R2 Online Mages Guide

R2 Online Mages Guide by Muromec

Hi all, I want to present for you my little work about mages
This class has weaker attack then others, but very baaaaads debafs and dispel

Characteristics (strength, intelligence, agility)

Every 5 lvls you receive 1 point in strength
Every 3 strength, since 13 (because you start with this number of strength), you get 1 damage and 1 accuracy points

This stat doesn´t matter for mage

Every 4 lvls you receive 1 point in intelligence
Every 3 intelligences, since 12, give you 1 point to magic accuracy and magic attack
Every 4 intelligence points that you received +1point for MP regeneration

Mage´s build
Everyone has 60 points (50 you will receive each lvl since 10lvl and 10 point you will receive in questes)

Mage has 3 trees: common tree, white magic tree and black magic tree.

To start learn one of the magic trees you need to put 33 points in common tree and 5 of this points must to be putted in “Strength of the Hero” and “Philosopher wisdom” , but be attent because if you started learn MP tree, never change to HP tree, because you will lost points which you could use in magic tree.

You can choose 1 of the 4 types mage´s buildes (it´s just opinion of people who has many experiences to play mage in others servers)

a)White magic – you are buffer and best of your attack is physical

b)Black magic you are debuffer

c)Black magic tree (magic damage)

d)Combined magic tree

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