9 Empires Recruitment Bases and Resource Mines Guide

9 Empires Recruitment Bases and Resource Mines Guide by s7davis

Welcome to 9Empires this is a game of strategy and I personally would like to wish you the best of luck on this game and hope all the information not only in this post but in others as well on this forum are useful and extremely helpful to the veterans and the newbie players.

This will obviously be about the Recruitment Spots and the Resource Mines on the World Map.

These Recruitment Spots and Resource Mines are a great way of getting extra resources and troops in the beginning of the game. The reason is because at teh beginning of the game you need to focus on building your town up and that starts to eat up at your resources. Their are growth quests which help you gain resources and exp but the resource mines on the map are also a great way to get resources as well.

One of the main resources mines I would get first would be a gold Mine. The way to get to these is you need to have a hero entered into the town and then down at the bottom right you will see venture/explore. You can hit eitehr one but also you will need troops on your hero as well. Once you have troops and hit the venture tab you will be taken to the World Map which is where you can choose a destination to go attack. Plus this is also where you will attack other towns as well.

If you choose to pick a recruitment spot or resource mine you will see if it is owned by a legion or unavailable. If it is unavailable that means that no legion or no ones has captured it and is free to take without being messed with for taking someones resource mine or recruitment spots. HOwever, if you click on it and it shows a name that means someone has already taken it and if you attack it they will get an e-mail stating it was attacked and your city coords on where you came from.

The Resource Mines and Recruitment Spot have numbers as well. That is a good way to know where you are at when recruiting or gathering bases. For example you send a hero to Gold Mine 55. NOw that you have sent your hero to that particular Gold Mine 55 all the other Gold Mine 55 are the same Gold Mine so do not send them to that one again or it is just a waste of time.All recruitment spots with the same number are the exact same spot no matter where you find them on the map. When going to a Wiz Base you go to Mysterious Wizard Base 55, then youw ill have to go to Wiz BAse 56 or something like that then that is a totally different base.

Also in the beginning it is nice to have the Wizs because they are much stronger than your junior troops in the barracks so these and Phantom Archers which can be found on the map as the Bird House thing are great to have in the beginning of the game. These spots can be upgraded with belief or diamonds to be able to get higher troop counts or more resources from them at a time. Plus higher the mine or recruitment the higher number of defense can be given as well.

Once you have got to the mine you will need to go to the Stagnation and perhaps battle the defense unless your legion already owns it and has it set to share with legion. ONce you have battled and won if not your legion or not shared you will have to click on the wall again and it will ask if you want to move forward, backwards, set guard. If you want click the set up guard and click the box below all the troops boxes and that will allow legion to share and then you can upgrade if you want or set up guards for defense.

Then once that is done you will have to click on it again and click forward to pass through the wall. Then go to the recruitment spot on the otherside of the wall and click it and hit recruit or collect depending on the type of base it is.

Oh just like before you will need to set the setting to share so your legion can share that mine as well and set up a defense on that one for sure and lvl it up when you can.

The Gold Mine are a little trick to collect from because you have to find the best spot to extract from because it is on the top left on the left side of the water and their is no bridge so hard to find the spot to extract from. However, their is a spot at the bottom left of the gold mine itself that will allow you to extract at the edge of the gold mine.

Like I said you everyone enjoys this games it is a great way to kill time and have fun hunting.

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