Lucent Heart Level 36 Jobchange Quest Guide

Lucent Heart Level 36 Jobchange Quest Guide by ZethSet

Ok guys, we made this guide to help out everyone who has problems doing the level 36 JobChange Quest, I hope it is useful to you guys.

First we start the quest with the NPC Mitchell, at the Hercules Knight Regiment Branch at Gold Port City of Trade. The Red dot marks the spot.

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A Picture of the NPC just in case ;3

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Once you have the quest, then you will have to Hunt the mobs in this Area:

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You will have to hunt Ancient Boat Salvagers that will provide you with “Obsidians”

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The drop rate of the Obsidian is kind high, so there should be no problems to gather it

And now comes the hard part xD
You have to Hunt Ancient Boat Witches and obtain “Cold Flame of the Deep Sea”

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I highly suggest that you make a party with a priest, those witches hit hard -.-! and to make it worse, the “Cold Flame” drop rate is very low, so be prepared to spend at least an hour if you have luck xD

Once you are done, go back to the City and report to Master Wizard Rita at Gold Port City

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Now Comes the second quest, you have to go to Argos Bay and meet the NPC Murray Madhammer

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Be careful, Because after you report the quest and accept the next one, a medium level boss will appear right there in front of you.

I will recomend that you have a party for this one too, but if you are confident, then try doing it alone ;3

Once you finish report the quest and prepare yourself, the dungeon “Abandoned Mine” Comes Next

For this dungeon I suggest that you bring a party with at least 2 healers or a very skilled or High-level one

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Now let me explain the easiest way to do this dungeon:

The yellow circle is the place where you appear when you enter the dungeon, and you have to reach the room with the red X

Once you reach that room, make sure that you have killed all the patrols and mobs in the area, but DO NOT enter the room yet.

First the tank will have to go and bring one of the frogs with his 2 minions OUTSIDE of the room, kill them there, repeat with the other Frog Squad.

Now one of you must have “Same Resurrection Spot Service” in you mall account, not your Inventory. The one that has it, will be a sacrifice to the group of Locust, yes you read it well, he will be a sacrifice that will have to die next to the chest.

Now the poor sacrifice is dead, so the next step will be that either a gunner or a wizard attacks one of the locust, after that RUN, run with all your might to the spot where you start. Meanwhile the sacrifice will revive when the mobs have reached the door, in that very same moment when he revives he has to open the chest quicky so that his teammates get the item too. Once that He has opened the chest, Sacrifice run behind your teammates and scape to the start point.

Now that you are at the start point, you have 3 options, 1.- complete the dungeon so you can reach an exit, 2.- use teleport scrolls or birthstones to scape or the Ol’Good option 3, die and respawn at your save point.

Once you are done go report you quest, choose you class, and congratz! you are done xD

Ok some idea I got just right now while editing the post I havent put it in practice yet, but oh well lets hope it turns out okay xD

Ok, here is the deal, first than anything decide who is going to be the real party leader giving instructions to the rest of the party, I will suggest that either a dps or the tank be the one to give instructions. Now first the tank will be the one to dive in first, try to have at least a good hp pot and some mp pot, you will need them a lot in the first minute or so.

Well first the tank will dive in (while being in “shield stance”) and use taunt on the boss first, this will pull the aggro of the whole mob party, second use provoke to pull the aggro again and lastly start spaming whirldwind skill and provoke as most as you can, then follow the leader instructions, however the healer must not heal him yet.

Now its your turn leader, you will use the command “skull” to target the first mob that must go down, and number the rest of them leaving the boss for the last part.

Now that the main target has been designated the whole party (except the healer) will target that mob. Now that all of this is done (it has to be done as fast as you can), healer start spamming all your heals over the tank.

That should do the trick theorycally, if the tank keeps spamming the provoke and whirlwind he wont lose the aggro.

Note: if one or two mobs start attacking the other party members, stun them, one with “shield slam”, “the other with fissure”, then use taunt on one and vengeful blade on the other, that should make them want to take your head off (again) xD

Last advice I can give right now, before falling asleep in the keyboard xD, dont panic, if the tank looses the aggro of many mobs, then scape and try again.

Note 2: tank if you run out of mp, dont panic and keep using provoke, until you recover at least 200mp, just in case ;3

Well, I hope this guide is useful

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