Ravenwood Fair Quest Terminology Guide

Ravenwood Fair Quest Terminology Guide by Cordelia

Some quests are “have” and some quests are “collect”/”buy”/”build”. Quest criteria must be completed AFTER you have received the quest. Just as trees you chopped last week, and monsters you killed last month don’t count towards quests you receive today, quests to build or buy things do not count things built or purchased in the past.

Some players would prefer that all quests be “have” quests, but other players dislike the “have” quests because they often are automatically completed as soon as they are unlocked; this makes the game too easy.

“Collect” quests are equally challenging for all levels of players. Have quests are either too easy for higher level players; or to be a challenge to higher level players the number would be so high the quest would be impossible for lower level players. Seasonal quests or limited time quests tend to be “collect” because they are meant to appeal to all levels of players.

Another benefit of the collect quests is you can spend/use up these items and they aren’t deducted from your total, unlike “have” quests. If a quest asks you to “have” 50 crystals every time you use some to build it is deducted from the total; so you have to pick between working on the quest and building your fair. “Collect” quests can be completed over a period of days or weeks without effecting regular game play. Of course you can chose to complete “collect” quests faster by changing your game play to get the needed item faster; for example you could focus on chopping your neighbours rocks or recharging their protectors instead of chopping their trees if you wanted to complete a crystal quest faster.

Have: At any point after you receive the quest have all of the items listed in possession at the same time. If it lists decorations, games, or buildings they must be on your fair, not in your stash to count. Materials such as ladybugs, crystals, etc will count if they are in your stash. If you use or sell items before completing the quest they will not count.

Collect: From the time you receive the quest you must find, receive, or purchase these items. If you spend or sell these items they will not be removed from the quest total.

Use: The same as “have” except when the quest completes the items listed will be removed from your inventory.

Save: The same as collect.

Buy: Using game coins and sometimes wood, food, and/or building materials purchase the item in the shoppe. These quests never require you to use facebook credits – though there are sometimes items which cost credits that can be used to complete the quest if you chose.

Build: Finish all the “builds” which each cost wood/stone and energy; then “complete” using the required building materials

Find: By clicking and dragging the fair/mine around have the object visible in the game play area. It works best if you are not in full-screen mode and you are zoomed in.

Chop: Remove a tree completely (note: you can use one-chop trees)

Get: The same as have, but for visitors

Materials: All the supplies used to build or buy things except for wood and rock; such as tree sap, vitalin, sheet music, hearts, etc.

Attractions: Games or buildings

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