about this boss? The boss excore is for ALL classes.
Wondering what the Dragon armor looks like?

Whats the Dragon armor stats?
Helmet – N/A
Top – +100 HP, +3 STR, +2 ARM (No Enchant Slots) / +1 SPD (2 Enchant Slots)
Botom – +4 STR, +3 ARM, +1 SPD (No Enchant Slots) / +1 ARM (2 Enchant Slots)
Gloves – +1 STR, +1 ARM / +12 SP, +1 SPD
Shoes – +1 STR, +1 SPD / +12 SP, +1 STR

Wings- +1ARM,+1 SPD / +HP
Enchant Slots on Top and Bottom – N/A or 2 (Depends on which version you get)
Ability – Sp regeneration, only on the No Enchant Slot version (1 SP every 3 seconds)

Wondering what the Dragon exocore looks like and what it can do?

I hope this guide I made for everyone can help!
Good Luck~

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