Age of Ocean Treasure Exploration Guide

Age of Ocean Treasure Exploration Guide by HarHar

Many players often ask how to do Treasure (In-land) exploration. So here is a walkthrough guide with step by step instructions and of courses pictures

You need to do this in order to finish the quest “Treasure Exploration”, this is also how you unlock discoveries in game as well.

Step 1: In Port section, go to Tavern, then speak to Servant.


Step 2: Inquire the Servant about Exploration. You will need to pay 10k to acquire the information.

Make sure you have enough money in the dock/fleet money. (Yes, i am very poor in game :<)

Step 3: When she reveals the hint direction, either write it down or memorize it well

-The direction, and the time distance is revealed in the hint.
It should look something like this:

Note: She will only say this once. If you forgotten the direction hint, you will have to pay 10k again.

Step 4: Select Customs, then speak to Navigator to begin exploration.

Step 5: In the Exploration Setting, select the appropriate time and direction.

The distance time is determined by the choice of wording used in the given hint.

Nearby = 5 min
Far = 15 min
Farther = 30 min
Far Away = 2 hour

Using the hint direction that i got from the servant, I should put something like this.

Step 6: Click Explore and you are done! Now all you have to do is wait for the navigator to finish exploration

The success of the exploration will depend on the following factors:
– Difficulity of the exploration
– Navigator’s attribute on Exploration
– Research level on Geography and LookOut.
-A bit of lady luck

I hope this answers some of the questions on exploration. Good luck.

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