Rumble Fighter Hard Mode Tips and Tricks

Rumble Fighter Hard Mode Tips and Tricks by ughugh

The boss. There are two main ways to beat him, Melee and SP, you can mix them up if need be.

Note: When facing the boss in a melee situation, please, ONE person fighting him at a time. If you have two, even all three people smacking him, you’ll get in eachother’s ways and get killed. Typhoon will switch between players and screw up which way you block so you have a higher probability of getting hit.

Keep in mind when you’re more comfortable fighting him then go for it. You tend to learn hit-boxes better fighting him alone first a couple hundred times.


I noticed a lot of people freeze up, stand there, block too long, and die. Come to find out, drifting Typhoon and sticking close to him is the safest spot to be in. The crystals, don’t worry TOO much about them if you’re in the top/middle, you might have to break a few but it’s nothing won drastic. I find it best to stick the his right leg (the one he stomps with to create the AoE skill). The AoE skill, block it at an angle, walk up, hit him once, see what he does, go from there. See when you drift him and stick to his right leg, you’ll never ever get hit by his Ice Pillar attack. Also, because you stick close to him, you can ignore his Freeze Breath attack. However, stay too far away from him and he can infini freeze you to death. When he swings at you with his arm just block in the general area and keep next to him.


Of course, if you’d rather not fight him melee, grab an SP set and Cannon Barrel. Take turns making Typhoon mad at eachother, spending all of your SP. Now, when you do this, the person who has him angry, just stand against a wall and block (preferably block at the very top/middle next to the pole). This way, one/two people shoot and doesn’t have to worry about crystals, and the person blocking, well, blocks. When you need to switch, have someone run up to Typhoon, hit him on the RIGHT side, the person who was blocking runs to the LEFT. Keep in mind when sniping him with Cannon, it’s best to stay on the bottom, pretty self explanatory once you see it. Important: Don’t be afraid to buy the carat SP potions, they add 65 SP!

The Poison Tiki. Very simple, just stick against the fence as close as you can and it won’t hit you.

When you get to the chest room, it’s such a pain as we all know. A very simple thing to do, just jump over almost all the way to the end to lure, and jump back to the block that is circled below, and let the bats loose.

Alright, when you get to the boss, most people usually run to the top, lure them down the stairs. Wrong. The best possible thing you can do is have one person lure them all to the top and block at an angle. Once ALL the mobs are after one person, the other 2 run up and let bats loose. This is the fastest and most efficient way to get rid of all the mobs with minimal HP loss.

When all the mobs are dead, one person needs to fight the boss, preferably the person with the lowest SP or who fights the boss the best. The other 2 need to break the crystals and do support damage, remember, breaking the crystals are the MOST important to your win. Note: Whoever is fighting the boss should NOT have to break the crystals at the same time. Generally stay in this area for minimal crystals.

The rest is pretty much up to you guys… If anyone has anything to add, go for it. cool

Useful Scrolls:

Shoot Boxing
Mao Gong
Zin Taekwondo

Useful Exocores:

Shadow Devil (obviously)
Xero Discus
Rock Gauntlets (set golems near the boss)
Golden Lion
Suriya Crystal
Cannon Barrel

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