Audition 1 2 Party Guide

Audition 1 2 Party Guide by xKEIx

Choosing between Easy and Hard Mode

Choose the game mode that you are capable of playing – either hard mode or easy mode.




The keys to be used in One Two Party Mode are as follows:

Up Arrow Key/ Numpad 8 – For the arrow up and 8
Down Arrow Key/ Numpad 2 – For the arrow down and 2
Left Arrow Key/ Numpad 4 – For the arrow left and 4
Right Arrow Key/ Numpad 6 – For the arrow right and 6
Space Bar or Control (Ctrl) – For GO!
Numpad 0 or Numpad 5 – For YEAH!

*When there is the NPC Sign on the upper left part of your screen, it means that you have to listen to the NPC for the keys to be mentioned or shown in your screen. You don’t have to press the keys during this time.

Easy Mode

In this mode, the NPC (non-playing character) will give you the arrow keys and the numbers to press so its not that hard for you to remember the keys that were mentioned.

Hard Mode

In this mode, the player will depend on the voice of the NPC and not on the screen while comprehending the keys to be pressed and of course, this mode will take a hard time in memorizing the keys that were mentioned.


Dance Time

In this time your character will purely dance to the keys that you have typed previously so you dont have to type the keys that would appear in the lower part of your screen.

A character may dance or not depending on the keys that he has types in the previous event. So if he had a miss in a certain set of keys, then his character will dance, but will blink with a red light indicating that he has missed in that certain set of keys. But if the character did not get any miss in that set of keys, he/she will dance without any blinking red light.

With a miss

Without a miss

Tab Mode

Like other game modes, One Two Party can also use the Tab Interface. Although there is not much difference, still some players like using the Tab Mode and some the usual.

The Tab Mode presents the Greats, perfects, Cools etc. in this manner wherein they are lowered a bit in your screen

The Normal Mode presents the Greats, Perfects, Cools etc. in this manner wherein they are elevated a bit in your screen.


Perfect – 1200
Great – 900
Cool – 600
Bad – 420
Miss – 0

Note: I will Edit this guide someday too. If you have some information for me please post.

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