Scarlet Legacy FAQ

Scarlet Legacy FAQ by FearThePowerOfPurple

When is OBT?
August 18th 11:00 A.M PDTWhen is early access?
August 17th 11:00 A.M PDT

Do I need to download a new client if I was in CBT?
No, the CBT client will work fine once patched.

Will there be a wipe at the end of OBT?
No, not unless something goes terribly wrong.

Was there a wipe at the end of CBT?
Yes, there was. Everyone who participated in CBT will have to start over.

What is max level for OBT?
Max level has been announced as 40.

Why can’t I see anyone in-game?
The T is the hotkey for turning people invisible, this helps if there are people crowding NPC’s

How do I participate in PvP?
Starting at level 20 you can right-click your character portrait to turn on open PVP. Alternatively, there are In-game events you can participate in. As well as a PvP zone you can reach by talking to “Conrad” in the northwestern part of the city.

How do I participate in the In-game Events?
On the left side of the mini-map, there is a button, when clicked will bring up the In-game Events page. There are 2 tabs here.
The first contains a 10v10 battlefield that can be entered at any time as long as there are enough people queued.
The second tab contains the events that are on a schedule.
As it gets to be 10 minutes from an event, it’s name will turn yellow, signifying that you are be able to enter it.

What does GEM do?
GEM is used for things like bank expansions. It is also used to purchase thing from the Item Mall. GEM can be earned in-game via many methods.

How does SEN work?
SEN functions as follows.
100 N = 1 E
100 E = 1 S
10,000 N = 1 S

How do I get pets?
When killing enemies, there is a chance to get a pet egg drop. Alternatively, you can earn them as quest rewards or buy them in the Item Mall.

How do I use the bot system?
Press N to pull up the screen to customize your bot, there are 3 tabs. The first is for potions. The second is for buffs. The third is for attack skills. Press G once you’ve set up your bot to turn it off/on.

How do I get my own statue in town?
Every day at 6:00 A.M PDT the statues will be updated to the player with the most equipment rating of his/her class.

How do I create a guild?
You must be level 10 and have 10 SEN. Then talk to the Guild Manager and create the guild name, 8 letters/numbers at most.

If anyone has anything else they can think of, please post and I will update the FAQ accordingly.

-Credit to TristanV for input.
-Credit to ApocalypseDawn for input
-Credit to Elgor for input

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