IMVU VIP Club Frequently Asked Questions by MinhyrdinWindrose

VIP Club Overview

Just what is included in the VIP Club membership?

• Your name with no Guest_ tag in front of it for as long as you are VIP
• No third party ads
• VIP icon
• 5000 credits a month
• 5% savings off everything in the IMVU virtual goods catalog
• Free gift paper effects
• A free gift each month
• VIP only animations in the client
• Block unwanted animations (such as flirts and attacks)
• A free Name Change Token after 3 months of continuous membership
• 10% off badges
• Prioritized Customer Support
• Create up to 10 public rooms
• Create up to 10 groups
• Set your own custom room as default for Dress Up and Shopping
• Whisper privately in your chats

Check the VIP Members Only forum and the VIP Newsletter to keep up with any new features or benefits added to the program.

General Questions

My name still has the Guest_ in front of it! How do I get rid of that?

Simply sign out and then back in, the Guest_ tag should go away. Sometimes it can take an hour or two, but if it’s been longer than a day, you might want to file a Help Ticket (Help > Request Support > VIP Club).

Important: Since May 1, 2011, VIP only “buys” your name for the life of your subscription. If you did not own your name prior to subscribing to VIP, should your VIP membership lapse, you will become a Guest_user once again.

I thought VIP meant no ads? I still see ads!

VIP means no third party ads. You’ll still see IMVU banner ads and blue bar announcements.

Where are my credits?

You will receive your 5000 credits each month on your monthly anniversary as long as your VIP membership is active.

For example, if you bought your VIP on April 17, you should receive your credits on the seventeenth of each month as long as your VIP membership is active. If you have not received your credits within 24 hours of your monthly anniversary date, please file a Help Ticket (Help > Request Support > VIP Club > I did not receive my credits).

Where is my gift?

Gifts are generally given out on the last day of the month. If you have not received your gift by the second day of the following month, please file a Help Ticket (Help > Request Support > VIP Club).

I thought I got a Name Change Token with VIP?

You will receive a Name Change Token after 3 continuous months of VIP membership. The token will arrive on your anniversary date (i.e., If you signed up on April 17, you should receive the token on July 17). Unfortunately, you do not receive a notification letting you know that you have the NCT. To check, go to your Account Settings page and click on Change Avatar Name (on the right side of the page under Account Tools). That page will tell you how many (if any) Name Change Tokens you own.

If it has been more than 24 hours after your anniversary date and you still have not received your NCT, please file a Help Ticket (Help > Request Support > VIP Club).

So we get a Name Change Token every 3 months as long as we are VIP?

No. You only get one Name Change Token with your VIP Club membership. You will receive that token after you have been VIP for 3 consecutive months.

What if I cancel my VIP and then start it up again later (say a year from now)? Will I get another Name Change token after 3 months of my new membership?

If you received your NCT during your previous VIP Club membership then, no, you will not be entitled to another one.

What if I don’t want everyone to know that I’m a VIP Club member?

Simply go here on your Account Settings page and uncheck the option to display your VIP Club “brick”.

VIP Subscription Questions

What are my subscription options?

• Using your credit card or PayPal, you can subscribe monthly, quarterly or yearly:
o Month-to-Month Membership: $9.99 per month (after the $0.99 introductory offer)
o Quarterly Membership: $25.00 every 3 months
(Save 17% over the Monthly membership)
o Yearly Membership: $75.00 a year
(Save 37% over the Monthly membership)

• You can also pay for your VIP membership using Prepaid Cards if you live in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia or New Zealand.

NEW as of December 2010: Pay for your VIP subscription via SMS if you are from one of the following countries: Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Italy, United States.

How do I pay for VIP using a Prepaid Card? I don’t want to accidentally end up with just the credits.

• Go here and enter in the 10 or 15 digit number on the back of the card. Then click on “Redeem Now!!”
• You will see a pop up offering you the VIP membership, with an option to decline the VIP and redeem the card for credits only.
• Accept the VIP offer and you’re done!

How do I renew my VIP Club membership?

Using your credit card or PayPal account: Do nothing. The VIP membership automatically renews each billing cycle (monthly, quarterly or yearly), billing the membership fee to your credit card or your PayPal account.

Using a Prepaid Card: Simply buy and redeem another card.

Using SMS: Let your current VIP subscription expire and then re-subscribe via SMS.

How do I change from one payment plan to another?

• To change from one subscription payment plan to another (such as from monthly to yearly), you would first need to cancel your VIP and then repurchase it with the desired subscription payment plan.
• To change from a subscription payment plan to a Prepaid Card plan, you would need to cancel your VIP membership and then redeem a Prepaid Card for VIP membership.
• To change from a Prepaid Card membership or SMS subscription to a subscription plan, simply allow your current VIP membership to lapse and then sign up again to one of the subscription plans using your credit card or PayPal account.

How do I cancel my VIP membership?

• If you signed up for a subscription with your credit card please follow the steps below to cancel your subscription:

1. Go to your account settings page by clicking on the “settings” link in the upper right of your homepage.
2. On the next page, in your “account tools” panel, you will see the “subscriptions” link. Clicking on this link will take you to the appropriate edit panel.

Once you are there, you will see the option to cancel your subscription.

• If you signed up for a subscription with PayPal please follow the instructions below to cancel a subscription with IMVU:

1. Log in to your account at
2. Click on ‘Profile’
3. Go to ‘My Money’
4. Choose ‘Pre-Approved Payments ‘.
5. Select IMVU
6. Cancel

Please note: You may need to cancel a scheduled payment at least one day prior to the scheduled date of the next payment. Canceling a Subscription or Recurring Payment on the day of a scheduled payment will not guarantee that the payment will not be sent.

• If you signed up for VIP with a Prepaid Card or via SMS: Do nothing. The membership will expire at the end of the allotted time.

If I take advantage of the VIP promo to register my name and then cancel my VIP, will I become a Guest_user again?

As of May 1, 2011, purchasing VIP in order to register your name will only remove the Guest_ prefix from your name while your VIP membership is active. If you cancel your VIP, you will go back to being a Guest_user again.

Please note, accounts that purchased VIP to register their names prior to May 1, 2011, will NOT revert to Guest_user status should their VIP membership lapse.


Help! VIP discount is not applied when clicking “Buy Now” from a page full of icons (such as the Search Results page) in the IMVU Catalog.

The price shown on those pages is the discounted VIP price. If you were to open the product page for the desired item, you would see the full price.

Why am I seeing two different prices in the IMVU Catalog?

The price shown on the catalog (icon) page is the discounted VIP Club price. The price shown on the product page is the full (non-discounted) price.

I have enough credits to pay the VIP price but every time I try to check out, I get an error message saying I don’t have enough credits. What’s up?

The VIP Club discount acts more like an instant rebate than a true discount. In order to complete the purchase, you need to have enough credits to pay the full price – at which point the VIP discount will be taken off.

Why can’t my friends hug me?

One of the perks of your VIP Club membership is animation blocks. By default they are set to block all animations. To change this, you will need to go here on your Account Settings page to change the access of each animation. Simply uncheck any animations that you do not wish to block. You will need to set the blocks on each animation for buddies and for non-buddies individually.

Why can’t I use my NCT to change my name?

Do you own you name? After May 1, 2011, VIP only registers your name for the life of your VIP subscription. Because you must own your name before you can use an NCT to change it, if you do not already own your name, you would need to purchase your name separately before you can use the NCT.

Why can’t I buy my name from a reseller?

Because the VIP “registers” your name for the life of your subscription, it may show up as “already owned” when you attempt to purchase your name from a reseller.

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