Rusty Hearts FAQ

Rusty Hearts Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will there be item sets in the game?
A: Yes, there will be sets of items that unlock more and more bonuses as you collect and equip them together.

Q: How are new skills attained in Rusty Hearts?
A: As you level up you’ll get skill points which can be used to purchase whichever skills you like. The acquisition of new skills takes place at your class’ skill trainer.

Q: Is the game better played on a gamepad or the keyboard?
A: It honestly depends on what you feel more comfortable with. For me, sometimes I play with the keyboard, but being able to lay back in my chair with a gamepad definitely has it’s benefits.

Q: What’s the deal with this secret fourth character, Natasha?
A: As some of you have already discovered, Natasha is the newest class in Rusty Hearts. We’ll be giving you details on her character, as well as when you can expect to see her in game once Closed Beta has started.


Q: Where to get Nitroglycerine?
A: random drop from mobs in Wine Cellar 2F

Q: How do I find the “Design” portion for costume making?
A: You need to do a quest. The girl that crafts you costumes is the one that give you the quest.

Q: How do I get the Soul Piece items?
A: They drop randomly but Blood Mode will increase the drop rate considerably.

Q: Where do I get Low Grade Solvent?
A: I got it a lot in library 2f. (lvl17-20 dungeon) I think you can get it in caf 1F+, but I’m not sure. Maybe lib 1F +.
I think you need to dissamble the items lvl15+ weapons. I got some dissambling my lvl17 scythe.

Q: What is the success rate for crafting and enhancing?
A: You can’t fail before +3. I don’t know the rates. But after +12 you can break your item. xD


Q: How do I skip the boss introductory videos?
A: Press the ESC key

Q: How do I Unlock Blood Mode?
A: There’s no blood mode in the dungeons in the first area. The first dungeon to get blood mood is Wine Cellar and you access it at level 10, you need 5 Covis of eternity i believe (i cant remember its name 100%) per entry to Blood Mode

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