R2 Online Game Review

R2 Online Game Review by CaioVINICI

hello all!

so, this is my game review! here i’ll present my impressions about r2. i do not intend to say how the game works or think i’m the master of knowledge. it’s for helping the gms to make a better game. first of all i need to say that i played with elf and knight only, so, i can’t tell about the other races. well, yet, i think that i had a good understanding of all that’s going on in-game. on this review i’ll focus on general features, and not specific things of the classes.

1. graphics

gorgeous! the graphics are just amazing. absolutely stunning. i found no bigger problems on the graphic side of the game. in general, they are very good. there’s a very small problem that occured to me (it may be because of my monitor, who knows?) is on beach’s, where the sun light hit’s the sand so strongly that on my screen the sand appears to be completely white. that’s kinda wierd if you are trying to make a realistic look on the game. with that exception, i have no further comments on this one.

2. customization

now, let’s talk about customization. why the boots and gloves and cloaks do not change a bit on the character’s appearance? i mean, there’s much simpler games where this kind of thing occurs, and here we have a game with stunning graphics and a major system wich does not show a basic thing like that. why????? also, there’s no options to change character’s height, wich is another very simple system that make people very happy. about the transformation event: i think this one is a point against the customization, everyone just turn in the same monsters and it becomes very boring to play on a sea of equal faces. on a mmo the customization should be as advanced as possible. people love to customize their appearence. event the hair color would be nice to change, and it’s not that hard to implement. on a scale of 0 to 10, i would give a 3.5, maybe a 4 to the customization system of r2.

3. gameplay

here i have some observations that should get attention. generally, the gameplay flows quite well, but, why, why, why and i’ll repeat once more: why the hits do not show damage? i mean, it’s not very usefull at all for a person to know that his character made a ‘hit. it’s not important. the important thing is to know how much damage the hit made, is it good, bad? it has improved when you changed your weapon? the system we have right now do not colaborate to people’s understanding over their characters. it’s a non-helpfull system wich will bring lot of confusion and mistakes for the players.
another interesting point here is the location of the hotkeys and menus. there isn’t a guide of hotkeys or menus. anywhere. the guide that gms posted on forum is a little helpfull, but believe me, i figured out that to access guild menu you had to press c by trying every single letter of my keyboard. i tried each letter, to see what happens, just because there is none guide. the game should have a hotkey screen guide like sun does (on sun you press the letter h and a full-guide with all the hotkeys of the game appears to you).
also, we have a problem with itens de******ions. they do not tell us how to use them, or what they do. even after analized. i’ll put here the de******ion of the item named round scrap of iron, to make my point, let’s see:

round scrap of iron
weight: 1
de******ion: it’ll be usefull for something.

ok, what does that means? i mean, for a new player, he’ll become completely lost. for something what? for crafting? to eat? to play with? to put on the head? we need details! details are important. the itens should have a de******ion what they do or what they can do. some of them have this de******ion, but others don’t. if gms don’t want the community to fill up the forum with repeated threads, i suggest you to look up on this matter.
now we’ll talk about another system. the character menu. the inventory keys opens a very intresting window named character data, and i’ll start with the basics: the equipped itens make lots of trouble by having that equipped title on it. they cover the side iten’s number and other details, wich is quite annoying. you guys can make a system like the russian version of r2, the equipped itens have a little x on the corner, that show that it’s equipped. much cleaner and pratical. another huge problem i see is how to group equal itens? i mean, if i have 2 diamonds, and i wan to put then together, to keep my inventory organized, how to do it? i didn’t figured that out untill now (if someone knows it, please, share!). how to split the ammount of money? if i have 100k on my inventory, and i want to split it into 20k portions, how to do it? is it even possible? and if it’s not possible that is a huge, like huge, fail on the game system.
on the other hand, we have the level up system! that one is a bit odd. the points just raise automatically like this? you lvl up and do not receive any stats points to distribut as you like? so, everyone will get the same build, the only difference is the itens? that is really bad. the skill tree is usefull but is not enough though.
what is that material tag we have on the character’s data menu? i didn’t realised what it does or what is made for. also, i found no explanation about that one either on forum, google, youtube, facebook, etc…
what i need to have set effects? a full set of what? there’s no full set on this game (with exception of efreet’s maybe).
the quest system is good but is hard to find where to deliver or to get some quests. the icons that indicate’s it are very small and hidden, on the map, wich brings trouble for the players. and why when we log out the quest’s information on the right side disappear? so for we put it all again? that’s a waste of time.
summarizing all i said above, about the gameplay: i think that the game have a enormous lack of information about quests/itens/places/maps/npcs/systems. the enviroment is not instinctive, and is very hard to learn how some stuff works.

p.s.: how teleport works?!!!!!! i tried like 28320830283092 times and i didn’t figured it out!

4. other comments

finishing my post, i have the last observation: the main meny, with the quit option, of the game is very hard to locate and to use. we have this little user-test right now and the general chat is flooded with people asking where is the ‘quit’ or ‘settings’ button. the r2 icon that is a button do not looks like a button. please, make something about this one either!

i think that’s all i have to say for now. if i remember of something important i’ll come to you guys. ty all for reading, and ty for those who do not read aswell!

best whishes!

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