9 Empires Hero Attributes Guide

9 Empires Hero Attributes Guide by soulthug

Affecting the troop’s final damage output, stronger attack causing greater damage.

Affecting the damage that your troop encounter, stronger defence power would minimise the harm caused onto your troop.

Affecting the amount of money and experiences you gain from war as well as the magic defence and moving speed between cities.

Magic Power
Affecting the destructive ability of your magic attack.

Affecting the number of times a troop could operate during battle; if morale is too low your troop will lose moving ability. When morale is high, troop may move 2 times at once.
Affecting the quantity of the capitulated monsters that will combine with the Hero’s troops after surrendered.

Affecting the skill launching rate of your troops as well as the captivation success rate of the surrenders.

Affecting the moving sequence of your troop, higher priority allowing your troops to hit first in a battle.

Energy allowing your heroes to execute tasks like battle, training and conquer cities.

Captivation Rate
The success rate of the Hero captivating surrendered enemy.

Magic Value
Amount of magic required by Hero to launch specific skill/magic.

Possible moving distance of your troop during battle.

Minimum Harm
The troop’s minimum harm value when launching attack

Maximum Harm
The troop’s maximum harm value when launching attack.

Magic Attack Power
Damage resulted by using magic power.

Magic Defensive Power
Defence value to resist against magic attack.

Command Power
Military value which determines the armed forces that could be brought by a Hero.

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