Rumble Fighter Sanctum Guide

Rumble Fighter Sanctum Guide (Violent Butcher) by NyaaSquidward

Welcome!  In this adventure called Sanctum, you must crawl through the dungeon and activate 2 switches and fight the Violent Butcher to stop the revival of Sejul.  Here’s a few tips, tricks, and things I recommend.

Left switch

The easiest to solo.  The key here is to just edge when you can, less HP loss and goes a lot quicker.  Nothing too major to avoid or dodge but there are plenty of monsters in your way.  Aside from the last room, you can skip all of these monsters and run to the switch and run back to where you started, that’s if you’re too lazy to kill em all.

Right switch 

You can solo this side but I recommend 2 people walk this path.  When in the giant room with boulders, just watch the pattern and then run to the first door on the top left.  In the very last room just run past everything and go take care of the statue shooting fire bats, the monsters will walk right off the edge.  Bring plenty of Str as you can’t edge too much here.

Here’s just a quick video on how to solo the boss.  It’s fairly simple.  All you really have to do is control where he attacks and know the hitboxes.  Although his whirlwind spin is sometimes hard to perceive.  Generally you’re the safest to stay behind him.  I know this is only Normal mode but this is to give you a good idea on how to use HG against the boss, as many people have mentioned the cooldown sucks.  If you add the wall of fire it only prolongs the fight, if you play Hard/Hell enough you know when it’s coming just before it shows up.  The key is to always be ready for it.  Anyways, you can see where I bait him into attacking where I want.

Recommended Exo-cores

1) HG-A1:  It has invincibility frames with the B skill for the walls of fire and has a broken punch combo that deals serious damage to the boss.
2) Blue Skyhorn: If you have a SP set, let the arrows fly and watch that boss cry.
3) Rock Gauntlets:  It has potential to deal moderate damage if the boss stays in the general area.
4) Caduceus:  Good for healing throughout the dungeon and just before the boss.  Protip:  Just before you drop down to the boss, you can exo up into Caduceus, heal, then exo down.  Repeat the process and you save your exo meter.  I use this technique because I use HG for the punch combo, and use my SP purely to restore HP.
5) White Devil Fang:  Launcher can avoid the boss’s smash hit.
6) Cook:  Apparently the boss has a weakness to vegetables.  Stacked with SP, you can cause some major damage.

Recommended Scrolls

1) Shoot Boxing:  Great recovery, probably best damage output.
2) Cold Blood:  Good damage, KP useful to edge mobs quicker.
3) Hitman:  Kick combo has the potential to deal heavy damage.
4) ZinTKD: Good recovery, 2 hit combo makes it easy to edge mobs quicker.
5) PKK:  Short quick combos with decent damage and cooldown.
6) Shaolin:  Offers a quick 2 hit edge combo and full kick combo can deal moderate damage to the boss.
7) Geum-thingy: Punches have nice recovery and damage for mobs, kicks deal moderate damage to the boss.

All set pieces are permanent.

Normal mode
  – Green Valkyrie pieces:
Helm: No stats
Top: +1 Spd, + random stat.
Gloves: —
Bottom: +1 Spd, + random stat.
Shoes: —
Wings: —

Hard mode  – Black Valkyrie pieces:
Helm: No stats
Top: +2 Spd, + random stat.
Gloves: —
Bottom: +2 Spd, + random stat.
Shoes: —
Wings: —

Hell mode 
– Gold Valkyrie pieces:
Helm: No stats
Top: +3 Spd, + random stat.
Gloves:  —
Bottom:  +3 Spd, + random stat.
Shoes: —
Wings: —


Stuff I’ve found or people I’ve bossed with found;  (not all data is recorded with such influx of items)

Black ninja mask – 1
White Shrapnel – 1
HP Gem +1 – 1
Spd Gem +1 – 1
Str Gem +1 – 1
Lesser SP Potion +10 – 1
Blue Ninja Mask  – 1
Gold Monocle – 1
Dark Rockers – 1
Star K.O. – 1

Red Mittens – 1
Valkyrie Pants (black) – 2
Valkyrie Helm (black) – 1
Apprentice Gloves – 1
Yellow Mong – 1
Green Shards – 1
Red High Tops – 1
Venus Slippers – 1
Shadow Mask – 1
Helmet of Death (necromancer head) – 1

Valkyrie Top (gold) – 4
Black Ninja Mask – 3
Valkyrie Helm – 1
Biker Gloves – 2
Venus Slippers – 2
Arctic Flippers – 1
Red High Tops – 3
HP Gem +80 – 1
Pacific Slippers – 1
Atlantic Flippers – 1
Classic High Tops – 2
Silver Raiden – 3
Yellow Raiden – 1
Warlock hat – 3
Summoner hat – 1
Wizard hat – 2
Blue Ninja Mask – 2
Dark Rockers – 2
Arm Gem +2 – 2
Neko Ears – Over 9000

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