Facebook Monster Fusion Monster Stat Limit

Facebook Monster Fusion Monster Stat Limit by Jercho Onate

I’m Trying to go around and compile lists of each monster races Stat limit that they can achieve.

It may take awhile but bit by bit  we should have alot of info
Stamina Power  Agility

  • Ancient Orb Family *Epic*                         3900    1850    1350
  • Froborus Family *Epic*                              3200    1250    1150
  • Crazed Wolf Family *Epic*                         3900    1850    2150
  • Hagion Family *Epic*                                  2200
  • Wing Star Family *Common*                      1200
  • Wind Elemental *Rare                                 2500    1200   1450
  • Hochlee Family *Common*                         1200     750       500
  • Water Elemental *Rare*                             2700
  • Earth Elemental *Rare*                              3000

This is all i have  at the moment but  I hope all of you will help me out.
Empty spaces on monster families mean they are unconfirmed

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