IMVU Name Change Guide

IMVU Name Change Guide by Mommajack

If you want to change the name on your present account, that requires a Name Change Token purchase. Name Change Tokens cannot be purchased with credits or DTs:

If you want to get rid of the Guest from in front of your name, that requires a separate purchase:

If you want the name of an inactive account, and you want to change the name of your present account to that name, that requires you to notify Customer Support (click Help link on any IMVU page) to close that account. You must purchase the name change token first.

They will not ‘hold’ names. It is first come, first serve. If you see a name you want, buy it now before someone else does.

The account must have been inactive for at least 12 months (1 year) before you can buy it.

The account name must not have been involved with fraud; those names are gone for good to avoid any future confusion.

It the last log in date on the account says “00/00/00” it has been inactive long enough to ask for.

IMVU retains the ability to reclaim any unused names and add them to the premium name sale

IMVU can reclaim any user names that meet the following characteristics:
– No login in 12 months
– Has not purchased their name (Guest_ account)
– Has not made any purchases through the IMVU store

A user disabled account may also be added if it meets the following:
– No login in 12 months
– Has not purchased their name (Guest_ account)

Users may also ask for a name that is in use (or user disabled) if it meets the above criteria. For the user to get that name, they must:
– User must own their name
– Verify that the name is not on the front page of the premium name sale list and does not appear as a premium name in the search box
– Purchase a name change token
– Contact support and let support know the name they wish to buy using their name change token

As long as the user contacts IMVU and the name is not present on the premium name sale front page or in the premium name search when they make contact, that user shall be entitled to receive the name which they request.

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