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Facebook Monster Fusion Frequently Asked Questions by Monster Fusion

What is Monster Fusion?
Monster Fusion is an endless adventure of raising monsters as your pets to battle with NPCs or other players. Questing with make your monster pets much stronger and battling against others will test their skills against the rest! Raise them, fuse them and become the best monster rancher in the world!

What is a Monster Rancher?
A Monster Rancher is one who raises and trains monsters created by the Monster Generator. Raised with love and care, these monsters become strong and loyal defenders of their masters. Will you be the next great Monster Rancher?
Monster Rancher Info

How to raise my Rancher level?
A rancher’s level represents his or her degree of training and experience, so a rancher with a higher level will be more powerful. The higher your Rancher level, the more quests will become available to you, and your maximum QP will increase as well.When you gain certain amount of experience, your rancher level goes up. You gain experience from quests and battles. You just need to focus on raising your monsters and your rancher level will go up while you do so.

How do I earn Gold?
Gold is the name of the currency in Monster Fusion. You earn it from quests and matching battles. You need F Gold to purchase monster food, items and to use the Monster Generator. You can earn Gold by completing quests and winning matching battles. In particular, matching battles are the best way to earn gold. You can also earn a little gold by cleaning up your ranch.

What are Monster Coins?
Monster Coins are another type of currency used in Monster Fusion. They can be purchased from Facebook Credit or earned for free when you visit a Facebook friend’s ranch for the first time. Invite your friends to play for more Monster Coins!
What are Battle Points (BP)?
Battle Points, or BP, are spent when you enter a matching battle and will recover gradually over time.
What are Quest Points (QP)?
Quest Points, or QP, are used to accept quests. Your maximum QP will increase with your level and will recover gradually over time.
About Monster Pets

Can I change my monster’s name?
Yes! Monster’s names can be changed. To change a monsters name, click on the “pencil” icon on the monster status page. Give you monsters the most unique names!

How do I raise my monster’s level?
A monster’s level represents it’s degree of training and experience, so a monster with a higher level will be more powerful. When you monsters experience reaches a certain point, it gains a level. Monsters become stronger each time the level up. You gain experience from quests and battles. So to level up you monster, do lots of quests and battles!

Tell me more about the Elements.
All monsters will have one of five Elements. The elements are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Neutral. The first four elements each have strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Water element is strong against Fire, but weak against Earth. You can view the strength/weakness of any element by mousing over the element icon in the monster status window. The last element, Neutral, has no connection to any other element and therefore, doesn’t deal or take any extra damage from any particular element.

Tell me more about my Monster’s attributes.
Your Monster has its own Stamina, Power, and Agility attributes – all of which contribute to how powerful and successful your monster will be in combat. Stamina represents a monsters resilience and toughness. Increasing Stamina will help your monster last longer in battles. Power represents a monsters strength and ability to deal damage. Increase Power will increase attack damage. Agility represents a monsters quickness and reflexes. Increasing Agility effects your monsters initiative order in battle, as well as it’s attack accuracy and evasion rate.

What is Mood?
Mood represents a monster’s current emotional state. Monsters who are in a better mood will use their tricks more often.

What is Hunger?
Monsters out in your ranch will get hungry, and when they do, you need to Feed them. Feeding your monsters gets them in a better mood, and regular feeding will become an important part of the game. If you leave your monsters hungry for too long, their mood will worsen, which will in turn effect their performance in battle.

What are Tricks? Tell me more about them.
Tricks are skills your monsters use in battle. There are many kinds of tricks such as attack tricks and buffing tricks. If your monster is in a good mood, your monster will be more likely to show you some of its tricks. Each monster can learn up to two (2) tricks. Once your monster has learned a tricks, he cannot forget it.

There are two types of tricks – offensive and supportive. Offensive tricks cause damage to all enemy monsters and some can add negative status effects. Supportive tricks can temporarily increase the damage that you deal, reduce the damage that you take, and increase attack accuracy. These effects only apply to a monsters normal attacks.

All Tricks have a level, which represents the amount of practice a monster has using that trick. The higher the level the more damage it will do. A tricks level is represented by the number of stars by its name in your Monster status page. You can increase trick level by fusion. Fusing a trick that your monster pet already knows will ultimately result in your monsters trick level increasing. Lastly, the effectiveness of some tricks are directly related to a particular attribute (stamina, power, agility). Find this information by reviewing the trick description.
About Your Ranch

How do I choose which monster will be on my ranch?
Only the monsters you have out in your ranch will be doing the quests and battles you’ve chosen. Also, you can have only up to three (3) monsters out in your ranch. If you want to raise other monsters, you need to swap them with the monsters already out in your ranch. To change the monsters out in your ranch, simply click on the “Monster” icon in the menu bar. Click on the monster you want to put in your team and then drag it over to the monster you want it to replace. Click the “OK” button and then “YES” to confirm the changes.

How to check on my monster’s status?
You can check on your monster’s status by click on them, either while they are out on your ranch. If your pets are hungry, you will have to feed them first.

How many monsters can I have?
You can have up to 100 monsters, including ones out in your ranch and inside the stable, at once.

How do I feed my monsters?
There are two ways to feed your monsters. You may click on them when they are hungry while out on your ranch. Or open the item menu and click on the food you want to use, then click on the monster you want to feed.

What’s with the garbage on my ranch?
Your monsters will inevitably make a mess while playing on the ranch. Keep your ranch clean by picking up after your monsters. Each item you clean up will earn you extra gold!
The Monster Institute Lab

What is the Monster Institute?
Inside the Monster Institute, you can find the Monster Generator and the Monster Fuser. The Monster Generator allows you to create new monsters. The Monster Fuser allows you to combine and strengthen your monsters.

What is the Monster Gacha?
You can create new monsters from it. However, the result is always random.

What is the Monster Fuser? Tell me more about it.
The Monster Fuser allows you strengthen the base monster by combining it with a fusion monster.To fuse, you two monsters. Monsters get stronger through Fusion. Which attributes increase depend on your monsters personality. The Base Monster in the fusion process is strengthened, while the other monster disappears. Once the fusion process is completed, you cannot get the second monster back.

What is Lucky Fusion?
When fusing monsters, there is a possibility of a “lucky fusion”. When this happens, you base monster will get extra attribute points. There is an item called “Luck Essence” which increases the probability of a “lucky fusion”.

What are Fusion Materials?
There are various items in the game which you can use in the Monster Fuser. These items are called Fusion Materials. There are currently two types: Essence and Manuals. Essence will typically increase the attributes of the Monster it is fused with… the exception is Luck Essense, which will only increase the probability of a Lucky Fusion, and does not guarantee it. Manuals allow your monsters to learn new tricks or practice existing ones. For example, if you use “Spin Kick Manual” in the Monster Fuser, your monster will either: a) learn the trick “Spin Kick”, or b) if your monster already knows “Spin Kick”, it will practice it and the trick level will increase. Remember your monster can only learn two tricks!

Quests and Battles

Tell me about Quests …
Quests will train both you and your monsters skills. You can train your monsters by completing jobs and in doing so, you’ll earn gold, experience. There are three types of quests: job quests, battle quests and story quests. Job quests will train your monster slowly. When you’ve cleared a job quest (reached 100%) you will earn an additional bonus reward! Battle quests require you to test your skills against NPC opponents and are repeatable. If you win, you will reap the rewards. If you lose, your rewards will be minimal. Lastly, Story quests involve battles to progress in Monster Fusion. Story quests give the highest rewards and unlock new quests, but they are not repeatable and disappear once you’ve completed them. To accept a quest, click on the Quest icon in the menu, and click on the “Start” button to begin.

Tell me more about Battles…
Battles will test you and your monsters skills against other monster teams. There are several ways to experience a battle – either by competing in a Matching Battle or via Battle or Story quests. See the FAQ above for more on Battle and Story quests. Matching battles allow you to battle with other rancher’s monster teams. To participate in a matching battle, click on the “Battle” button. You will see your current monster team on the left, and a list of potential battle opponent on the right. You can review the opponents monster team for careful strategic planning. Click on an opponent to battle them.

When do my monsters use tricks?
Monsters use tricks at random and cannot be commanded to do so; however, you can improve the chances that your monster will do tricks by improving its mood. (See FAQs above about Mood and Hunger and Feeding.)

What is Poison? (Purple bubble icon during a battle)
Poison is a bad status effect that causes the affected monster’s power and agility to drop. Some tricks can inflict this status effect on their targets, so beware!

Tell me more about elemental affinity… 
Damage from tricks and normal attacks changes depending on elemental affinity. If you monsters element is strong aginst the enemies, then your attacks will deal more damage. If your monsters element is weak against your enemies, you will take more damage when attacked. Check your monsters affinity by mousing over the element icon of your monster on the monster status page.

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