Age of Ocean Newbie Tips Guide

Age of Ocean Newbie Tips Guide by Kevlar33

Yes, you can laugh. A lot of this stuff is obvious. While I didn’t make all of the mistakes, I did do most of them. And if you’ve been playing for more than 3 days, you should know all this by now.

Starting out
1.Your navigators do not need a fleet to do discovery quests from the customs navigator.
2.Your fleet size is determined by tonnage, and in the begining, tonnage is mostly determined by navigator level. (300 tons + 100 tonsxLevel +10 tonsxLeadership, until level 20)
3.Your beginner ship has only one good feature- speed. Use it to visit the 2 or 3 closest ports quickly, 4. Make notes on which goods are sold where. Your beginner ship has 3 cargo spaces-when visiting a new port, have 3 different items. Buy the most expensive items available. Sell anything that the new port doesn’t have, and buy fresh items.
5.Return to your home port-reform the fleet. Add any sloops you’ve built/earned/been given.Dump the initial ship at the dockyard if your navigator can’t handle all the ships [light merchant(240 tons, 3 holds)=4 sloop 1’s (8 hold)=3 sloop 2’s(9 hold)]
6. On your second+ visits to a city, just carry goods the city doesn’t sell. Always try to do 100% cargo turnover every time you visit a city.
7. You can drop off cash at your warehouse-at this stage, your fleet only needs about 1000 gold per hold.
8. Short journeys are just as profitable for most items as long journeys, and you can do more of them (notable exceptions are Collectibles, Luxury Goods, and Handicrafts)
9. You can only do guild investment once per day for each item type. Start today with the items you are buying a lot of- that initial 150 item limit is per day, not per navigator.

1. You can’t reform/disband your fleet if it has cargo or damage.
2. Don’t disband your fleet in a port where you don’t have a dock space
3. When you buy a new dock space, you get a level 1 warehouse. You can still disband/reform and create fleets there, you just cannot easily see what ships are available until you build a dockyard level 1.
4. You can’t build a warehouse of higher level than your Waterfront.
5. You can’t reform fleet/disband fleet/buy cargo/sell cargo if the navigator attached is asleep in an inn.
6. A navigator gets no benefit from resting if he does it for less than an hour (maybe even less than 3 hours…). His strength/stamina will be restored by 50% after 3.5 hours..
7. Even if they never rest in an inn, at 00:00 system time your navigators will see their Stamina restored.
8. Don’t particularly worry about fleet experience until you have a dedicated battle fleet. Disband the fleets before sending the navigator to rest- so watch your strength/Stamina, and rest in one of your home ports.
9. It is cheaper to repair damage at your shipyard, than to pay the city shipyard

1. Banquet invitations cost gold to use, and only affect one bar. The cost goes up according to your best bar, not the bar holding the party.
2. Higher level bars are supposed to attract better colored navigators (green,blue, purple). Mostly, you’ll notice they attract higher LEVELED navigators,who naturally cost more gold.
3. You get a free 3 day VIP through the quests- don’t use it until you have 2 academies level 3+.
4. Even without VIP, its a good idea to have a second Academy 2-3 levels below your main- besides helping to fill up waterfront space, you can’t do research in an academy while it is being improved.
5. When you fail a “discover new ports”- it takes the same time to return as it took you to look, and there are no speed-ups available here- so a failed 2 hour discover will take 4 hours…
6. At level 30, your main hero will convert to Purple- If you are not paying for white gold, it might be a good idea to save that reset for him.
7. Points for specialties are not counted in the 6/12/30 pts a navigator gets per level.
Try to build your DockSpaces at least 1000 miles apart, for trading hubs.

Some Mistakes I Made
1. I decided to abandon a port, but left gold in it. I learned that you lose it if you don’t put it in your ships. Solution: Keep money on your boats if you are getting rid of a port.
2. Always put your navigators in the Inn when you are not using them. My first day, I ran out of strenght, and could not trade. I left, expecting it to refresh on its own,. The next day I had to waste waiting for my navigators to regain strength.

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