Scarlet Legacy First Assassin to Level 30 Game Review

Scarlet Legacy First Assassin to Level 30 Game Review by FearThePowerOfPurple/SynysterOne

First, a little about me. I have over 10 years of MMO experience. I enjoy games with a grind. I often go CBT hunting. I like to be the first to max level. It took 18 hours to hit level 30 for myself. And the first person to hit 30 did so roughly 30 minutes before me. I expect to reduce this by at least 4 hours in OBT.

To start things off, I have to say that I love the soundtrack. If anything could be done, maybe add more to it. It got kind of repetitive with only 1 combat theme. Overall I feel that the choice of music fit perfectly with the look and feel of the game. There is a small hiccup when switching to combat theme, where there’s no music for 2-3 seconds. I don’t know if that can be fixed or not, but it wasn’t a big issue for me.

Audio: 9/10

I think the graphics are great. They are top tier for an F2P. Personally I prefer the look of F2P games over others such as WoW. I never had graphic errors. The only thing I noticed was when you hit T and hid all the players. Their effects would still be visible, such as glows on weapons, and auras. I love the skills. They are flashy without adding massive amounts of particle effects. Martial arts maneuvers FTW.

Visual: 9.9/10 I added .9 because I was bribed with my statue in the main city.

Player Versus Environment
I enjoyed the pace of the game 1-20, but it may have been a little bit fast. 20-22 I had hiccups same as others. But I didn’t have the problems with quests from 22-28 like other people did. I had plenty of quests to get to the next level only needing to do 1-2 repeatable quests each level, which I could slip in with the normal quests. 28-30 was mainly repeatable quests. I expect that this is how the game will go for the rest of the levels. I don’t have a problem with this. I just recommend removing the max of doing 1 repeatable ?10? times a day. I enjoyed the PvE greatly, the Assassin handled really well, I dodged and critted a little less than I would expect, but it worked. I never had problems with boss quests.

Player Versus Environment: 10/10 because it can be chalked up to preference.

Player Versus Player
Assassin point of view.

Warriors are a breeze. Never had a problem killing them. Seeing as they are physical damage it makes sense. I expect to end fights with warriors at > 50% HP

Mystics are a fair fight. They can kite us really well. FIX JUMPING. Jumping in combat makes it impossible for melee characters to get close to ranged EVER. I know that range control is part of skill. But not when jumping throws skill at the window and causes your opponent to glitch and freeze.
I expect to end fights with mystics at < 25% HP.

Monks are a challenge. High health coupled with heal over time makes for a heck of a challenge. If that wasn’t enough they have a skill that reflects physical attacks back at the attacker. This = instant death, you have to watch out for the visual and keep your distance until it ends. If you are alive afterwards it will be a close fight. I expect to end fights at < 10% HP.

Player Versus Player: 8/10 Fix jumping and ADVERTISE CONRAD better so we can have more people to fight. Maybe add a PvP tutorial that points him out?

Assassin: 9/10 Because I want more dodge/critical, but I expect when we get to higher levels and can mod our equipment more it will be possible.

Overall Game
It was fun. I enjoyed it, and I will be back for OBT and will stay long after release granted the game isn’t gimped by the cash shop. I will be recommending it to my friends.

Overall Game: 9/10

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