Scarlet Legacy First Level 30 Game Review

Scarlet Legacy First Level 30 Game Review by Pineapple and cody331

Hi there all! This is Pineapple *waves* You’ve prolly seen me running around with my ass on fire wearing the sweet killer title and since I enjoyed this game so much I decided to help the newbs and possibly the gm’s, enjoy!
So, I am far to lazy to give a background check of myself to make me a viable source for a reviewer, but be with me when I say all this is from one gamer to another.

After Seeing the class videos, and mount trailer I was really hyped for the game, great graphics, cool model design, fast combat, I was excited

Signed myself up, waited couple weeks, Aug 4th rolls around and I hit the servers literally seconds after it launches, I think i was like.. 4th or 5th person online.

Graphics: Dont get me wrong, the graphics are pretty, they have an oriental feel, but high quality, all though you do get that “Free 2 play” kind of vibe from the graphics, Every now and then I’d get a screen tear, And water looked pretty fancy not to mention the legit skill effects

      Very Pretty for a f2p game. Water Looks awesome, but unfortunatly doesnt move much


    Sweet Character models + some monsters


    None really, Besides the usual screen tear


Gameplay: All in All I had a great experience and I’ll prolly play well after obt, from the look of the skills, to the streamline of quests (We’ll get to this in a minute) And not to mention the auto bot system I was easily hooked literally all night. The game has an auto run system, Such as, Clicking on a quest objective or quest npc name in your quest log, and you’ll auto run there, Also a nifty little feature where you can instantly teleport to said location using Spirit Scrolls (I think that’s what they are called) From levels 1-20 Roughly You get one nearly every quest or every other quest, Pretty damn Awesome,

I feel like the pet system could use some work, but For the most part it does what its intended, Gives you a combat pet, You can equip them with pet specific items to increase their attack, their crit chance, sp cost etc. Their are PLENTY of talents to customize them how you wish, but getting the talent points is the diffucult part, You get one talent point every time you collect a NEW pet (not upgrading(I think).

Character Development Was one of scarlet legacy’s key points, Once you hit level 10 you have unlocked your talents. I Played a warrior, and my talent tree was huge, but I felt like there was no direction with the talents, everything was just kind of.. thrown on there. One of the main reasons I picked warrior was to go 2 handed dps, while leveling 10-30, I took a good hard look at the talent tree and came to the conclusion that the developers WANT warriors to tank, Pretty much every single other talent makes your attacks generate more “hate” which is also threat, so that made me very upset but I still rolled with it.

I was never able to figure out what aura did for items so I wont go into that.

Socketing Your gear with gems and enchanting your gear with uhh.. Enchants, gems such as increasing max health by 50, or making your hits have a chance of causing X effect, same effect with the enchants for weapons and armor, these are nice and all, but my complaint here is that by end game you will require to have THESE gems and THESE enchants to even stand a chance against a player who knows how to gear their toons, I felt Like it was kind of like WoW where you had to have the best kind of gems and the right enchants or your dps/healing/tanking was going to be gimped.

As for talents, there isn’t much to it, since we only get level 30 and there is quite a bit, Maybe I was wrong about the warrior tank thing And I should experiment, don’t take me up on that :) I do feel like the talents have the possibility to cause alot of diversity between players. Although being an Ex-WoW player I got used to dual spec way to much and realized how much I missed it in this game after doing the tombs.. It costs waaay to much money to respec unfortunately. (3s 93e i think)

Jumping into the game we got all these sweet fashion gear and even the default armor looked awesome, but as i progressed the game, I would only get a new set of armor every 5-10 levels? Everyone wore the same Fashion outfit? I realize its only CBT, but I feel like there should be way more diversity when it comes to armor and the appearance they give off, Maybe a few more armor sets in between 1-30 (If i remember correctly you get like.. 3 or 4 in total)

Skills? From What I’ve seen from grouping, and just playing my own character, the skills look amazing from 1-30, very flashy and dont give off that “laggy” feel where the skill goes off and the enemy takes damage 2-3 seconds later, usually when the impact hits them, they take damage, very cool. Excited to see end game skills.

Bot system… When I very first started playing and heard about the bot system (i was level 8 or 9 maybe?) I thought “I liked this game until I heard about this crappy thing” I was going to quit after I heard it at a bot system, but got up to around 12 or 13, and my grind quests start, so I tune it to my liking and press “g(od button)” at first I thought “Ok.. this is convenient, not so bad” as my level grew, I got more and more grind quests, Im talking like kill 0/40 of these, and then 0/20 of these etc, later on you get 0/120. After that you realize how much of a god send this system really is., Very easy to set up if I might add. I Put food on top row and potions on bot, set my %’s and I never had that “Oh SKITTLES” moment where I thought I was going to die, hell dinner Was done so i pressed G in a big spot, went to go eat, spent time with brother and his wife for a good hour, hour and a half total, came back and I was perfectly fine and well into my next level. It really helps during those long ass repeatable quests..

Another cool addition is all the mounts, I cant really go much into detail because im not 100% sure just how many mounts this game has, but im 100% sure they are definatly unique compared to every other mmo you’ve ever played :)

Quests… A major gripe of mine in this game, or atleast cbt, from 1-20, very very easy, very fluid and streamline, you go from one quest hub to another, pick up 5-6 quests all in the same area, do them, turn around, turn them in, voila, level up go to next quest hub, 20-22 is kind of a rocky hill to climb, but you eventually get there, MIGHT have to do atleast 1 repeatable, then 22 hits, you get a few quests that get you to 50% maybe 60%, so you do a few repeatables np, Next level you do quests that get you to 40%, do repeatables, next level is 30% see my pattern? I was lucky enough to find another guy my level (23) to grind out the repeatables very very fast, down the road found another pair that was already grouped so we added them, Fortunatly it was convinent for us that we had 4 people grinding away at the repeatable quests (around level 25 is when the 120 quests start to kick in) that it wasnt “THAT” bad, only because we all had company to talk to.
Theres no way a casual player can make it through this..
For gods sake PLEASE add more quests, Im not sure If i can go through that again in obt

Dungeons, I was able to finish mansion, and while 7k health on trash mobs seems intimidating you’d be suprised, also not so bad they only come in 2’s 90% of the instance) For a free to play game I guess you can kind of notice they tried to spice up boss encounters since they all inflict some kind of aoe, 2nd boss is more so a dps race, and last boss made me crap myself first time it happened, Mediocore loot I suppose
2nd dungeon (tombs) we tried to 4man it at level 28, trash mobs, we had to kite around abit since i wasnt a pure tank but we did fun, wiped on first boss AND LOST 5% XP

One of my biggest gripes is the fact that after you hit 25, every time you die you lose 5% xp (from what a friend told me, not in pvp) Gamecampus, please for the love of god remove this feature, It demotivates me to try ANYTHING with any kind of instance in fear depleting my xp bar

Oh and one more thing, the jumping in this game is awful, pure garbage, its so clunky… not much else to say on that.


    Very flashy and awesome looking skills Neat way to upgrade pets Levels 1-20 Were a breeze Bot System Plenty of talents Interesting / Cool Mounts


    I fear there will be a required “build” for gems,enchants and talents in order to participate in high level events Lack of quests past 22 make it a horrendous experience unless you have a party Losing 5% xp on death after level 25 (Besides pvp) Fix the damn jumping, its so wonky


Overall Game feel & UI
The game is a great experience and it will keep you playing thats for sure, For some reason it had me hooked since 12pm (when it launched) till now (8:50am, hit 30 at 7:30am) playing through the game I did notice quite a few mistranlated words which kind of put me off, some skills have the _ mark after some words, or its just missing complete words, someone in chat said “Whoever translated this game must have used google translate, and had been drunk” and I agree with him 100% I realize its in cbt and things are getting fixed, but developers must know that poorly translated mmo’s (any game really) can really keep costumers away, Just keep that in mind.

As for the UI in general, It felt very.. “Free to play”ish to me, It was cluttered, some of the buttons didnt work properly, if you opened up to many windows and assumed pressing the “ESC” key would close them out quicker, it would just bring up the Options menu which irritated me so much, and also to note the chat lag, Sometimes pressing enter to open the chat box wouldnt work, so you’d press enter and start typing your message, but your opening up every single god damn window that’s corresponded to that key, and whenever you type your message it literally takes another second for it to pop up on chat

Although to counter all this negativity, I did feel like the game brought a very good oriental feel to the player which is always nice when the game actually feels like the theme it was molded after :)

Main gripe would just be the translation errors and The chat lag :/

No need for Pro’s and Con’s here

Overall Game feel & UI: 9/10

Hitting 30 felt awesome to me, but I expected an announcement to show I was server first 30, but I guess not everyone can be a special snowflake, but now I get to sit in town and be bored and research about professions and the like

To conclude my Review the very last section is for suggestions to be made to the game, people can add to the list and ill occasionally add as I think of more
I realize I prolly missed some key points in the review but I havent got any sleep in the past 2 days so forgive me, I hope you read all of it (Newbies and gm’s) to help improve this game :)

Remove the 5% xp from death after level 25, It ruins alot of things mainly puging instances

Add a filter system to the bot to only target Mobs with keywords in their name such as “Bear, Dragon” to avoid fighting boss or npc mobs and or quest target able items (catapults and such)

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  1. user says:

    well..i was looking for a good game and i found that there new game called scarlet legacy so i went to the site and "After Seeing the class videos, and mount trailer I was really hyped for the game, great graphics, cool model design, fast combat, I was excited" the same thing happened to me..but my first look was like eww..not what i expected..HUGE fonts everywhere..icons instead of words !! its stupid to have that huge number of everything so i have to move my mouse over it to know what is this !! and the second thing is the translation..english is not my main language and their translation sucks so its 2x harder for me to understand what npc really want..they only blablabla, the third thing is auto target select..its drive me crazy..i got killed many times because of this !! and now the items part..the items have durability !! i was like " OH FK " i hate games with dura or may be aura part but whatever i was mad because of many thing of this game so i wasnt focus..but i liked the combat feeling..for now that's the only thing that makes me play this rate for now is 6.7/10..1 day testing.

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