Ravenwood Fair Too Many Trees Guide

Ravenwood Fair Too Many Trees Guide by Cordelia

Remember the goal is not to eliminate trees, but to balance trees and your fair so you always have enough wood and building materials; as well as enough profit and fun.

Also remember trees that have grown can not show up while you are in your fair. Which means that the second you leave by closing the game, going to the mine, or visiting a neighbour all the growth will catch up.


Keep Your Clearing Small!
Trees will never grow to cover more than 50% of your fair, except when you use a sleeping potion. If you keep you keep your clearing less than 50% of your fair you’d wouldn’t get new trees in your fair area. Also the more empty squares you have the more trees the game gives you; trying to keep a huge area clear when you have lots of quests and not a tonne of energy is a sure fire way to be annoyed!

Having your games and attractions close together earns you more money because your guests stay close to them and will always have something close when they decide to spend money

Pave an Area with Decorations
A “fence” of decorations doesn’t keep trees out in real life or in the game. Those pesky things can pop up anywhere there’s “earth”. Trees can’t grow in any area that has something else in it. You can use any decoration, game, or building to pave areas even if they don’t “fill” the square. (Rarely when you use a sleeping potion trees will grow in the same square as a decoration; particularly if there are few spaces available)

Remember you can send up to 40 friends one decoration each day –which they will usually send back, and you can request one decoration from up to 40 friends

See example: http://support.lolapps.com/entries/3…-back-too-fast

Use Protectors to Block Trees
The inner circle of protectors blocks trees but only when they’re charged. Recharge them just before you leave the game for a long period. When you pick up a protector it loses its charge, so just pick them up and put them back on the same square then you can charge them again.

Ignore Trees
If you don’t have enough energy to chop a tree as soon as it appears just ignore it. Trees that are in the squares immediately adjacent to a game or building may cause the game or building to become thorned; smaller games and buildings are more likely to be thorned than larger ones. Either surround your games and buildings with decorations or chop trees beside them first. Thorned games and buildings take three chops to free them.

Other than causing games and buildings to become thorned no harm comes from leaving trees; if you’d rather spend your energy on a quest or restocking your trees will wait. Just leave some protectors around in case your guests get scared.

Leave Roots
Smaller trees may become larger trees, but roots never get bigger. So they won’t cost more energy later.

Trees that have been chopped once also won’t get bigger the next regrowth – but they will regenerate and once they are back to unchopped the next growth they may get bigger.

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