Rumble Fighter St. Vladimir’s Castle Guide

Rumble Fighter St. Vladimir’s Castle Guide by Axey

Since this boss is known as the hardest boss in the game here’s a good guide you guys should use.
Alright… show time

All 3 difficulties are up to a party of 6
-> This boss mode has 3 parts with 4 Bosses <-

Normal Mode: (recommended party size 1-3)Starting off on normal mode for this boss is a good thing to do considering its a 3 part adventure.

Hard mode: (Recommended party size 3-4)Play hard mode to get the hang of it
Hell mode: (Recommended party size 5-6)Play hell mode when you mastered the Normal / Hard.
(Read tips and tricks to learn how to fight each boss)
*IMPORTANT* This applies for all 3 difficulties
It would be best if you bring a guardian set to regenerate sp because this boss is no walk in the park and it takes more then 4 minutes unlike the other bosses.
The stage starts off outside of Vladmir’s castle fighting the dark guardian’s to get inside of the castle. After you finsh off Frankenstien you sucessfully beat the first part of the stage and your party is inside of the castle. Part 2 of the stage takes place inside Vladmir’s castle and its like a maze, hitting switches around the map to open the door to get the next part of the stage. After you finsh off Succubus you should be done with the 2nd part of the stage and your party is at the top of the castle outside. Part 3 takes place outside of vladmir’s castle and its  going to be hard getting to the final room.  After Ivan is defeated don’t cheer yet! There’s still Ivan’s final form.
Recommended Scrolls:

Shoot boxing
Zin Karate
Mao gong
Praying Mantis ( Run and Z is useful on the last boss)
or Any scroll your comfortable with that does good damage.
Recommended Exocores:
Caduceus (Must have 1-2 users)
AP-16 (Best boss exocore ever)
Hell hand
Forgotten Sakura Fan
Delta Lava
Destructive Staff
Relentless Mace
Suriya crystal
Stone Golem
Devil Shadow (classic boss exo)
Phoenix Exo
Anything you can do good damage with.
Tips and Tricks for Vladmir’s Castle
1. ALL of Frankenstien’s skills is guard break except for 2 which is his panic so becareful and keep your distance. The 2nd one is  the skill where he hits the ground after he does the twirling thing that looks like mecha striker. (credits to samuraiway for finding the 2nd blockable skill)
2. When he raises in hand in the air that means hes going to do his lightning panic skill so be ready to block
3. When he throws the electric things on the ground you can either jump over them or get out the way then hes wide open
3. When he charges at you doing a 360 special run out the way and after hes done hes wide open.
4. Anytime he does a skill get out the way then go back to hit him
1. The room is really small so it will be hard to dodge stuff in her room.
2. Not all of Succubus’s skills is guard break but she still does good damage so becareful
3. When she stomps on the ground block her then attack.
4. When Succubus jumps back and shoots hundreds of butterflies at you try to dodge it because its a guard break skill.
5. When she flies up and sits on the wall block or go under her and when she comes down thats another good chance to hit her.
6. When she puts a gravity ball out be sure to jump over it and not let it hit you because its guard break.
7. When she sits on the stairs infront of the stage thats her strongest attack and you can’t block it or keep your distances from it. The best thing to do is to dodge all the skulls she blast at you and its not easy.
1. Ivan has 3 guard break skills
2.When ivan summons the living dead hands to drag you to down be sure to jump over it you can’t block it. After you jump over him thats a chance to attack him
3. When ivan moves his cloak to summon a giant hand get out the way *guard break*. Then you can go back to attacking him.
4. Ivan has a special when he shoots 3 dimension balls that is homing so you’ll have to dodge them.
5. Ivan has a VERY fast dash attack that is blockable but its not noticable so becareful.

1. Very important tip, Ivan’s weakness is hiting his hands
2. All of Ivan’s skills is guard break
3. Best way to dodge his skills is to use a god mode frame exo (like AP-16) before he does

Extra Tips:
If someone dies in the first stage or 2nd stage they will be resurrected in the 2nd stage with 0 HP. This is where the doctor exocore comes in handy.
The potion bottles at last boss allows to to block ALL of devil’s attacks.
Chest Items:
Ah yes the rewards for being the hardest and longest boss in the game. Well since his boss is a 3 part stage you get 3 different boxes! 1 from each part.
YES charms work for all 3 parts of the stage. So yes you can get up to 12 boxes.
Vladmir’s Castle has 3 different exocores and 3 Boss mode armors.
Normal mode you can obtain the Shoes, Wings, Relics 1,2,3 or the whole exocore.
Hard mode you can obtain the Helmet, Gloves, Relic 1,2,3 or the whole exocore.
Hell mode you can obtain the Top, Bottom, Relic 1,2,3 or the whole exocore.
Also in Vladmire’s Castle you can obtain special shells.
Frankenstien – Tombstone Shell
Succubus – Clock Shell item
Ivan – Bat Coffin Shell item
All 3 exocores are only 7days.
Just like dragon boss……. The boss exocores are for ALL classes!
Wondering what the 3 armors look like?

Whats the stats on the 3 armors?

Frankenstien ArmorHelmet – N/A
Top – 150+ HP, +2 ARM, +50 CRI
Bottom – +2 SPD, +50 CRI
Gloves – +12 SP, +1 ARM
Shoes – +1 STR, +1 SPD / +12 SP, +1 STR
Wings – +100 HP, +10 LUC

Succubus ArmorHelmet – N/A
Top – +100 HP, +3 ARM, +50 CRI
Bottom – +12 SP, +2 SPD
Gloves – +12 SP, + 1 ARM
Shoes – +1 STR, + 1 SPD
Wings – +100 HP, +10 LUC
Ivan ArmorHelmet – N/A
Top – +150 HP, +3 ARM, +50 CRI
Bottom – +2 SPD, +50 CRI
Gloves – +12 SP, +1 ARM / +50 HP, +1 ARM
Shoes – +1 STR, + 1 SPD
Wings – +100 HP, +10 LUC
Wondering what the 3 exocores look like and what they can do?

Frankys Bolts, Ivan cape, and Succubus bat wings is ONLY in BM shop.
and this is Vladmir’s Castle guide made by me (Axey)
Good Luck!

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