Lucent Heart Celestial Templar Skills Guide

Lucent Heart Celestial Templar Skills List by neftasg

*Work in progress*

1. Templars Arsenal
Allows player to equip assault shields (gun-shields)

HOW TO USE GUN-SHIELDS: (Credit to the GM who helped me)
– Craft a gun-shield. It should be available from Blacksmith craft level 6 as “Standard Shield Shape Cannon, Lv 35”
– Equip your gun-shield onto your shield slot.
– Drag the gun-shield icon to your hot-key bar as well. (The icon should have a E on the bottom left to show that it is equipped currently)
– Purchase a Standard Bomb (or craft similar ammunitions via a Mechanic)
[Credit to VocaloidKaito: The ammunition is specific to gun-shields, so read carefully.]
The description should include “consumed while using shield bombs”, as seen on the standard bomb.
– To attack: Press the hot-key button and a magic circle will appear where your cursor is. Click to initiate the gun-shield.
The attack is similar to a AOE damage, like a cannon would.

Formation, Tactics
1. Attack formation

2. Defense formation
Reduces Movement speed by 75 and Physical damahe by 12%.
Only 1 formation at 1 time.

3. March formation
Increases Movement speed.
Physical agility is reduced by 15%.
Physical critical hits increased by 25%.

4. Blitz
MP 10
Skill duration 15 seconds
Movement speed increased by 150 points
Melee attack speed increased by 30%
Generates intense hostility in enemies which has noticed the party.
(Note: Might have a problem with the in-game description. The parameters stated do not increase/improve for the different levels of Blitz)

5. Tactical retreat
MP 10
Skill duration 8/10/12/14 seconds
Increases Movement speed by 150 points
Increases Physical agility by 15%
Accuracy reduced by 25%

6. Melee specialist (Lv 42, 50, 58, 66)
Duration: 1800 seconds
MP 28/42/62/91
Chance to block with shield increases 10%
Attack per second increased by 15/20/29/42

7. Firearm specialist
Duration: 600 seconds
Accuracy increased by 10%
Average attack per second increases by 13/18/26/39 points.

8. Caster specialist

1. Mars Shield
*Note: There’s a discrepancy between the description and the numeral stats for Mars Shield L2 to 4. GMs please check!
Skill duration: 5/6/7/8 seconds

While shield is active, active HP of the Templar and the Templar’s allies active HP cannot be reduced to 0.
The shield lasts for 5/6/7/8 seconds.

2. Rallying Cry

3. Templar’s Shield

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