9 Empires Tips from a Veteran

9 Empires Tips from a Veteran by LordMungo

What this whole topic is about is stuff that i have learned through experience will be shared with you all.
It may be just hints or small tips. but some may turn out to make a big reflection on making you better at 9 Empires

(1) How to gain almost unlimited Rep for your alliance. (But can be frustrating and time consuming.)

First what you need is your hero, packed full with your starter troops, or with any ranged units.
If they are not the starting troops, make sure they are strong enough or have many of them.

Go out of your city and enter your Portal. Go to the Mystic Shrine. Go up to {Enemy Base 1 } Go along the path until you see the next portal { Enemy Base 2 }. When you reach { Enemy Base 2 } Dont go through it, Instead look around for a Centaur that has armor on him. This Mob is { Captain of Centaur }.
He has 2700 (rounded) troops with him. For every ten kills you get you get 1 soul. making you get 270 souls each time you kill him. And since you using only ranged Troops. no losses. Always make sure you kill them before they reach you if you have a low amount of forces or troops.
With 150 Stamina one hero can gain At a rounded ammount 21 rep.

I would say it takes at least an hour or more to do. unless you just do it quick with no ditratcions.
you can probably do this within 50 minutes.

(2) How to level all buildings to a good degree that they are all at a Standard rate that makes your city secure.

For this, it is just simply a small trick i discovered when my city had most things in one place…. but was low leveled in other areas.
First what you need to do is level up you residences to make a good secure amount of population.
Next you should go out to your Resource Areas and make them all leveled up as high as possible. But Don’t put all your
Population in them all at once. This will cause you to not be able to have Troop Production. as your Population will be low due to all of them being in the mines.
The next thing is to get your Alchemy up to level 3. This is a good level to be at.
What i have found out is that there are no time taking on resource areas to level up.
and that you can level up wall turrets, alchemy research, and Senior, Veteran, Junior Training sites (levels inside) at the same time.
So if you Level all these up, meanwhile leveling up your blacksmiths, wall, townhall, etc. then you will be having a good ballance for all things in your city.
for the sorcerer tower. i dont rely on magic and i dont really like it. Its just my opinion on how i play.
But if it helps you then use it! Its there for you to use against other players and mobs.
Good Luck with Building your city!

(3) In the game it is highly reccomended that you follow the tutorial. But for some of us, we pass it and skip out on knowledge

In this topic i will tell how you should assign your resource spots when you first enter the game.
(Small Population Boost Trick)

So, when you get into the game, the tutorial pops up. i recommend doing it. But this is for what rates to put at your resource areas.
For each resource spot, make it highest level. (Should be level 2 if you have just started.) and put the workers at 30 for all of them.
If you are a More experienced player. and have more population (refer to (2) for some reference to the population save technique.)
Then when you go to your resource areas. just take off 10 workers. This is a minor reduction. and it gives a little population boost.

(4) Best way to make friends

Well, this is how i make my friends and make people like me, and not hate me. For example. if i needed to make some allies for my alliance i would mail them. this is a good way and makes it more mannerly. When writing it use words such as please, thank you, and -lordmungo (your name) at the end. Do not talk making the tone sound as if your forcing them. A allied alliance is a alliance that will help you fight if you get attacked or help YOU attack.
And in World chat, always be nice and make minor jokes. never go overboard. As this will make you someone they dont wanna hear.
and might do the following. Attack you, Ignore you (There is a button, they never see you again unless they unpress) or even get someone else to attack you.
So always try your hardest and always be a little silly. if you see they are in a bad mood, say stuff such as:
Hey man i sorry about that…. So what happend?
If they said no for instance. you would reply like this.
Ok sorry, Well i hope you feel better later .
with the smiley face making them know that you want them to be happier and not wanna ruin there day even more.

(This is a long one and is kinda hard to understand. please re read it and try to understand it. this is one of my tips that will make you a better gamer. because allies is a hard thing to get in games. (unless your the strongest.)

(5) Just A Tip!

Just a quick tip for all. A good way to know if you got some good troops on you is to ask a friend to {Practice} With them.
Or you can ask any high player to {Practice} With you. Most players are very nice if you ask nice.
If they say yes, then they would probably tell you where to go to practice with them.
When you get there you would click on there player (or vice versa) and you two would fight. try hard!
In the end both will not lose troops or belief. It is a good way to find out if your good enough to attack something. if a player has that troop.

(6) The best way to attack things!

Well the best way to attack things is quite simple. Just use all Ranged Troops. If your enemy has no ranged troops it is most likely that he or she will lose.

(7) Best way to level your hero when at level 5-10?

Well to do this, just go to the enemy base 1. and go all the way to the right and find the Captain of Centaur. He is armored.
Just click Auto train. Now you will level pretty good if not faster. Remember level 5-10 heros

(8) Extra Resources?

Well, for all of you out there who need just that small boost of resources then this is a post for you.

Being in the game for at least a small time you should have heard of Mines and Recruitment spots,
But for this post you will learn a little more about mines.

Mines are something that you can attack and own, you can even open it to your alliance members.
Mines come in all resources and gold.
Gold mines are mostly taken though. Mostly by the strongest alliance in that area. so join theirs to get a chance at it

For all other mines that you are able to acquire,

A couple Examples:

Lets say a person owns the mine you want.
All you have to do is attack it,
You will be brought up to a Garrison, or Surveillance spot.
This thing is the wall pretty much
Just attack it and win.
Once you do that, click on it again.
set up a deffense, so no one can take it back,
Then go ahead and find the mine.
Mines are harder to attack cause more troops can be placed at the mine then the wall spot.

To make more troops available you must level it up,
either with diamonds or belief.

Once you beat the mine troops. it is now yours. go ahead
and click extract operation.
Now you can take the hoarded resources. and even level it up.

(9) How to collect your resources

Do you have low ammounts of resources?
Why arent your resource areas making any??
Well, truth be told, It is not automatic. Like other popular games,
Where it gives it automatically you have to get it manually. With a hero too!

What a hassle right? But kinda worth it for those pure resources to build the stuff you need!

(So just go out with your hero to your city, when your there just click on your
Resource areas and click collect. whatever is stored in it you can grab.
It can max out of 3 days of idle production to grab, the rest is wasted. (Pretty much it stops at max)

(10) Finding a Farm (Or practice dummy )

Yea a farm, no not really a practice dummy,
But have you every looked at your map in venture mode?

If so you have probably seen the tabs on it:

the up,down,left,right button.. This Puts your map at the location you input.
The World Map.. which shows all country’s in the server.
and alast,
the region map. (There are 2 more, but we are gonna focus on this one.)

The Region map is very dificult to understand until you acctually try to figure it out.
Or if you ask another player.
But what another player wouldnt tell you is its secret…

Look around on the region map.
Look for any Red Dots
these are Leveld Cities.
As i would call them.

Pretty much they are cities that have hit the point where on the map the city looks bigger. and more
detailed. (extra buildings etc.)

The level i think is level 10

It happens to all cities.

And most likely those players that are the Red Dots on the Map,
Have alot of Belief and are probably active for practice on. and free belief,
if they are not active.

(11) Part 2 of Finding a Farm

This is a part two cause i didnt explain the other two options in the map

What they are is Map Copy, and Forward Queue.

Map Copy shows Orange and Purple.
I dont understand this myself. (i will edit this later with what it is.)

Forward Queue is if you attack something it will show in this area
how many attacks you have out, and how long till they hit

(12) LordMungo Teachs Skills!

you level your hero everyday. why do i have so many Magic Points?
Well, what these are, are Skill Points. You need 2 for each level.

The Ones you wanna fill first are:

Logistics to Level 3 (Do this First) +50 Stamina to your hero

Investigation to Level 3 (Second) Gets the skill Investigate

Fundamental Comprehension to level 3 (third) More Exp from battles and autoing. (Faster Leveling…)

Fundamental Attack/Defense to level 3 (4th/5th) Makes your hero Stronger and makes your hero last longer during battles

Fundamental Luck to level 1-3. This really matters for making Mobs Surrender. (6th)

Fundamental Leadership/Assualt to Level 3. (7th/8th) It will make your troops attack longer without failing attacks(Losing Turn)

The Rest are optional.

Try these if you use magic: Fundamental Understanding/Sorcery/Wisdom/Magic to any level you desire

(13) Attributes

Attributes? Which should you do??

Well, Based on how many heroes you have is the key to this.
Basicaly you always wanna have 5 Heroes.

So based on that heres the scheme:

1 all Attack Hero
2 all Intel Heroes

and the other 2 you can chose. For if you wanted a magic user.

Basicaly the best is 1 all attack hero
and having the rest be all intel. and maybe 1 Magic Hero

This is my Opinion. Maybe others have different things that work for them
But at this moment this is mine

(14) What Race Should i use?

Well, This is a major thing that will either kill you or make you survive in this game.
As for me i have learned first hand the worst case senario. UnderWorld.

Most People think, Oh ya this is a good one, Cause… Underworld is cool Im gonna be Hades!

But thats not the case. They have only 2 ranged troops. level 2 troops. Which arent really worth it.
And its Diamond Vets arent really on par with any other Vets for that matter.

Basicaly Underworld… Is UnderPowered.

These are the Good Races that i have found out about:

Elf: Has Dragon vets. Good Meele and Good Ranged Troops

Orc: Best Meele. Good Ranged.

Human: Is a Great Choice. Has a good Combination of Strong Meele and Ranged.
Such as Wizards and Crusaders/Swordsmen. can cause big damadge.

HighLander: Has the Best Ranged. This is also a good race to chose as your hero starts with 100+ Stamina.
Most Players use this one. Good Meele

There you have it Folks, My Choices on what Race you should have.
My Personal Favs: Human/Elf/Highlander

(15) What does everyone mean when they say Vets?

Basicaly Vets are the last Troop you can make in your Barraks.

The Highest Level Troop of that race in the entire Game.

(16) What are DIAMOND Vets??

What Diamond Vets are, Is the Second Evoloution of your Vets.
They can be bought by Diamonds.
They are stronger then their cousins. or the regular version of them.
And pack a Powerful Punch!

(17) My Legion is Under attack by a Main Legion! What do i do??
Lets See, Lets use the Example of Being Pwned by the Rank 1 Legion for any type of Reason.

They Are attacking your Legion Members, And are also taking Subs from your Memebers.

More or less, the Basic thing that makes it different it Being a Big Legion, Small legion, and Middle leveled.

Number1 will be based on Middle Leveled.
Number2 will be based on High Leveled.
Number3 will be based on Low Leveled.
Number 1:

So your a Middle Leveled Legion, Your Rank is near rank 7-18
Your Members are Strong, But not really able to attack that high level legion.

What can you do?

First what you can do, is try the Diplo Approach.
Basicaly Since YOUR the Legion LEADER, YOU are in Charge.

You had the Power to Make the War, and to Stop it. But you ade it happen. Either
On accident or on Purpose.

But you didnt know they were this strong.

Step 1: First i would Offer my Subs to keep my Legion Protected.
I can always get new ones. Its not hard to make new ones..

Step 2: If they Refuse…
Basicaly, You ask other Legions around for Help. If your Being ganged up on the High Legion,
Most Likely you will be helped. High Level Legions dont like Small Legions being Punked.

The Only reason you would be at war with the rank 1 legion in the first place, would be that you were part of
a 1-3 legions that were attacking one of there “Invisible allies”. or you Just Bascialy Pissed them off.

The only thing you can do is wait it off.
And Mass Mail your Legion to put a Hero with 1 troop in garrison, to keep ammassing Troops.
and to use gold on all Resources Needed.

Read on in Part 2 for High Level Legions!


So If your Reading this you are a High Leveled Legion, But not Quite as Strong as the Rank 1 Legion.

Basicaly, Fight it out. There is no other way. They want total Dominace. and are gonna take you down.
The Only Reason they dont attack little legions in the beginning is to earn alot of Rep Points from them.

Not rep ingame. but rep that they are tough and wont mess with you, so ally the.

These Legions Rely on Capital Dragons, and Sub Vets for their Military. They also use High Level Heros.
So they are Quite Hard. I wouldnt say they rely on those things, but they just use them.

So be Ready for a tough Fight!

Advice: Try to have another legion that dosnt like them to help you. They will help destroy them. And in the end, if you guys win.
Based on if the ally you had was strong enough to make a turnign point in the war, Now you and that legion rule.
Now just watch your back against that Legion.

And make sure your Bonds and Ties with other Strong Legions are Secure and Firm.
Giving Capitals away to smaller Legions will gain you major Respect.

I would only give a Capital to a Middle Level Legion though.

PART 3!!

Basicaly, if your a small Legion, with no allys. Then i would either Disband my Legion, Or log in every Week. and once the war flow slows down, then try to build up the legion from scratch and any Legion Members Left.

If you want to take a Head Dive, then try going for some Allys that dont like that legion, Offer Gold to help pay for stuff for the legion thats fighting the Legion. It can sometimes help the legion defeat the rank 1. and when they win, you win.

You even stay allied with that Legion. Anyone Messes with you, this time you got the rank 1 to back you up.
Or in some cases. a Rebellion of Legions that went against the rank 1.

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