Ravenwood Fair Player’s Guide

Ravenwood Fair Player’s Guide by Lissy

Hello~ I have not seen a guide anywhere else, and recently I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about certain things in the game (especially on the wall posts made by Ravenwood) so I thought it would be convenient to make this and post the link for those people. They don’t seem to like doing their own searching and research usually :/

I’ll break this guide into sections. Later on I may make the guide longer and better laid out, but I’m not sure the character limit for threads on FB forums so I’ll try and keep things simple and short as possible

and games
–Gifting Help
–Leveling Up
–Quest Tips
–Money Tips


Possibly the most complained about part of Ravenwood Fair by lower level players. Contrary to what you players below level 18-20 may believe…trees are not that horrible, and are quite easy to control in your fair. You just need the proper wisdom and patience. As much as you may think the trees are a glitch or problem in the game, you are quite wrong. Trees are the most vital part of the fair. Aside from dropping valuable food and quest items as you chop them…. trees provide you with wood. The wood which is needed for every building, game, and wonder in RW. If you had no wood, you would get absolutely nowhere in this game. They cost 1 energy per chop and range from 1 chop to 8 chops to clear.

Trees re-grow 2-3 times a day. This is the part that usually annoys newer players the most. there ARE ways of keeping the trees from growing back! Once you finish chopping down a tree, immediately place down a dirt path, clean grass, building, game, some decoration a neighbor gave you — as long as it’s some type of object then a tree will not grow back in that spot. In early levels you can put down anything random as a placeholder until you can buy something nicer looking to fill the spots later. If you find yourself running out of energy a lot while chopping then check out the energy section of the guide further down. Beaver chops will occasionally drop while chopping trees. They allow you to use 1 energy to chop a full tree in 1 chop with a funny animation of your character holding the beaver like a chainsaw. Using these wisely will help you clear your forest faster, though atm the wood/food/quest drops are slightly lower than they should be while using the beaver power.

You may come to a point where you are out of trees and they’re not growing back fast enough for you. This usually happens at higher levels when some buildings can cost 1000 wood or more to build. If you want to grow trees again, you can make space in your fair by stashing some buildings and decorations and then buy a sleeping potion from the shop for 5,000 coins. Using a sleeping potion puts the visitors in your fair asleep for 100 years and re-grows a tree in EVERY spot you do not have a decoration or other item. Having said this…. be CAREFUL when using a sleeping potion. Only use a sleeping potion if you want trees. If you chop a tree down to just a stump and leave the stump…the tree will grow back faster. Trees do not grow from roots, so you can clear them out asap. Don’t confuse stumps for roots and vice versa! 2 completely different things ^^


First thing I want to say is it’s a good idea to NOT break up the rocks in your own fair . My reasoning behind this is that you can not ever get more rocks once yours are gone. Because of this, it’s better to leave them so that your neighbors can make use of them. Neighbors could harvest your rocks every day… and since anything a neighbor does in your fair gets reset, then the rocks will never be destroyed. I made this mistake as a newbie and destroyed all my rocks. If you need crystals you can visit other neighbor’s fairs and harvest theirs, or ask friends for the crystals. When you harvest rocks they drop crystals and energy very often


Buildings and games add fun to your fair and provide money. They also look pretty In the menu where you first purchase the building it will tell you how much wood it costs to purchase the building, how much money you will earn every time a visitor uses it, and the cost to buy it. You always gain experience equal to the cost of the building. Thus, buying buildings help you level up! More info about the leveling up later on. Buildings/games are also requirements in most of the quests in the game. Try not to build a major building before finding out if there will be a quest for it later on… unless you just want to build it again later. Some quests register a pre-built building or game…but most do not.

The menu does not tell you how much each building costs per build, or what quest items you need at the end. It would be nice if it did. There are 3 steps to building a building. Step 1 is to buy it and place it somewhere on your fair. Step 2 is to build the building by clicking it however many times is needed to build it. If you have enough wood and energy to build it, then it will ask you to do the third step and ‘complete’ the building. Completing it requires quest items such as ladybugs, crystals, vitalin etc. I’ll explain how to get supplies quickly and easily in the Gifting Help section.

Some buildings and games are limited edition and were only available for a certain holiday or event. Some of those building may even add a special visitor to the fair. If you see a neighbor with a building you’ve never seen before then it’s possible it’s one of the limited time ones.


Decorations add fun to your fair as well as make it look really nice. Fun is needed to attract more visitors to your fair. At 20,000 fun you should have your max amount of visitors (for now). Decorations do not provide money at all, but they do give experience equal to their coin cost (except when gifted). They can be used to keep trees from growing! There are also limited edition holiday decorations


Wonders are similar to buildings, with a few differences. They have very high level requirements to build. They do not provide coins constantly like other buildings, but instead they grant you with a special power and 1 energy every 8 hours. The power you get depends on the Wonder. The cost in wood and materials to make wonders are also significantly greater than other buildings. They look very nice in your fair especially den of panthers

will list the powers you get from wonders later


As you continue to climb in level in Ravenwood Fair and make higher level attractions, you may notice the items required for building them gets higher and higher. Asking the few friends you have as neighbors is starting to not even be enough. This is where things get awesome… because unlike some other facebook games, you are able to recieve gifts from people who are NOT your friend or neighbor. How? it’s pretty simple. I’ll add screenshots later to make it even easier, but for now just follow these steps:

1. find one of the Ravenwood Fair forums. One of them can be found under the ‘discussions’ link on the main Ravenwood page. The link is here:


the other is newer and requires a sign-up to post. (you’re probably reading this guide there…haha :P) link is here:


2. Go in game, and click on the building/game/quest you’re trying to finish. Next to the item you need there should be an ‘ask friend’ button. Publish the request to your wall, and go to your wall. Right Click on the picture of the item you requested and choose “copy link location”. Now you have the link copied for your request.

3. Paste your link into a gifting thread in either of the forums, and people will send you the items you need fairly quickly. You can reload the game and post the request to your wall multiple times to get multiple links. Multiple links for the same item will get you them even faster. You might think that people have no motivation for sending the items, but that is not true. They get 5 food for each gift they send (60 food = 20 energy refill), and they also get the chance that you’ll send one back to them with the ‘thank you’ return feature.

There’s a way to copy the link without posting the request to your wall. Just press the ‘ask friends’ button, but copy the link by right clicking the picture BEFORE pressing the button to send it to your wall. Then just press “skip”. You can get multiple links for the same item this way as well. This makes quests and buildings that require even as much as 50+ of a certain item easy as cake

Facebook has a limited amount of requests per day allowed for Ravenwood Fair… so try not to feel obligated to send back each and every gift sent to you. If you want to get food for sending gifts yourself… it doesn’t count the thank you gifts. Try and balance both as much as possible


While you get experience from buildings, games, chopping trees, refilling protectors, and other things you do around your fair… sooner or later it just isn’t enough to reach those higher levels. A trick you can use to level faster is to buy the highest cost building or game in the shop and place it in your fair. When you do this, a little pack of experience pops out that is equal to the cost of the building you bought. For instance if you buy a 3,000 coin Big Tent and place it then you will get 3,000 experience points. If you buy a 100,000 coin Epic Chapel then you get 100,000 experience etc etc etc. This helps a lot of you’re level 16 and you’re stuck on a quest that requires you to be level 18 to build or something like that. A lot of people just have fun leveling up. Either way… this is the best way to do it ATM.

You DON’T have to finish building what you buy for experience. You can click on the icon above the shop that looks like and arrow and choose the sell option. Then just click the building you placed and sell it back for half the cost. Rinse, lather, repeat


It’s a good idea to have lots of neighbors in RW Fair, even if you use the link posting for your quest items. Visiting neighbors gives you coins and energy, as well as other little bonuses if you take advantage of them. If you’re afraid of adding too many random people to your friends list… don’t worry too much. You can add them, make them your neighbor, and then delete them off your friends list. They will stay as your neighbor and you don’t have to worry about strangers seeing your personal info once you delete them from friends

When visiting neighbors, ANYTHING you do there will NOT be permenant. So don’t worry about cutting all their trees or killing their monsters. If you are in need of food, target their monsters or roots. Monsters usually give 2-3 food per hit, and roots give 1 food very often. If you need more energy or crystals then rocks should be your target. If you’re badly needing wood, refilling protectors is almost better than trees. I find that refilling protectors on neighbor fairs will pop out bundles of 5 wood pretty often… which is more than you can sometimes get from a few tree chops. Protectors also can randomly pop out nice amounts of coin and a quest item. refilling buildings or playing games only gives a few exp, and doesn’t actually refill the stuff for your neighbor so only do it if there’s nothing else to do or if you have a quest for it.

“how can I help my neighbors on my own fair” you ask? Don’t destroy your rocks. Leave them for your neighbors to use If you’re not badly needing your protectors you can leave a few uncharged so that neighbors can complete quests that require them to recharge neighbor protectors. Leave a few 1-chop trees around or stumps so that neighbors can more easily finish tree chop missions. Leave around some roots for your neighbors that have root clearing missions. Leave some buildings unstocked. Leave some monsters for them to whack at. There’s all kinds of ways to help out your neighbors even though you can’t do permanent help on their fairs.

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