Ravenwood Fair Wonders and Powers Guide

Ravenwood Fair Wonders and Powers Guide by Cordelia

Each wonder works in the same way. When you build the wonder you will receive your first power immediately. After you harvest a power the wonder has to recharge, once it has recharged a small yellow arrow will appear above it. When the yellow arrow is above a wonder click to activate, once your avatar is done activating it a power and an energy bolt will pop out. Note: the power is added to your total as soon as you avatar is done activating the power, not when the power is picked up.

Each wonder takes either 8 or 24 hours to recharge; Prairie Parthenon and Well of Vitalin recharge in 24 hours and the Great Beaver Lodge and Den of Panthers recharge in 8 hours.

You can’t harvest your neighbour’s wonders

When you click a power a timer starts, each power has a different effect until the timer runs out:

  • Prairie Power: A troupe of prairie dogs run around your fair and stocks buildings (hint: they only stock buildings with zero stock). The number of prairie dogs is equal to (games + buildings)/2 to a maximum of 13 prairie dogs. They will generally only restock one attraction each; then use the attraction once, and then they may pick a random action if there is time left.
  • Beaver Chop: Let’s you chop trees in one hit (hint: make sure you have enough energy)
  • Material Detector: Chop trees and you will receive extra wood, vitalin, and other building materials.
  • Speed Boost: Your guests will move faster and spend a small amount of extra money (hint: make sure your attractions are stocked, your fun level is maxed, and your visitors aren’t trapped in the woods)

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