9 Empires Cities and Buildings Guide

9 Empires Cities and Buildings Guide by Will

There are 15 different types of buildings in 9empires:

The Town Hall: This is your city’s key building. It increases your hourly gold income and is a prerequisite for most the other buildings. Highest level is 20.

City Wall: Increasing your city’s wall will allow you to place more troops to guard your surveillance (outer wall), as well as give greater attack, defense, and priority bonus to the troops guarding the outer wall. It is a prerequisite for upgrading turrets (which help in the inner-city battles) and your town hall. Highest level is 30.

Barracks: The building where you hire troops. Each level increase allows for a new troop type to be recruited. Highest level is 15.

Market: In this building you can buy and sell for resources you need. Upgrading the Market gives you a slightly better trade rate. Highest level is 10.

Warehouse: Your heroes accumulate a lot of stuff to carry around. This is where you can store items. Higher levels increase storage capacity, and it is a prerequisite for upgrading the Blacksmith. Highest level is 10.

Blacksmith: The Blacksmith is a shop where you can purchase miscellaneous gear for your heroes. Upgrading this building allows for higher level gear to be available, and is a prerequisite for upgrading the Alchemy Lab. Highest level is 20.

Alchemy Lab: The Alchemy Lab is a place where you can research technology and magic to give various bonuses such as increased resource output, max population, decreased venturing time, decreased building time, extra turret damage, and increased population growth rate. It is a prerequisite to the Sorcery Tower. Highest level is 30.

Sorcery Tower: This is the place to have your heroes learn spells. Each upgrade allows for a new spell at a higher level to become available. It costs skill points to learn a spell. After your hero learns a spell from here, he can upgrade it in his “spells” tab, costing additional skill points. Highest level for the Sorcery Tower is 5.

Tavern: This is the place to hire new heroes. Increasing this building makes more heroes available every two hours. Highest level is 10.

Temple: This is the place to upgrade your clergy, which gives special bonus depending on your deity. For example, upgrading clergy for God of War will increase your troop’s damage by an additional 5%. Highest level is 10.

Time Portal: When you build additional cities, this structure will enable instant travel between your cities. Upgrading this building will allow for more portal travel each day. Level 10 town hall is required.

Residence: Upgrading your housing will both increase your maximum population and your hourly population growth. Population is needed to hire workers in your mines, as well as having population available to train troops in your Barracks.

Junior Training Camp: This camp will greatly increase the number of level 1-6 troops to become available in your Barracks.

Senior Training Camp: This camp will greatly increase the number of level 7-12 troops to become available in your Barracks.

Veteran Training Camp: This camp will greatly increase the number of level 13-15 troops to become available in your Barracks.

Building Strategy and Tips:

– Build up your town hall and your city’s mines as much as possible, and staff your mines to their max. Build more residences as needed. You’ll need the resources.
– After you get your Town Hall to level 10, upgrade the newly available mines to level 10.
– Then upgrade your Alchemy Lab to level 10. This also requires a level 4 Warehouse and level 7 Barracks.
– Now with a level 10 Town Hall and level 10 Alchemy Lab, you can upgrade your mines further up to level 20. However, do these one step at a time as your resources permit. They get very costy after level 14 or 15! When all your mines are level 14+, this should give you a solid resource income base to build much of what you need to, including if you want to further upgrade your mines.
– Of the 9 flexible buildings, devote 3 or 4 to residents, depending on your style. If you want lots of Veteran troops like Titans and Dragons, 3 will be enough. If you want lots of Senior troops, build a fourth.
– When you have a level 10 Barracks, destroy your Junior camps (unless you’re playing Spirit) and replace them with Senior camps.
It takes lots of time to build a level 13 Barracks because it requires a level 16 Town Hall, so you’ll be recruiting lots of Senior troops in the meantime.
– After you have your level 13 Barracks, it may not be a good idea to only have Veteran recruitment camps. Why? Because you’ll have very few troops to recruit. Senior camps produce up to 6 times the number of troops. It may be best to have, for example, 4 Veteran camps, 2 Senior camps, 3 Residence … or 5 Veteran camps, 1 Senior camp, 3 Residence … or 3 / 3 / 3 if you like the Senior troops.
Second Towns:
You need 100,000 belief to build your second town, and million belief to build your third town. All battles and buildings affect belief, but the best source for belief is battles / auto-training.
Placing your second town is critical. The venture map world is divided into 72 sections, with dividing lines at every 100 X-coordinates, and every 50 Y-coordinates. Every mine and recruitment base has a corresponding number, and each with the same number goes to the same mine. Therefore the best locations to build a city are locations that border two or more different areas, so that you have access to additional resource mines and recruitment bases.
You want your second city not too far from your capital. For example: if your capital is in Amos and your second city is in Neapolis, if your second city is captured, it will take 25+ hours to travel to retake your town!! It’s best to place towns no more than 6 hours’ travel away from each other.
Ideal locations are those that are somewhat near your capital, and also that border multiple regions, especially if it’s at the corner of 4 different regions. For example: if your capital’s location is 335 X : 424 Y, then some ideal spots would be the nearest borders … 300X:400Y, 300X:450Y, 400X:400Y, 400X:450Y.
Race of your Second Town:
You do NOT want to select the same race. You want a race whose troops complement the troops of your starting race. Focus primarily on the abilities of the highest troops, and speed. There are three types of troops: shooters, fast troops, and (slow) heavy hitters. At the highest level, Orc and Siren have the heavy hitters, and only Highlander have shooters. It’s best to have variety options, so having Orc with Siren would not be a very good idea.
May you be rich with resources and drowning in gold!

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