R2 Online Beginner’s Guide

R2 Online Beginner’s Guide by fd

Hello guys. First of all thank you for spending your time reading this guide. I don’t intent of taking any credits for the work GM’s had with the translation of the help guide already in the game. Although I think that is not enough. I still see lots of questions on the all chat in-game and when I see I spent more time answering those questions than even playing. *The Guide is still not complete, any suggestions will be welcome, PM or comment and I will put your name in the Credit section*. Also, if you don’t like the game or you don’t like my guide there is no need to spam, just respect the work I had doing this just to help other people, Thank you

– Characters / Class

Once you have logged in you will have the chance to create your character. Then you have 5 different classes you can choose : Knight, Elf, Ranger, Assassin and summoner. At the moment I don’t think they are all equal. At first I thought that lots of players created the ranger class but now I see a lot of knights too.

– Knight : Knights are the masters of close combat. They use weapon and shield and have the opportunity to wear heavy armours. They are important since at the moment it is the only class that can create a guild (Reason? I don’t really know ) they have some HP and skills to improve their strength

-Elf : They are considered the mages of the game. They have the ability to create food and re stablish HP. They are quite useful in your party but I guess they are not that easier to level up. They use one handed sword as main weapon.

-Ranger: As the name says they are the long range combat masters. They can use a bow or a gun. They have skills to take damage and to increase their agility. They are quite strong I guess.

-Assassin: I don’t know that much about assassins. They are something like the close combat dpser’s although they don’t have that much resistance as the knights have. They use daggers.

-Summoner : They do magic damage. I think they are also good though. They use ammunition to their orbs, Soul stones.

Now that you know something about the classes you can start your journey in R2.

For some classes like knight :

I start in a small island called Guinea. Do the first quest that is in front of you and complete the others on the city. You just have to learn the game basic controls. After that leave the city in direction to the forest (don’t go to the port, neither speak to an NPC called cook). I advise you to hunt those low lvl monsters and complete the quests. They will help you level up. Once you reached level 11 you can now go to callport. If you refuse the pop up window asking you to go to callport you can go talk to cook and he will teleport you.

For some classes like summoner:
You start in Accra. What you have to do is pretty much the same. Just do the quests around until you get lvl 11. Then you will be called to go to callport. If you refuse the call talk to the teleport pilot called yan.

Congratulations you are already level 11.

From now on you can start putting points in your ability’s every time you level up. Just press ALT + K or use the icon on the button left of your screen and select personal skill tree. Know its time for you to get some skills. There are 3 ways you can get skill books. You can buy them in town on the skill book merchant or other players. You can get them hunting monster or even get them on quests. The first one you can get in a quest given by the guard of ashburn (first city of callport if you choose that one). You have to hunt some monsters to get pearls. It says the monsters are goblins but if you go back to the npc he says if you don’t like goblins you can hunt bears or wolves. From now on you are on your own, join a guild and play with friends, it will be much funnier. you should also go to town and check your map to see the available quests you can do.

– Treasure Chest, Friend or foe?

One thing that players ask me a lot is about the treasure chest. Once you start levelling up there is a high chance for you to get treasure chest. After it drops you can sell it or you can go to an NPC on the EASTERN part of ashburn called Treasure box Lina (she does not appear in the map, fix it gm Big Grin) and she will open the box for you. You have to pay 1000 silver (which is expensive) and the rewards are nothing special. Do it if you want but it’s not that good.

-Storage Keeper / The bank

There is an Npc on the city called storage keeper pupu that you can store your items. You have a limit of weight so don’t forget that. That NPC is good because you can also access to the Guild Storage. You have to pay 30 s for each item you deposit (it should be free) . If you are Guild Master you can set a password and store the Guild Items there. I decided in my guild that we should share the items so everyone has the password and rank to take stuff. It’s optional. Also I ask Gm’s again to make this system more easier for Guild masters to manage.

– Make items with blacksmith and Leather Artisan

I still haven’t tried this system because its quite expensive, although there is a small guide here with the items needed so I will post. http://forum.webzen.com/topic768723-blacksmith-items-location.aspx
Thank you RathCh** for doing it


You can transform in a few thing and just pay a few silvers. It costs 1500 S to the low level transformations. You can get them by accessing the NPC Transforming Event Grace . Those transformations help you levelling by increasing attack speed, HP, etc. I advise you to use them , they are really helpful.

– Crew combat

Crew combat is a pvp event where you can participate or watch paying 1000 S. The winner gets Honor coins that can be spent to buy items. Those items are actually really good but it’s hard to win. You win each coin for each team member.

– Evolve your equipment

You can increase your equipment stats by using Enhanced stones. They usually drop on the monsters you kill. I don’t know if the chances of breaking are high or not but my armour broke when I tried to put it +2 so do at your own risk. I already saw a sword +7

fell free to comment and ask me to add something to the guide, if I forgot something you should tell me
Good luck and I hope you enjoy the game.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) :

– How do I auto-attack?
Answer: in your mouse, hold the left click button and then press the right click button. You will auto attack.
-How do I analyze items?
Answer: Go to the general store and buy analyze potion. It will let you see the item name and stats.
-Is there any problem doing PK?
Answer: there is no problem, its allowed by the game but. If you kill someone your morality will decrease. To check your morality press I on your keyboard.
-What’s morality?Is it important?
Answer: You gain morality or lose morality if you do good or bad actions. If you kill monsters you will earn morality but if you kill someone on world open server (means your are not in a crew combat) you will lose morality. If your morality decreases too much the NPC will call you a murderer and you will not be able to shop any more in the city. So you can forget arrows, HP potions and soulshards. You will have to ask someone to buy it for you. Advise: Don’t do it!



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