Facebook Monster Fusion Tiers Guide

Facebook Monster Fusion Max Stats and Tiers Guide by Wafi Harowa

The most fundamental thing in Monster Fusion is getting Rare/Epic monster with high maximum stat. No matter how much you fusion your common monster, at high level, your stats will stack and will lose against monster with higher maximum stat.
So I tried to create monster into Tier, based on their maximum stats (bolded stats means it has been verified)

– Luxe (Phoenix/ Suzaku) –>{Stam : 3800, Pow: 2250, Agi : 1850}
– Giant Sea Turtle (Genbu) –>{Stam: 5500, Pow : 1600, Agi :1750 }
– Crazed Wolf Beast (Byakko) –>{Stam : 3900, Pow : 1850, Agi : 2150 }
– Wind Dragon (Seiryu)–>{Stam : >4800, Pow : >1600, Agi : >1600}

All of Them have very high maximum stats, AND the HIGHEST total maximum stats compared to others (even other non-legendary epic). Just for note, the 4 of them are famously known as 4 Mythical Beast / Legendary Beast from Japanese Mythology (Korean and Chinese Mythologi too, but with different name). If you get them, prioritize them in fusion, because they will surpass your main monster stats.

Warning : Do not teach them Support Trick EVER (cause if you do, you just waste its monstrous stats potential to crush enemy). Support Trick are better left to High Survivability Monster (High Stamina/Agi, or Neutral Element).

– Ancient Orb –> {Stam : 3900, Pow : 1850, Agi : 1350}
-Necromancer –> {Stam : 3200, Pow : 1800, Agi : 2500}

This tier consist of epic with Stat higher than Normal epic, but lower than Legendary Epic.

– Froborus Family –> {Stam : 3200(Snow)/2900(Thunder), Power : 1250(Snow)/1500(Thunder), Agi : 1150/1050(Thunder)}
– Hagion Family –> {Stam : 2200, Pow : ?, Agi : ?}
– Monthly Event Epic –>
Grace –> {Stam :2200 Pow: ? , Agi: ?}

This is the lowest tier of epic (granted, its still epic). It has a bit higher maximum stats than Rare monster, but the difference isnt that great. And thus, this tier isn’t that hard to get (I have 5 copy of thunder froborus, 2 copy of snow froborus, and bunch Hagion). If you can’t get them, pick monster from Super Rare is an option.

– Elemental family:

Water –> (Stamina)2700/(Power)1200/(Agility) 1300
Fire –> 2500/1450/1200
Wind –> 2500/1200/1450
Earth –> 3000/1200/1200

– Golem family
– Mars Knight family –> {(Wind) Stam : 2100, Pow 900, Agi 900}
– Pulyon family
– Prospetus family

Monster in this tier have a bit lower stats than Normal Epic, but far far better chance to get than Epic. And thus, this is the most feasible Starter Monster.

– Bear Alk Family –> {Stam : 1800, Power : ?, Agi : ?}
– Dog family
– Dirty — > {Stam : 1700, Power : 1000, Agi : 950}
Rare monster with shit base stats (That 1800 Max Stam almost always killed it in first turn, unless dodged it). Not worth levelling, even Ryuboo is better

– Ryuboo

Monster in this tier generally sucks, and not worth raising, with only 1 Exception, that is Ryuboo. Ryuboo is the only monster in the game (currently) that have Neutral element. But the pros given by neutral elements cannot outweigh its poor stats

Feel free to edit monster maximum stats if you know whats its exact stats (or it higher than xxx stats).

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