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IMVU Access Pass Frequently Asked Questions by MinhydrinWindrose

There appears to be a lot of confusion about the Access Pass: What it is, what it isn’t, and how it works. Get the answers right here.

What the Access Pass is:

The Access Pass is available for those 18 and older. It grants access to more risqué clothing and slightly more intimate furniture and poses. It also allows you to restrict your chatting to adults only.

I bought an Access Pass but I still have Guest_ in front of my name. Is this a bug?

If you are a Guest_ user and you buy an Access Pass, you become… a Guest_ user with an AP. Your name is NOT included in the Access Pass purchase.

I bought the Access Pass but didn’t get any credits with it. What gives?

Unless you took advantage of one of the periodic bundle sales (AP + credits), then, no, the Access Pass does not come with credits. It also does not come with any items from the IMVU virtual goods catalog. You only get the Pass itself.

If it doesn’t come with your name and it doesn’t come with credits, what do you get with it?

First of all, the Access Pass gives you access.

• Access to the AP only section of the IMVU virtual goods catalog
• Access to AP only bundles
• Access to AP only groups and public rooms
• Access to the AP only animations in the chat client
• Access to the AP Holders Only forum and the Access Pass Catalog and Product Request forum

Also, you get these additional benefits:

• Free Age Verification Token
• Ability to create an additional AP group
• Ability to restrict your public room to AP only.
• Ability to restrict access to your IMVU Homepage to AP holders only
• Ability to restrict access to individual panels on your IMVU Homepage to AP holders only
• Ability to create AP content for the IMVU Virtual Goods Catalog if you are a Content Creator
• Additional fields in the People Search
• AP Chat Now

What the Access Pass is not:

The Access Pass is not an “adult pass”. It does not include sexually explicit content. Overly detailed and/or aroused genitalia, as well as graphically sexual or violent content are considered Unsuitable for IMVU (UFI) and are not permitted.

Please read the Virtual Goods Rating Policy (VGRP) for more information on what is and is not permitted for Access Pass content.

If this stuff is “not allowed” on IMVU, why is there so much of it in the catalog?

IMVU relies on users to abide by the Terms of Service and Virtual Goods Rating Policy by not submitting content deemed Unsuitable for IMVU (UFI) to the IMVU Virtual Goods Catalog. IMVU also relies on users to keep such content out of the Virtual Goods Catalog by doing Peer Review properly and by flagging all such improperly rated content that does make it past Peer Review into the catalog.

How do I know what to avoid?

First of all, know the VGRP. Knowledge is your best defense. Secondly, be cautious of any exorbitantly priced catalog products – unless you know the developer and know that the item is a limited edition or custom product. UFI content tends to be priced high to make a quick profit before it is pulled from the catalog and disabled by IMVU. Also any product description advising you to “Get it while it’s available” (again, unless you know the developer and know the product is a limited edition) or instructing you to message the developer for the triggers should also prompt you to be suspicious.

Some basic precautions to take:

• Try on all clothing and avatar products. This lets you know for sure that the product works, that it’s what you want – and will reveal any hidden triggers that might classify the product as “unsuitable for IMVU” (UFI).

• Rooms and furniture can be “tried on” as well as of Client Release 446 released in November 2010. Please take advantage of this ability to test out rooms and furniture to make sure they are compliant with the IMVU Terms of Service and the VGRP.

• Pay attention to the derive chain. On every product page in the IMVU Virtual Goods Catalog, you will see:

More items from [CC name] | See homepage
Audio: Limited | Size: [KB size] | Derived from: [parent mesh] | Derivation Tree

If you see “Derived from: disabled product,” steer clear. There are a couple of different reasons for a mesh to be disabled, neither of them good. Save your credits and buy something else.

How can I get an Access Pass?

How do I buy an Access Pass? I don’t have a credit card.

The easiest way to buy an Access Pass is with your credit or debit card. However, if you don’t have either of those, then you can pay by check or money order. Please include your avatar name and some sort of official identification with your name and birth date on it (for example, a passport or state ID), along with your check or money order, and send the lot to the following address:

IMVU, Inc.
Attn: Access Pass
PO Box 390012
Mountain View, CA

Can I buy the Access Pass with Paypal?

No, you cannot.

Can I buy the Access Pass for my friend?

No, the Access Pass cannot be gifted.

Are there any plans to allow Access Pass purchase via SMS or prepaid card?

No, there are no such plans.

I tried to buy the AP for my friend but the sale didn’t go through. How do I get it to work?

The Access Pass cannot be gifted. Attempting to use the “Buy for a friend” option on the Shopping Cart check out page will only give an error message.

The Access Pass and Age Verification:

Do I have I have to pay extra to verify my age?

No, the Age Verification token is included with your Access Pass purchase.

How do I verify my age?

There are two methods: automatic and manual. The automatic method is open to US residents only. All those outside the US must verify manually.

• To use the automatic method, on your Account Settings page click on Age verification status and follow the prompts.

• To verify manually, please file a help ticket [Help >> Request Support >> General Support >> Age Verification Request]. Attach your scanned identification documentation (such as passport or state ID card) to the help ticket.

Are there any plans to expand the automatic verification method outside the US?

Not at this time, no.

Do I have to verify my age?

No, age verification is completely voluntary.

Will I lose my Access Pass if I do not verify my age?

No, you will not.

Is it true that Age Verification is going to be made mandatory?

No, there are no such plans.

I feel really uncomfortable about sending my personal information to IMVU.

You can black out everything on your identification papers but your name and your birth date, if you desire. Otherwise, again, age verification is completely voluntary. You do not have to verify your age at all. It will not affect your Access Pass.

Suppose I do send in my identification papers to verify my age. What does IMVU do with that information?

Your identification is used only to verify your age. It is stored on a secure server and not used for any other purpose.

If you mail or fax your identification papers to IMVU (rather than send them as an attachment to your help ticket), the papers are kept in a secure location and not used for any other purpose.


Does IMVU still refund for items re-rated and disabled?

Simple question; has a complicated answer. Yes, you should still receive refunds for items lost from your inventory due to re-rating. However, IMVU does not issue that refund. As of August 2008, the Content Creator who made the item that was re-rated is responsible for any refunds due. (This announcement can be read here.)

I had something rerated but never got my refund! What gives?

In spite of the CEO’s statement (here) that “In all cases, when a product is re-rated, the buyer should be refunded for the amount of their purchase,” in practice there are a couple of things that might prevent you from receiving such a refund.

• If you habitually purchase products later deemed to be UFI, you can expect NOT to be refunded for your lost item.

• If the Content Creator has cashed out his/her credits before being caught and disabled for UFI content, you can expect NOT to receive a refund for your lost item. (Remember, it is the CC who is responsible for issuing the refund. No credits in the account means no credits available for refunds.)

What do I do if I lose something from my inventory and don’t receive a refund for it?

You need to file a Help Ticket [Help >> Request Support >> Submit a Case >> General Support >> Other] to inquire why the item was disabled from your inventory and request a refund for it.

Can I get a refund for my Access Pass?

If you have had your Access Pass for less than 30 days, you can apply for a refund. File a Help Ticket (Help > Request Support > Billing) to request a refund for your AP. The refund will only be on your AP, however. It will not cover any AP content purchased, and you will lose any AP content you have purchased once the Access Pass is removed.

How does the Access Pass work? [Troubleshooting Guide]

To “activate” your Access Pass, simply log out and then back in to the website and the client.

Whenever I try to use one of the AP animations in the client I get an error message saying that I must own the AP to perform that action. I own an AP! What’s wrong?

Sign out of the client and back in. You may also need to clear your client cache as well. If that does not work, then you may need to file a Help Ticket (Help > Request Support > General Support > Access Pass Issues).

Whenever I try to use one of the AP animations I get an error message saying that the other avatar must own an AP to perform that action?

Does your chat partner own an AP? You cannot perform AP animations unless both partners own the Access Pass. If you both do, then have your chat partner sign out and sign in again. If this does not fix the issue, and clearing the cache also does not help, he/she may need to file a Help Ticket (Help > Request Support > General Support > Access Pass Issues).

Someone told me that IMVU is getting rid of the Access Pass! Is this true?

No, there are no such plans. This is just a rumor.

Is there any way to just view AP content in the catalog?

Yes. In the top left corner under “Browse”, you will find a drop down list that enables you to view all, view GA content only, or view AP content only.

Why am I invisible in chats?

Are you wearing an AP avatar? If so, then you may appear invisible (or as just a floating head) to non-AP holders.

Why do I appear default to others?

Are you wearing an AP outfit or an AP skin? Non-AP holders cannot see AP clothing items, so you’ll appear default to them.

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