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R2 Online Frequently Asked Questions by pr1

1. How to feed myself? Why should I do that?
There are a lot of features how to feed your character:

a. Kill monsters with some food, for example “Rabbits” or “Wild boar”


To get this items


b. You can also buy “Bread” in all “General stores”

Why should you have “Well-feed-level” 100 ?
– Your damage depends on it, if you have 0 your damage will decreases significantly!!!

2. How to analyze items?

Every “General Store” NPC’s has an “Analysis Potion” which costs 29 silver.

After you bought the Potion you should click with the LMB and choose in your inventory item which you want to analyze

3. I got Treasury chest WTF IS THAT?
By killing all monsters you can pick Treasure chest

You can try your luck and open it in every city (Ashburn, Blackland, Byron, Roden) with special NPC’s, i.e.
Lina in Ashburn

You can get a lot of necessary things, which will help you to develop your character in future.

It costs 1000 silver for 1 Treasury box

4. How can i throw off my Charakter Skill Three (ALT+K in game)
NPC in Ashburn Alisa costs 50.000 Silver (not sure, cause it doesn’t works @ user test)

5. I saw this awesome draco !!! I want it too!!!

Every day at 10:30 PM (SERVER TIME) you can take part on Draco Race from one village to another.
(Ashburn – Byron, Byron – Ashburn, Blackland – Ashburn, Ashburn – Blackland, Blackland – Byron, Byron – Blackland)

First off all you need a ticket(1000 Silver), you can buy it in Ashburn Peter

After that, at 10:25 PM (Server Time) you should prepare yourself for the race
(Buy Draco Summoning Wand @ General Store NPC)

NOTICE 0: Draco Summoning Wands from the mobs with 10 uses are faster, than others
The Race starts in place which you can see at following screenshot.

NOTICE 1: This places you can find in every village, it’s only an example for Ashburn Village!
NOTICE 2: If you got down from your draco during the race – you will lose, If you will use Return Potion you will LOOSE
NOTICE 3: Only first 3 players who will reach the destination point (same like a start but in another village ) will get Draco Summoning Ring for 14 days
NOTICE 4: With this ring, you can also race Draco in dungeons.

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